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  • Sara
    I was very satisfied with the capsules dietonus. Despite the fact that the extra weight is not that much (about 10-15 kg), they work very effectively. As the rush of energy after them, thanks to which I managed to earn a promotion. I could work all day and not get bored, and the focus was much easier. After work I went to the gym, so pills indirectly helped to acquire, not only slim, but also beautiful reliefs. I recommend!
  • David
    I saw a colleague in front of our eyes will lose the weight, but looked radiant and happy. It was a bit strange to ask his advice, but I'm not decided yet. It turned out that it took the capsules Dietonus. Decided to buy, and now I can't fly – such as the ease of the body, decreased appetite, and most importantly, closer to the evening did not wake up hungry, than it was before. The whole day I can't hardly eat, but a good night filled his belly (and got an extra 20 kg), but because the capsules I fat now over.
  • Olivia
    For years I've struggled with excess weight, that all, even the most hard diet was easy for me. But they are not, apparently, the game health and strict restrictions on food kill your metabolism. I've seen on the Internet capsules dietonusthat prestigious composition – the drug was completely natural. So I decided to try and did not regret it – now I get to eat delicious and satisfying, don't limit yourself greatly, and the pounds go away. This energy-there was a lot, so I'm going to go to the gym.
  • Sandra
    Somehow I knew that it was, weighing more than 100 kg, and when I woke up, I realized that I have a direct path to the nutritionist. He did me a power supply system and advised to take the capsules dietonus. The effect was very pleased – thanks for the capsule, I find it difficult to eat small portions and do not overeat in the evenings, the fridge is not pulled, and most importantly even after a month of such a system any nervousness and depression appeared.
  • Martin
    My lifestyle contributed to my tendency to gain weight. Worked as a driver for long-haul flights, that is, the physical activity virtually no. At home time to spend on the couch. When I started to sit in the cockpit, I decided that it was time to change their way of life. My wife bought me capsules dietonusso I started to take it, and when I came back to flight, he was happy. I've lost a lot of weight, began to walk with her every night, like a burst of energy was great. I urge all not to suffer the extra weight, but just get rid of it once and for all diet dietonus!
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