How to start losing weight or the basic steps to losing weight

Uncontrolled weight gain, obesity, obesity - these are all different names for the same problem. His name - the weight, the accumulation of which is associated with the lazy lifestyle and poor diet. Trying to diet and grueling workouts at the gym are inconclusive, when you want to lose weight a person does not set clear goals. How to start losing weight and how to change their behavior for the benefit of a beautiful pattern - new theme on our website.

How to start losing weight or the basic steps to losing weight

The first steps and the motivation

The root cause of successful weight loss is lack of purpose and a solid plan to achieve it. Always set a realistic goal. For example, if you plan to lose 10 - 15 kg a few days before an important event, it is unlikely you will be able to throw a solid weight too much fat in a short time. Also more weight. Get rid of 30 kg or more, break up the process of weight loss into several stages and come up with new goals that will win.

Talk about the plan. A piece of paper, which is ingenious calculations did not let down, you should turn to an important document. It is assumed that during one week you can lose weight by 1 kg, and you intend to paint weekly. If the needle horizontal is off the charts, prevention of aging and sagging skin to optimally reset every week is not more than 0.5 kg.

Experts do not recommend it, you can adjust the schedule of losing weight, if not far from the holiday. Stable earnings you are likely to achieve, because of the abundant feast destroys any purpose.

Basically motivation is a subconscious setting yourself up for weight loss. As soon as you notice an abnormal situation (your face is still attractive, but the body doesn't fit into your favorite dress, skirt, pants), remember how long activities compare eating habits with the ideals of a healthy diet, it is easier to overcome the psychological barrier and to approach the norms of weight for height and age.

Evaluation of its weight

Before you start to lose weight, you need a reliable weight estimate, which allows a simple calculation:

BMI = weight (kg) divided by height (cm translated and raised to 2. degree).

Example: if the weight of a 100 kg woman is the height of 163 cm (1 m 63 cm). BMI his to be so: 100 / (1.63 * 1.63) = 100 / 2.66 = 37.6

This chapter, go to the doctor and discuss the feasibility of weight loss. Expert separately told me what the results of your BMI should strive for.

Before visiting the doctor to measure waist circumference. If the figure is more than 90 cm, in men and women 80 cm, there is a risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Calculation of caloric value of daily diet

The first STEP is to calculate the actual caloric content of the diet

In order to learn how to start a weight loss or weight basic steps you can take to reduce weight, you should start with the order - keep a diary and write all the foods eaten in a day and drink the liquid. Notes 5 - 7 days. Then the counter calorie foods to determine the energy potential of usual diet.

The SECOND STEP is the calculation of the physiological cost of power per day

These data are the actual energy costs, which have been used functioning of your body in different departments. Even if you always sleep in the body continue to occur in all processes. Their implementation will require some energy. The formula for calculating the physiological energy losses provide information on the exact amount of energy needed by the body every day.

Solve math problems in the morning after weighing an empty stomach. Daily energy consumption is determined by the age.


For women:

  • 30 years of age: (0.0621 x the exact amount in kg + 2.0357) x 240
  • 31-60 years of age: (0.0342 x weight in kg + 3.5377) x 240
  • Women over 60 years: (0.0377 x body weight in kg + 2.7546) x 240

For men:

  • 30 years: (0.0630 x body weight in kg + 2.8957) x 240
  • 31 in 60 years: (0.0484 x body weight in kg + 3.6534) x 240
  • Senior group: (0.0491 x body weight in kg + 2.4587) x 240

The following: weak mobility the final figure and multiply by 1.1, intensive sports and exercise - for 1.5. Moderately active multiply your slimming figure 1.3. The final result shows the calorie content of the diet on a case by case basis.

The THIRD STEP is the calculation of the daily caloric nutritional diet successful weight loss

Take the digital result from the previous step and otminusuyte 20 - 30 %. In the interest of the caloric content should not exceed 500 kcal. You can print the calorie content is in the autumn in the region of 1100 - 1300 calories. Value is less than 1000, cannot be accepted.

If the calculation gives a value greater than 1100 1300, gradually reduce the calories, weekly decline of 500 kcal. Sudden calorie hazardous to health. So - just 500 calories a week.

The FOURTH step is the calculation of the daily requirement of fat

Recommended fat intake is 25% of the already known daily calories. Those 8 - 10% is fats of vegetable origin. Take the calorific value of the diet to the previous phase of the row and divide by 4 and 9.

To facilitate the understanding of the subject. For example, you know that to lose weight you need daily 1500 calories. Part of fat 25 % of total calories: 1500 / 4 = 375 kcal. 375 now divide 9 and obtained 41.7 grams of fat.

The FIFTH STEP is the calculation of the needs of proteins

Perfect, when every kilogram of body weight is 1 g of protein. Animal origin materials of the total mass must occupy at least 55 %. If the goal is to maintain the weight 60 kg, so every day you need 60 grams of protein. These animal protein 33g

SIXTH STEP - Distribution of the calorie principle power

  • Early Breakfast: 25 %
  • Lanch: 15 %
  • Lunch: 30 %
  • Afternoon snack: about 15 %
  • Dinner: 15 %

Interpretation of the data, concrete figures, using for example the diet of 1500 index and get results pound of calories:

  • Breakfast: 375
  • Lunch: 225
  • Lunch: 450
  • Snack: 150 - 225
  • Dinner: 225

Recommendations nutrition

Protein foods

Protein products for weight loss better to eat lean meat (steamed veal, beef, rabbit) and fish. Cheese can eat low-fat (4 %), cheese fat content of less than 30%. Poultry meat is better to take the chest. Yogurt is useful to drink, with a fat content of 0.5 - 1.5%.

When cooking meat, remove visible fat. Refuse smoked products, canned meat, byproducts, sausage. Vegetable proteins in your daily diet can get up to 45 %.


Substances in this category should be 25 - 30 %. Necessary subject the exception of the sour cream, butter, sausages, fatty cheeses, chips, pastries, sausage, mayonnaise. Vegetable oils prefer corn, olive, rapeseed. A large number a day for 1 teaspoon.

Remember: just one gram of fat carries 9 calories, that 2.25 times more than carbohydrates and proteins.

Increased attention to the compression of the share of animal fats, you win even from dairy and meat products. Marine fish ban is not imposed, because of the high usefulness of its fat.


Smooth weight loss go slowly digestible carbohydrates, i.e. in the complex. These are:

  • Vegetables.
  • Beans.
  • Berries.
  • Grain size.
  • Bread and pasta made with flour (bread, bran, grey, whole wheat, you can eat 2 - 3 thin pieces a day).

Fruit recommended is a maximum of 4 units per day.

Present a list of useful image carbohydrates:

  • Pumpkin.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Patissons.
  • Kohlrabi.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Throat.
  • Eggplant.
  • Carrots.
  • Celery.
  • Beans.
  • Going to a salad.
  • Chicory.
  • Radishes.
  • Bulgarian pepper.
  • Rose cabbage white.

Only vegetables a day can consume up to 500 g, which is equivalent to 2 servings.

Reduce or eliminate from the diet completely bananas, figs, melons, dried fruits, grapes. It is recommended to give up beer and other alcohol, and something sweet.

How to start losing weight: exercise

This is designed for weight loss program success, increase energy expenditure through regular exercise. The task of sporting events is the acceleration of metabolic processes, to optimize the overall health and a healthy nervous system and blood circulation in the body.

The class, which will help in the fight with the hated kilograms:

  • Run.
  • Walking.
  • Aerobics.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Cycling.
  • Jumping rope.
  • Swimming pool and pond.

Heavy load anything. It is important to practice regularly and with great pleasure. First take exercise for 15 minutes 3 S a week. Every week the delivery time of 40 minutes.

Employment be sure to follow the pulse. Grasp the wrist of the hand and calculate how many beats at the radial artery. After 15 seconds remove your hand and multiply that number by 4. Action effects heart rate. You need to be 70 - 90% heart rate.


The maximum heart rate is calculated as follows: 200 minus your age throughout several years. For example, a 37-year-old woman of heart rate during exercise should be a maximum of 163 BPM

Now that you know how to start losing weight right, when a large weight, and when they completed all the basic steps you can take to reduce the weight, you see an attractive mirror slim and happy people.