Effective diets: varieties and recipes

Today there are so many different diets, that it is very difficult to choose the one that suits you best. But what if you need a good diet for weight loss, which will bring the desired results. That is why today we can do special research and choose exactly the system, which in practice proved its high efficiency and safety. Because the most important thing is to maintain their health. There is one important thing, everyone can be a good diet for weight loss, because everyone is different. Therefore, we will do an overview of the most popular systems so that you have plenty to choose from.

diet for weight loss

Good or fast diet

Indeed, there are two mutually exclusive concepts. However, understanding man, who wants to become slim, good diet for weight loss should help in a few days. Today there is no system, which would in a short time become a model without harm to health, and then keep the result. And it's not even that at the end of the diet all at once to attack the cakes and pastries. The only body that has gone through a lot of stress will actively make reserves for a rainy day. In addition, by limiting the supply of internal self-regulation of slow down the metabolism to conserve energy. Therefore, the transition to a normal diet, while still eating less than normal, you can gain weight. Good diet for weight loss can be quick, however, such rapid methods are the most popular, because they give the desired effect. Let's start the fast diet that you can make a choice.

Best diet for quick weight loss

We estimate the diet from the perspective of their effectiveness and the testimonials of people who tried them in practice. The whole data, we can conclude that the easily tolerated low-carb diet, although it is quite effective. The difficulty is that the diet completely eliminates sugar. By the way, even though the restriction of carbs, the menu is quite plentiful. 2-3 days you can lose up to 3 pounds, which is a significant result. Breakfast consisting of 30 grams of hard cheese, a small piece of rye bread and coffee without sugar. Lunch is the main meal of the day, you can afford a couple of tablespoons of boiled beans, 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and coffee. Dinner consists of 100 g of fish, fresh vegetables and a cup of green tea. The rest of the time drink mineral or plain water. If hunger is very strong, it is permissible to eat a couple of slices of grapefruit. As we have said, the best diet for quick weight loss exist, but there are several other.

Express diet

One of the most popular methods is the potato diet. It seems that potatoes are recommended to leave the menu for those who want to reduce their weight. But this applies only to those cases where starchy plant used in conjunction with a high protein food or sweets. At the same time, it is very suitable, because the product mono. Within two days are permitted only potatoes you can boil or fry. It is forbidden to add any spices and salt. The exception is a small amount of vegetable oil. In two days it is possible to get rid of two pounds of excess weight.

Drinking, or juice diet

If to speak about speed and efficiency, so it is the best diet for weight loss. The reviews confirm that the above its very difficult, but if you want to get in shape in anticipation of the main event, it's worth a try. To prepare the juice for one day, you will need 8 oranges, 2 grapefruit and lemon. Juice is your diet for one day. It can be used 3 times, and in between drink green tea or plain water. Anything else is impossible. Conditions are very hard, so this diet is a real test of willpower. The diet lasts for 2-3 days, if you can tolerate it, valid for 5 days, but no more.

No dinner is also diet

And it is very effective. Maybe this would be a good diet for weight loss. Reviews of thousands of women, say, that adhering to such a system is difficult, but gradually you get used to it. Duration of the diet for 2-5 days, and the last meal is dinner. In the morning you can afford a chicken egg and a Cup of coffee without sugar. About 12 hours have you been waiting for another Breakfast, it can be 100 g low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of vegetable juice. Dinner, 150 grams of fish or chicken and vegetables, and for dessert, unsweetened fruit or berries. After that you can only herbal tea or water.

healthy food

Egg-honey diet

It's a little different, but still, it is another good diet for weight loss. Reviews of women say that because of the med tolerated it very well. The body receives a large amount of nutrients. The yolk is a source of essential amino acids, fats and minerals, and honey is food for the brain and a source of vitamins. Before each meal (3 times a day), you need to drink a mixture of one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey.

For breakfast a Cup of coffee or tea with a small slice of rye bread. The first day lunch to 90 g low-fat cheese, and the second - 150 grams of fish and boiled cabbage. Get the supplement meal tea. Dinner the first day, prepare chicken soup with rye bread and on the second day, 90 grams of cheese with rye bread. Dinner should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime.


Another popular option for quick weight loss. Endure it is difficult, therefore, to weigh their strength. The diet can be composed of 250 g of boiled rice, Hercules or buckwheat without salt and oil. There are options when grains replaced with yogurt, the day you can drink up to a liter of fat-free beverage. In addition, there are many diets that offer to survive for several days apples, tangerines, pineapples, cucumbers, summer squash, grapefruit and oranges. In any case, as mono only recommend, as a day of fasting, follow them for longer than 2 days is impossible.

Today we decided to review rapid methods that promise quick results, which are very difficult to keep. Making time more balanced systems that are running slower, but you can strengthen the effect and does not cause damage to health. We focus on research and social studies, according to which selected ten of the best diet.

"Six petals" it is a good diet for weight loss at home

This system has been developed by the Swedish nutritionist, every year it is gaining in popularity. Indeed, the impressive, eight out of ten women were able to achieve your goals. This is despite the fact that there is no need to suffer from hunger and earn chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Bullet is this diet ranges from 500 to 800 g per day. So, 10-15 kg, you can easily lose two weeks. The beauty of this diet is that after finishing one round, you can immediately move on to the second, and so on to achieve their goals.

In fact, this diet is based on the principles of separation of power. Six petals – six mono-diet, which follow each other. It is not just a system of weight loss, but and interesting game. Before you start you need to make a flower with six petals, tear off one-by-one. The first petal is in the sign of pisces. When the day ends, the petals came off. The second is called vegetables. On the third day to find a chicken, a fourth of grains, the fifth quark, the sixth fruit.

It's very light diet, because meals is not time to get bored. Even if you don't like fish, one day you're completely soak it.

Diet "The Enchantress"


Studies, this system ranks second, is another good diet for weight loss at home. We love to start new life on Monday, so the menu is painted on the day of the week. The first day of "black Friday", when you can eat cheese and yogurt, milk and yogurt without fruit additives. Another day - "sweet Tuesday." It has been one day diet, you can enjoy the sweet fruits and vegetables (carrots, beets), dried fruits and honey, berries, fruit jelly without sugar. If you really want a sweet, acceptable to the plate with fruit jam and 50 g of bitter chocolate. The third day of cold, it is called a "rich environment". You can eat lean meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and fish. Thursday – "soup of the day". Cook vegetable, meat and fish broths and various soups without fried vegetables. Five days, of grain, get any porridge without butter. Saturday, you're waiting for the discharge day. The day is free coffee and tea, fruit drinks, water, but all beverages should be sugar-free. The last day of the "salad". You can make your favorite whisk or a kale salad, salad with peas. Most importantly, don't add the mayonnaise and sour cream. The fat content of cheese shall not exceed 20%. During the week you can get rid of 3-5 kg if you want to lose more weight, then simply repeat the course. Because both systems is the best diet for weight loss. Reviews confirm that the stick to them easily, feelings of hunger.

Diet "The Ladder"

Five days – five steps to a new appearance. This system cannot be circumvented, to discuss the best diet for weight loss. Reviews about it are not good, because catching it is more difficult than the previous two. But the results are worth it. The first day is a cleansing step, when you can drink water, eat apples and drink activated charcoal. The second day of the recovery phase, it is necessary to normalize the intestinal microflora. Can eat cheese, drink kefir, and water. The next day – energy phase, which is designed to reduce stress this program. On this day you can eat dried fruits and honey. Then follows the construction phase is the day dedicated to the protein products (chicken and Turkey). The last step is to burn fat, you can eat oatmeal and vegetables and fruits that are sources of fiber. Five days you can lose 2.5-5 pounds. It is believed that this is the best diet for weight loss.

Diet Push Square

Treatment for those who need to lose a lot. The author of this method is to get rid of 35 lbs. For him it is the best diet for weight loss, but many say that the system is too tight the power system. However, this diet has been approved by several nutritionists. You need three products: barley, fish and yogurt. You can add the cabbage. At night, soak 100 g of pearl barley, and in the morning set it to cook for an hour. To get 400 grams of grain, which was divided into 5 meals. In the morning porridge, you can add a Cup of yogurt, for lunch a piece of fish and afternoon tea – a plate of grated on a coarse grater cabbage. No wonder that today we have included in our today's list, taking into account the best diet for weight loss. It gives good results.

"Cleansing" diet

And we continue with a broad subject. Indeed, the best diet for weight loss today only the lazy does not describe this diversity, we try to isolate only the best and most efficient system. This diet is recommended by doctors, nutritionists, because it helps cleanse the body. During the week you can lose about 10 pounds. The first day of drinking. Can be used decoctions of dried fruits, or soups, water and green tea. Second day – vegetable salads, be sure to add the cabbage. The third day again drinking. Four fruits, be sure to include in the diet of grapefruit. Five days of protein, you can use chicken or eggs. The sixth day of drinking. On the seventh day of the final, Breakfast is two eggs, eat fruit, for lunch a light broth, afternoon fruit, and the food's cabbage salad. This is really the best diet for weight loss 10 kg.

Diet "Montignac"

It is rather a new power system, which helps to get rid of 10 pounds in 30 days without much effort. The authors are not painted the menu steps, but give General guidelines that you can follow. You need to minimize the consumption of sugar in pure form and in products containing it. It is necessary to leave the diet in a variety of sauces and condiments: mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Lose the wheat bread, it is better to take the rye bran. Completely eliminate the foods that contain a lot of starch: potatoes, corn, millet, white rice. Time, you can't combine fat and carbohydrate foods (bread with butter). You need to follow the meal, drink 2 or more liters of water and completely abstain from alcohol. This is a very good diet for weight loss in a month.


Let's talk about diets infinitely. Each individual can fit one system and the other can accept. That is why we have reviewed the 10 best diets for weight loss among this variety you can choose what is closer to you.