Diet for women

Probably every woman at least once in their lives, the problem of excess weight. Some people want to give up on myself, continue to eat sweets, eat fast food monthly and buy new things every time higher. Someone does not want to tolerate the situation and persisted in the struggle with excess weight, to torture yourself with starvation or using one and then the other popular diet for women. What is most sad, and in the first and in the second case, the results are quite similar: the weight does not decrease. And if you manage to lose a little weight, the pounds come back soon.

Diet for women menu

Obesity women

About obesity women and men say that if the bmi is more than 25. Recall, it is calculated by the formula: weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared. The norm is the body mass index (BMI), which is located in the area 19 22.9. Chapter 23 to 24.9 indicates the presence of excess weight. The BMI value is over 25, clearly says about obesity. Some nutritionists suggest using a simple formula: if the height (in inches) to reduce the amount of body mass (kg), it should be in the amount of at least 100. By the way is the place excess weight and increase the risk of obesity in women.

How to avoid excess weight in women? The answer is obvious: every day you should consume as much calories, how much is spent on food.

If the overweight woman is already, then spend more energy than it comes to food. In this case, the trigger mechanisms of the expenditures accumulated in the "reserve" of fat.

Calorie allowance for women

It is known that the lion's share of energy obtained from food the body to ensure their own livelihoods. It is also known that metabolism varies with age: young metabolism going faster and harder with age, they slow down.

In addition, the number of calories you can burn depends on the gender of the person, his life, the ratio of fat and muscle tissue. The last is crucial, because muscle tissue consumes three times more energy than the same weight amount of fat. Thus, the conclusion that women have the same body mass, but a different ratio of muscle and fat tissue, it is require different amounts of energy: the calorie allowance for women, which is the more muscle mass is greater.

I mean, not surprising that two women can eat the same, but one of them is still skinny and the other plump.

Daily calorie consumption for women, because lifestyle and age, is the following value.

With lack of exercise:

  • women from 19 to 25 years old – 2000 kcal;
  • women respond to 26-50 years – 1800 kcal;
  • women 51 years and older – 1600 kcal.

The average function:

  • women from 19 to 25-years – 2200 kcal;
  • women respond to 26-50 years old – 2000 kcal;
  • women 51 years and older - is 1800 kcal.

With an active lifestyle:

  • women 19 to 30 years – 2400 kcal;
  • women 31-60 years – 2200 kcal;
  • woman of 61 years and older – 2000 kcal.

Sedentary is a way of life, when women devote to movement activity at least 30 minutes a day. Under physical activity includes not only exercise, but walking, climbing stairs, cleaning the house, working on plot and stuff.

The average activity means way of life, where motor activity is administered daily for 30-60 minutes.

Active lifestyle physical activity of medium intensity daily duration of over an hour.

On the basis of information, it is easy to make a diet for women that should be included in the daily diet of 200-300 calories than consumed.

Diet for women

In addition, when the diet for women, it would be better to work in two directions. On the other hand, you want to adjust the menu because of the calorie intake for women. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the activity, at least on average.

Diet menu for weight loss for women

Diet for weight loss for women based on the following principles:

  • meals should be 4-5 meals a day, small portions;
  • the menu should include both proteins and carbohydrates;
  • popular are vegetable oil and olive widgets;
  • the menu must be fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • uglevodosoderzhaschie products recommended to use in the first half of the day, it is desirable that it was a product with a low glycemic index;
  • dinner will be held no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • salt and sugar diets for women to refuse does not force, but their use should be strictly limited;
  • daily drink at least 1.5 l of filtered water;
  • limit consumption of white bread, sweet yeast, candy and chocolate;
  • prescribed taboo all kinds of fast food and carbonated beverages;
  • recommended complete abstinence from alcohol.

Sample menu diet for women weight loss.

  • Breakfast. 50 grams of grain and 150 g low-fat yogurt or yogurt, a Cup of tea or coffee (weak) without sugar. Or: oatmeal on the water with dried apricots, prunes or pieces of Apple, broth hips. Variant: a thin slice of black bread and 30 g of cheese of a fat content not exceeding 45%, coffee, milk and 1 teaspoon sugar.
  • The Second Breakfast. Fresh fruit: Apple or orange or two kiwis, or two clementines.
  • Lunch. A small bowl of soup low-fat chicken broth, chicken with a side dish of boiled green beans, a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. As an option: 150-200 ml vegetarian vegetable soup, 2-3 tbsp mashed potatoes and cutlet of minced fish, cut fresh vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack. A glass of kefir 1% fat or natural yoghurt, a handful of walnut kernels or hazelnuts.
  • Dinner. Buckwheat and a fresh salad. Or: cooked cauliflower, and 100 g of steamed salmon. As an option: 70-100 g low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of herbal tea or stewed fruit without sugar.
Diet for women in a week

The dose size depends on the lifestyle and age of the woman.

Weight loss diets for women is gradually. The body is not experiencing stress, improves metabolism, normalizes the amount of sugar in the blood. The skin does not SAG, as happens during sudden weight loss. The feeling of hunger, because the frequent meals will not cause discomfort. Overweight women have, in general, it lasts forever, because a smooth transition to a healthy diet.

If you want to slightly speed up the process of weight loss can 1 times a week (no more!) arrange a day of fasting by drinking only water. After the discharge of the day, it is recommended to check with the proposed diet menu for women.

The best effect can be achieved if a diet for women to combine heavy workouts interval method.