How to lose 10 pounds in a week fast diet and reviews

The problem of overweight is of concern to many women.

Diet give results, but stick to them pretty hard, especially in the long term.

The result is a breakdown, the women are dropping the ball, or allow a very healthy food, while berating yourself, what the light is.

how to lose 10 kg

This is because there is no necessary mental attitude, which will easily survive this period and that the long-awaited result.

Mental attitude

Proper installation ensures half success. Why is it so difficult to achieve?

There are two main reasons:

  • the lack of correct motivation;
  • the weak strength of the desire to lose weight unlike need to eat something tasty.

Against their wishes, is very difficult, so you should find a motive for his actions and support. You can register to the community of losing weight.

There are examples that prove that this is impossible. And right to and women to get a nice result.

To increase motivation and to watch the old photos, where the woman was slim and beautiful. Pounds to get gradually, so by comparing the old photos with the present to give the necessary mood to assess the situation and move forward.

Helps to maintain the right mental attitude and the company. If you have friends who suffer from the same problem, you can go to a sports club or a sign of psychological training, which deals with similar issues.

It has been noticed that overweight girls are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem. Confident women look better, they are a joy to take care of themselves.

So definitely worth to list than the girl herself will delight after weight loss.

You can include any purchase of fashionable clothing, that for some reason, the extra weight that women themselves refuse to visit various events, where emaciated girl feel more comfortable in a new guise. This is very important because without knowing what a woman wants to lose weight, it is not getting.

Best quick weight loss diet

How to lose weight in a week 10 pounds? It is real, because the Arsenal of beauties have a lot of programs, which in the short term give a great result.

Diet for 10*10

This is a fantastic system that promises the result is minus ten kilos in 10 days. Of course, it all depends on how much a woman is going to reset.

The essence of the diet is to limit carbohydrates to 20 grams per day, and on the basis of the diet put protein foods.

Diet, rules for the following:

  1. In the morning — a glass of water.
  2. Boost metabolism meal of the day should definitely 5 times!
  3. The maximum duration is 10 days.
  4. During the meal you can drink. Dinner should be no later than 8 PM.
  5. When the menu to keep the ratio of meat and fish vegetable side dishes – 2:1.

Recommended products:

  • lean meat (rabbit, veal, lean beef);
  • bird any time;
  • fatty salt-water fish;
  • eggs (the menu should be every day at least one yolk);
  • yogurt and low-fat cheese;
  • vegetables with low carbohydrate content (cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, celery, asparagus, greens and herbs);
  • mushrooms;
  • tea, coffee, water;
  • acidic fruits and berries.

Stop the following product groups:

  • pastries and sweets;
  • sausages and canned;
  • cereals and starchy vegetables;
  • seafood, except for fish;
  • juices and alcohol;
  • fast food.

It is recommended to cook meat and fish dishes on the grill or in the oven, a couple of. The chicks are allowed, but a minimum amount of olive oil.

When the sauce for the salad use only a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice.

Reviews, within ten days of this diet, you can lose 5-10 pounds.

Diet yogurt

Duration — 7 days, during which the staple food is low-fat yogurt. This diet allows you to lose up to 10 pounds in a short period of time.

The positive aspects of this system is to improve the digestive system.

During the diet is forbidden to use the following food and drinks:

  • starchy and sweet food;
  • to completely eliminate salt and sugar;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • any fatty meals.

Every day should drink 1.5 liters of yogurt. This number is divided into individual servings and eat throughout the day.

Sample menu for the week in addition, yogurt contains:

  1. Monday. Boiled or fried potatoes – 5 pieces a day.
  2. Tuesday. A small piece of boiled chicken breast.
  3. Environment. Boiled beef or veal.
  4. Thursday. A serving of steam fish.
  5. Friday. Any vegetables or fruits in unlimited quantity.
  6. Saturday. Yogurt.
  7. Sunday. Still water, kefir outside.

Be sure to use this supply to be checked by a gastroenterologist.

Diet buckwheat

On the basis of the diet is buckwheat. Food roast is done within 7 days, and the result can be up to minus 10 pounds during this time.

Reviews, weight loss is guaranteed, though a bit take so monotonous menu.

Basic cooking instructions for buckwheat:

proper nutrition
  1. A pot or a Cup poured a Cup of cereal and poured boiling water. The sum should cover the buckwheat on top of the at least two centimeters. Capacity is covered with a lid and left overnight.
  2. Buckwheat is rinsed and filled with yogurt or natural yogurt.

Salt, sugar, oil, and other spices can be added!

The rules of the diet:

  1. Clean water should be a large part of the fluids. You can include in your diet teas, green and herbal.
  2. Before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir. If you really want to eat, you can limit two green apples.
  3. Before you start the buckwheat diet, you should make sure that there are no diseases, gastro-intestinal tract.

The buckwheat diet allows to lose weight easily and with pleasure!

Diet onion soup

This is the most favorite and easiest way to lose weight. Women can easily take a whole week for this tasty and healthy soup that is a staple of the diet.

According to the reviews, this diet for seven days you can lose up to 10 pounds. Not only that, the food is low-calorie, soup and even effectively fights with fatty deposits.

Season with onion soup will be appreciated by even the gourmets. The recipe is extremely simple.

You need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 6 bulbs;
  • celery stalk;
  • a small head of fresh cabbage;
  • 2 medium tomatoes;
  • 2 sweet peppers.

All the vegetables cut into small cubes, drop into cold water and brought to a boil. After cooking the soup is cooked for 5 minutes over medium heat, then simmer brought to readiness.

Attention! Salt and other spices will not add!

Delicious soup you must eat every day, in any quantity as you want. In addition, the menu should be fresh vegetables and fruits that you can eat throughout the day.

Tips for saving results

Finally received the long-awaited result. Still as the main task – to save it.

After so many days of restrictions, I would like something to treat. It can be done, just don't forget to continue to control the dynamics of weight change. You can do this:

  • Regularly weighted. Do often is only 1 time a week. All readings are recorded in a separate notebook, to understand what changes occur. This allows you to choose a diet, most expertly.
  • Hold the weight in norm it is necessary to organize proper nutrition. There are at least three times a day, Breakfast optional. Too long breaks between meals lead to obesity.
  • The menu should include all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients necessary for life. Great choice of healthy products to offer a variety of meals, so the extra time to give up junk food.

It should sometimes and be pampered.

Help losing weight

Help to get the best effect and to maintain the obtained result of the additional measures which are recommended by nutritionists and experts to make together for any diet:

  1. A compulsory exercise. It does not matter what a woman does and what conditions. Can effectively deal with the even work of the plot, keep the result, or walk at a quick pace through the Park. Importantly, there was movement and it was a pleasure. It is the most surprising is that it all depends on the person.
  2. The daily shower. In addition, it improves the immunity and health of the body.
  3. Should get into the habit of drink a day 2 liters of water, regardless of whether a person complies with a certain diet or not. Bring your body in the ideal condition possible without such restrictions. You just need to love yourself, to create a balanced diet and exercise!