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  • Diet "Maggi": contraindications, diet avoidance, 4-week menu, diet recipes, rules for maintaining the results.
    30 December 2020
  • Nutritionists have discovered that fennel seed, anise, cumin, flax, sesame and mustard are not only flavorful additions to food and medicine in folk medicine, but also a powerful "tool" for weight loss.
    17 January 2019
  • A set of exercises are a very good helper in the promotion of health, which, in turn, acts as the most effective way to lose weight. And most importantly, they are simple and easy to implement.
    10 January 2019
  • Question, is it possible to lose weight without compromising their health, is very important. With the help of exercise and easy diet to quickly lose those extra pounds
    18 September 2018
  • Looking for a slender shape, people visit gyms to increase physical activity, adhere to the principles of a healthy diet. There are many subsidiary issues and improvements that speed up the weight loss.
    3 September 2018
  • The program lasts 5 months and includes not only exercise, but diet calorie deficit. If you comply with all the provisions of the month, you can drop 1.5-2.5 kg.
    20 August 2018