The principles of weight loss

How to lose weight quickly and safely for your health? What to do, to make the effect last long?

the principles of weight loss

Indeed, many want to get rid of the hated pounds is already a bitter experience using many of the advertised diets, which have not brought the result they expected. Besides, soon after many days and painful food restrictions, the excess weight back and even more than. Why is it so?

Maybe the problem is not a balanced range of products, which the body received less necessary for normal functioning of substances. The reason may be contrary to the basic principles of safe weight loss.

In any case, don't get upset, because there is always a chance to fix the situation, using the advice of experts.

Basic nutrition rules for weight loss

On the basis of competent weight loss get rid of fat following the principles of a healthy diet:

  1. Vegetables and fruits - the basis of the daily diet. The proportion of vegetables than fruit, which contain a higher percentage of sucrose. The fruit is better to give preference citrus fruits - grapefruit, oranges and pineapples. The use of these gifts of nature is that a large amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids. In everyday life, we forget that it is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid. But when it is in deficit, our skin loses its elasticity, disturbed digestion, dull eyes and the quicker fatigue sets in. The rule is to drink at least 8 glasses of pure non-carbonated water and other unsweetened drinks a day. Moreover, most of them consume 7 PM. Then in the morning there is no swelling.

  3. Ban on sweets and pastries. Candy, cakes and other pleasures in life are simple carbohydrates, which are immediately absorbed by the body, causing the desire to eat in a short period of time. This after hours of hunger will not help you to get slim figure. Of course, sometimes you can deviate from the rules and yum. But this fact should be taken into account in subsequent food intake, reducing its caloric content.

  4. Porridge is the best Breakfast. Good old porridge, boiled in water useful grains, refers to the slow carbohydrates, which are digested for a longer time, maintain the feeling of satiety. In addition, it has a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals, so necessary for our body. To improve the taste of porridge can be a variety of additives - easy to roast carrots and onions, with onions and mushrooms or cabbage with onions and carrots. Approach this process creatively and you may come up with new tasty combinations. For those who want sweet, I suggest you replace the sugar with fresh or dried fruit. Very good and useful rice or millet porridge with pumpkin, which can also be flavored with slices of fruit and your favorite seasonings (eg. cinnamon).

  5. Eat consider. Should not be distracted while eating TV, press or emotional conversation. Food should be thoroughly chewed, enjoying every spoon and control the amount eaten. The feeling of fullness will come later as you sing you feel full. So do not hurry, so as not to eat more than you need to maintain strength. Said, Tibetan Lamas chew each bite of food 40 times. But they don't blame lack of wisdom.

  6. Exchange familiar, but harmful products healthy. For example, sugar can be replaced by sweet fruits and honey, the fat of pork lean veal, poultry or fish, fatty sour cream and natural yoghurt. Of course, it is better to give up alcohol, especially beer and sweet liquors. In addition to the high caloric content, they stimulate the appetite, which may interfere with plans to buy a wasp waist. An exception may be red wine, a small amount, that is allowed sometimes afford.

  7. Deceive myself. In this case, fraud is the only benefit. We talk about the replacement of the usual dishes less spacious. The smaller the bowl, the reduce part looks quite convincing, bringing to mind the idea that eating too little.

  8. Manage your purchase. Don't go to the store for groceries on an empty stomach. Then you don't need to buy extra just because you want to eat. But at the same time, it will help to save you money.

  9. Enjoy a healthy meal. Learn to enjoy the taste of healthy and wholesome food. Experiment, invent new combinations and recipes, share them with their peers. Them and not interfere with friendly support and advice on such an important issue.

  10. Get rid of stress. Use the opportunity to meet with friends, walks in the fresh air, listen to your favorite music. The word, often arrange a small holiday. Then you don't need to eat emotions and stress a piece of cake.

  11. Leave the table hungry. Not ate? Well, this is just what you need! Drink a glass of water and want to eat another piece of something over quickly.

  12. To keep the shape of the body. You can use any physical activity - sports, Jogging, swimming or dancing. In short, everything that brings you joy and fills you with muscle strength. By the way, even pohudev, your body looks not very aesthetically pleasing. Remember the saying - "a horse is not a Gazelle"?


Best products for weight loss

A list of products that can help to lose weight included:

  • apples and pears - rich in pectin, fiber (especially pears), gives a feeling of satiety,

  • grapefruit is a natural fat burner, which helps to reduce insulin levels and therefore appetite

  • figs are low in calories, stimulates peristalsis and digestion, and well satisfies hunger between meals

  • salads and side dishes vegetables (except potatoes) contain a minimum of calories, saturated with vitamins that complement the meal, toxins, stimulate work of bowel,

  • liquid dairy products (low-fat) and cottage cheese are essential aides in losing weight. They contain valuable milk proteins and lactic acid bacteria, useful for intestinal,

  • ginger - improves metabolism, stimulates digestion, eliminates toxins and wastes from the body

  • nuts help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, are a good source of protein, vitamins and linolenic acids, reduce appetite. Can be used as a snack between meals, but without fanaticism, because they are quite rich in energy,

  • green tea - helps burn fat contains flavonoids and many other useful health and beauty substances

  • fish-and poultry - a source of easily digestible (compared to red meat) animal protein. Marine fish also contain more natural iodine and essential fatty acids omega-3. During weight loss, it is better to prepare these products are steamed or in the oven.

Example for day diet slimming

To effectively get rid of the extra pounds, it is important to make your diet so that it is not only low calorie, but still full, rich and varied. This power allows you to lose weight easily and without harm to health. But most importantly - it will help and after weight loss I still gain weight.


For example, nutritionists in the diet for one day: you can also edit the products listed above in the same proportion. So, during the day, experts suggest, is:

  • Oatmeal any whole grain cereal - 1 part, the amount of his fist.
  • Lean meat (veal, poultry without skin) or fish - 2 servings a day, each the size of the palm of your hand.
  • Low-fat milk and milk products - cottage cheese (200 grams per day), yogurt and milk (1 Cup), natural yoghurt (half a Cup).
  • Non-carbonated mineral or pure water - about 1.5 liters (in addition to the other liquid in the form of soup, green tea, juice, compotes, fruit drinks, broth hips or herbs),
  • Vegetables, fresh or cooked - at least 300 grams per day
  • Fruit (preferably unsweetened) 300 grams,
  • Vegetable oil - no less than two tablespoons.

In addition, it is recommended to include in your diet eggs, a small amount of low-fat cheese and 30-40 grams of your favorite nuts.

How to combine exercise and nutrition

There is no doubt that exercise can help you lose weight and obtain a beautiful shape. But if it is wrong to combine meal time and exercise, weight loss does not give the desired effect. Nutrition experts and fitness trainers are advised to observe the following principles:

  1. The main meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before you exercise. If you didn't see this time, in order to maintain strength and energy for 40-60 minutes before your workout is better to eat cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir. Lactic acid products that contains essential muscle protein will rapidly digest before the start of classes. In addition, you can eat fruits or drink a glass of juice.

  2. During the exercise be sure to drink mineral non-carbonated water in small portions.

  3. Within 20-30 minutes after exercise to eat lean protein foods. This can be a small amount of cottage cheese, a protein shake or something else.

  4. If sleep is scheduled not earlier than after 4-5 hours after workout, then dinner (e.g. fish and vegetables) it is possible to afford. The most important thing that you need to eat no later than 7 PM.


Following these simple rules will help faster to get a slim and beautiful figure, and the body without much effort and loss of strength to cope with any physical strain.