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  • Sara
    I was very satisfied with the capsules dietonus. Despite the fact that the extra weight is not that much (about 10-15 kg), they work very effectively. As the rush of energy after them, thanks to which I managed to earn a promotion. I could work all day and not get bored, and the focus was much easier. After work I went to the gym, so pills indirectly helped to acquire, not only slim, but also beautiful reliefs. I recommend!
  • Sandra
    Somehow I knew that it was, weighing more than 100 kg, and when I woke up, I realized that I have a direct path to the nutritionist. He did me a power supply system and advised to take the capsules dietonus. The effect was very pleased – thanks for the capsule, I find it difficult to eat small portions and do not overeat in the evenings, the fridge is not pulled, and most importantly even after a month of such a system any nervousness and depression appeared.