Running for weight loss: if there is impact, how and when to use?

Running is one of the key factors that sustain the spirit and body harmony. This simple exercise has beneficial effects throughout the body, activating numerous processes, exponentially growing human potential.

running for weight loss

You can drive at any time of the day: in the morning, when the blood increased levels of hormones, running is a natural tool for discharge and the ability to restore the body's harmony.

Evening runs are an ideal prevention daily stress, relax, revive and sleep strong healthy sleep. So how stress and fatigue accumulate in the body decay products that lead to fatigue.

You can perform anytime and anywhere: at home, in the stadium, on the beach, in the woods or in the Park. The surrounding nature and the birds singing, gives a lot of positive emotions.

In addition, the long-term to stimulate the release of blood of serotonin — the hormone of happiness, a certain concentration, which results in a slight state of euphoria.

Other interests running?

Continuous training to develop personal skills: to raise ambition, self-control, will power. Such a person is sufficiently self-assessment,it is no wonder they say that a healthy body – healthy mind!

Increases mental activity, as if by itself becomes an important issues. Currently running the blood is oxygenated, aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation and metabolism. The result is a more active functioning of the nervous system and the brain.

The systematic Jogging to improve immunity, because the blood's hemoglobin and red blood cells. Physical activity while running, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, normalization of metabolism, improve the digestive process, which reduces the feeling of hunger, which leads to weight loss the body and rejuvenating the skin.

Jogging increases the oxygen capacity of the blood to all organs and cells, tissues obtain a large amount of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients. Where:

  1. Improves heart and blood vessels — strengthens the heart muscle.
  2. The load is removed from the kidneys, which helps to improve their action.
  3. There is a partial regeneration of the liver. But the division of toxins from the blood takes place not only through the liver.

While running, involving almost all organs and the result of any of the running, like any exercise, is sweating, which helps cleanse entire body of toxins.

Continuing education the objective is to strengthen constantly the musculoskeletal system, which is especially useful for the elderly, because it prevents the degenerative changes in muscle and bone tissue.

Oddly enough, but even significant skin damage, tearing tissue and capillaries, bruises and internal hematomas are treated by increasing blood circulation in the process of Jogging.

Running also helps to get rid of hypertension, shortness of breath, colds and even flat feet, but the lesson should take special shoes.

And most importantly, Jogging is useful for women, especially in the breast. So Michelle Norris is a researcher at the University of Portsmouth UK, scientific research came to the conclusion that the intense movement of the chest, a total of up to 15 cm in each step, you can not only strengthen it (read more about exercises for breast lift), but also to prevent breast cancer.

Morning or evening Jogging — which is better?

Question: What is better: morning or evening? Did not get a clear answer. Morning run — an excellent opportunity to awaken and energize the body. But an excessive physical load is not fully awakened in the body can be fraught with problems, especially if the person is suffering from any serious illness.

However, even in this case, it is not necessary to give up Jogging. The most important thing is to pick up feasible load and a good warm up, alternating walking and running.

benefits of running

Evening jog, the opinion of most coaches, is more useful, as processes in the body are enabled, and the entire load is directed to the muscle mass, Jogging only allows you to relieve stress and relax the body.

But there is a "flip side" — the largest concentration of cars pollute the environment and even harmful to health. At the time, like a clean morning air has a beneficial effect on the body and energizes the whole day.

What is better running or walking?

Jogging, active walking, whether outdoors or on the stairs at home, are equally useful for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthens the leg muscles and buttocks, get rid of excess weight and slimming the abdomen. However, there are some nuances.

Running is recommended if you want to develop leg muscles and buttocks. But if you want to strengthen the muscles of both the chest and back muscles, shoulder girdle and hands, slimming your stomach or reduce your waist — you need alternate styles of movement: running, high knee lifts, and step zahlen.

So if you want to have a strong body, strengthen the respiratory and circulatory system, then the need of heavy load, i.e. better running.

However, running is associated with the moment when both feet are airborne, landing and running alternately, the entire mass of the body is one, then the other foot. Overweight this show is capable of a certain load on the spine, which can lead to injury of the spinal disc. Jogging as well, it is not recommended to patients:

  • blood and eye pressure
  • asthma and the cardiovascular system
  • serious leg injuries, diseases of bones and joints
  • other serious diseases.

In these cases, a better option than walking, because your feet are constantly in contact with the ground — spine and other organs is not experiencing heavy load. And only after that, when the body muscles and joints get stronger, you can alternate walking with Jogging for short distances, and then, in consultation with the attending physician.

The effectiveness of walking and running for weight loss, they are almost similar, in order to get rid of excess weight, and when run daily walk. The only difference is, that running faster, burn fat, and walk more slowly.

But in any case, such training should be systematic, three or four times a week, and then every day. Program for beginners at least half an hour, then the duration of employment should be increased.

Proper nutrition for sports activities

Running provides a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, if you decide to exercise, it is equally important to pay attention to your diet. It is balanced, contains more fat, and plant foods, rich in vitamins and minerals:

  • vegetables and greens: tomatoes and peppers, cabbages and celery, carrots and red beets, parsley and dill, and other
  • dried fruits: dates, raisins, prunes, nuts, peanut, honey
  • fruits and berries: citrus fruits, apples, currants, rose hips, sea buckthorn, cranberry and other
  • fish and seafood, vegetable oils: olive, flax seed, sunflower, unrefined, cold pressed.

All these foods are sources of: potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, vitamins a, B, And E. it is of special value, such as weight loss, health and youthful skin and body, and restore bones and joints.

How to run?

Before starting training, choose a comfortable shoes and cotton breathable sport clothes, because in addition to easy running, you need to take care of your health.

Despite the relative simplicity of running, here are the rules:

The natural acceleration. Before you start Jogging, try to walk quickly, so the most natural way to turn running, this movement should be smooth and uniform, without jerks and sudden movements.

The position of the body. Upper body slightly forward, arms bent at the elbow and press it gently to your body when running, you can perform a natural strong motion – back and forth. However, it is not necessary to lower hands along a trunk, or make a "sweeping" movement. Try lowering each foot.

Breath. Breathing should be relaxed and natural, try to breathe through the nose. Although many athletes during intense training, the practice of breathing through the nose, loud , out through your mouth. If you are short of breath, try to slow down and normalize your breathing.

The end of the run. End of the run as well gradually, the transition to fast pitch, and then a regular walk. Restore breathing and heart rate.

method to run

Running should be fun, without stress and tingling in his side. Start small, gradually increasing the load, and remember that our bodies are limitless.