Tips for weight loss

Products and their calorie content is the cornerstone of losing weight. Table weight loss help easy and simple to keep in mind all these details, and lose weight with pleasure.

If such confidence?

Very simple: counting calories does not limit you in what you can eat.

Still treat yourself to your favorite snacks and lose weight — a dream!

We will tell you how to use the table calorie foods for weight loss and what are the diet on the basis.


  1. What are calories and what is their role in metabolism
  2. How many calories you need for weight loss?
  3. Diets are based on calorie counting

What are calories and what is their role in metabolism

Calories are a unit of energy that the body gets from food.

We can say that the caloric content is an essential part of the nutritional value of any product.

The balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as a sufficient amount of various vitamins, is an important organ, however, its viability depends on whether it gets enough energy.

>The energy spent we have always.

Even if you don't do anything, breathe, your heart beats, your brain processes signals from the senses, and every cell in the body is buzzing with activity.

>People of different professions needed time, calories

And that all this is happening, your body needs regular sustenance: therefore, even at idle, we feel hunger and thirst.

In the process of digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates come from different parts of the body, gives it energy — calories.

The average minimum amount of calories needed for a normal adult, not used for any active activity is 1800 units.

However, in reality this index is individual for everyone, because it depends on many factors:

  1. Sex
  2. Weight
  3. Age
  4. Health
  5. Body type and current physique

Men, because of the greater weight and preponderance of muscle tissue (usually) consume more calories than women.

However, this changes during pregnancy: during these nine months a woman's body feeds the further growth of the people inside, and therefore consume a huge amount of calories.

Weight loss must be reasonable

As well many calories you want to children who are actively growing.

Larger and heavier people are, the more energy he needs for daily well-being.

And, of course, calorie requirements directly affect the physical activity of the individual: any physical work increases the energy in the body.

How many calories you need for weight loss? Familiarity with the table of caloric content

To determine the required energy intake of foods and preparation table for weight loss need to begin to understand how energy consumption depends on lifestyle and how much on average you spend per day.

You can do this, the researchers made preliminary costs vary in calories depending on the category of exercise.

For example, office workers and all the people with the prevalence of sedentary lifestyle in the day to spend between 2000-2500 Kcal.

When you add a certain amount of physical activity mostly sedentary work plank is raised to 2500-2800 Kcal.

Men need more calories than women


The work associated with walking or light physical effort, consume up to 3000 Calories.

Well, heavy physical exertion (sports, workshop, mining, etc.) consume up to 5000 Kcal or more per day.

Of course, even in the same profession as the calorie intake can be totally different.

You want to find out how many calories are in food you need and how to look your personal table of weight loss can three different formulas

The first is very common in various sources, but today has become a bit obsolete: it is based on a study of 1919.

A hundred years, average body type and metabolism of a man has changed, the style and the rhythm of life, and therefore the results of this formula is not very accurate current conditions.

Popular, especially in the united states, there is another formula, developed in the late twentieth century and approved for widespread use in 2005.

It is based on the analysis of weight, height and age of the individual, however, is not taken into account the percentage of body fat and muscle tissue.

Because of this, experts believe good for casual use, but not very accurate.

The last option is optimal from any point of view other than ease of use.

Calculate the right amount of energy according to the formula you need to know the percentage of fat in the body and this will use other techniques and research.

Tip: if you want to approach things, this formula suits you more than others. The percentage of fat can be read independently, but it is better to seek professional help to research the probability of error is much smaller.

Using the tables and formulas, you can create the right menu for weight loss

In the above formulas, you can calculate your basal metabolic rate — the energy consumption of complete rest.

Having a cherished figure, it should be multiplied by the relative amount of exercise:

  1. >1.2 lack of exercise
  2. 1,375 light physical activity
  3. 1,4625 moderate physical work or regular activities in the gym
  4. 1.55 concrete exertion or intensive exercise program
  5. 1,6375 — if you are in the gym daily
  6. 1725 to 1.9 in the case of heavy physical work or training several times a day

Thus you get the amount of calories you consume where you can eat without gaining weight.

Well, in order to lose weight, you should 10 to 20% decrease that number and start to hear the table calorie foods for weight loss.

Tip: in any case, don't cut the caloric intake by half or more immediately, if it is not provided by the diet, and even in this case, in order to avoid harm to your health, consult your physician and remain under observation during the repair.

Table calories to find information about the number of Calories in a particular product and can make the menu for weight loss, based on this information.

To save time, you can use calorie calculators you can find online www-version, install on your smartphone or tablet, corresponding app from the AppStore or Google Play Market.


To lose weight, the diet is reduced by 10-20%

Diets are based on calorie counting

There are a number of different diets based on calorie counting and the observance of daily value.

>The beauty of them is that ban a specific food — you can eat what you want, focusing on the number of Calories in the composition.

You should get a measuring cup and scale kitchen, because the calorie content is conventionally reported per 100 grams of product.

To avoid confusion and to not weigh every day, eat a dish, many people want to make in advance the appropriate menu.

You can add variations, interchangeable meals of similar caloric content.

The most efficient power loading subject to a high-calorie diet.

You should take:

  1. About 25% of the daily value for Breakfast
  2. 10% to snack before lunch
  3. 30% lunch
  4. About 25% of the afternoon
  5. 10% light dinner

And, of course, is necessary to ensure that the diet was varied.

Good health and full life you need both fats and carbohydrates, proteins, and other useful items.

One of the most popular diet with the calculation of the energy efficiency of food should be mentioned diet "1200 calories" and the table calorie foods for weight loss.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially 1200 calories (as you can tell, the daily rate is exactly 1200 Kcal), shows fairly fast results.

However, such a sharp limitation of the (almost or even more than half of the norm depending on the person) is a serious burden to the body.

The reaction can be the opposite: instead of that weight loss happened to weight gain, because your body is under stress, "decide", that is a dangerous situation and needs to store energy in any way.

Fasting does not bring the expected results

It can help you lose weight, not limiting itself to seriously and without exhausting physical loads.

Tip: if at the beginning of term diet, you will feel fatigue, weakness and lethargy, don't worry, it's normal "response" to the decline in energy intake. Drink more water and do not throw up, and you can soon see results.

Diet according to Dr. based on the same principle, but attaches great importance to, that the presence in the diet of animal products.

It makes strict adherence to his impossible, but some useful parts out of the diet draw is still possible:

  1. Weigh yourself daily and watch your progress
  2. If weight-loss is not two weeks, reduce the daily norm of 100 Kcal
  3. Follow the meal plan, with lunch, 40% of all calories
  4. In order to achieve the desired result, gradually increase the standards
  5. The work is not only the body but also the psyche — often losing weight is not obtained because of the psychological discomfort

Knowing the basic principles of the diet based on counting calories, to get rid of unwanted pounds, it is quite simple.

To make things easier, we offer you a video chart of low calorie foods for weight loss, based on which you can make a delicious, varied and healthy diet.