It looks like an ideal complex for weight loss

What is the main error, that the person who wants to lose weight at any price? Excessive zeal, which usually dries out by the end of the first week.


A strict diet is the keen sense of injustice, the sports program "intensive" cause headaches and muscle pain, and the first to collapse 2-3 kg declares: "I can't lose weight, but to postpone this event for later".

But if you approach the "event" a detailed plan, by sharing the load and slightly adjusting the menu, weight loss process becomes a pleasure.

An ideal complex for weight loss is a balanced diet, moderate fitness and more effective cosmetic procedures. Talking about it and all the fashion magazines, but how it looks in reality?

Talk about the main thing - the harmony programme, which is applicable to everyone and can become a way of life without compromising the health and the wallet.

It is difficult to find a diet that can meet all the basic requirements of healthy eating. Hard statistics show that at the end of the fasting marathon weight quickly return.

Proper diet - a diet that allows you to be well fed, healthy and slim.

Its characteristics are:

  • daily caloric - 1400-1800 kcal (depending on the number of trainings type of metabolism), but in any case not less than 1200 kcal;
  • Breakfast consists of slow carbohydrates, green tea or coffee without sugar;
  • lunch combination of carbohydrates and protein foods;
  • dinner consists solely of protein, a side dish that is always served vegetables;
  • stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime;
  • just before bedtime you can drink kefir milk or eat egg white;
  • menu forever almost all fast carbohydrates, which are the number one cause of fat deposits (muffin, pastry, prepared food, fast food);
  • snacks also include nuts and dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, unsweetened yogurt with bran, cottage cheese with berries or honey;
  • the amount you drink add 2 years, the menu is regularly present in the Oolong tea, which improves the process of breakdown of fats.

Diet slim people to satisfy hunger: it does not allow long "downtime", but provides a long satiety.

Chocolate triggers the desire to eat for 30-40 minutes, a plate of buckwheat cereal with hefty piece of fried chicken and salad from the pool you can forget about eating at least 3-4 hours.

The caloric content of the two versions of the same, the effect is different. Put food in my mouth, thinking that it gives immediate pleasure or long novel?

Initial menu the ideal complex for weight loss:

  • Breakfast: muesli and juice, green tea;
  • snack: cottage cheese and fresh berries and honey;
  • lunch: baked fish, brown rice, seaweed;
  • snack: veggie smoothie (cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, green);
  • dinner: warm salad with chicken and fresh vegetables;
  • before bed: yogurt.

You will be surprised to find that the correct meals are not like the average budget. Organically "fit" in sum, get ready for food week, putting your grocery cart with lean meats, frozen and fresh vegetables, cereals, fruits, dairy products.

20-30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, intensity - "the process is fun and increases the heart rate 110-120 beats".

This is the perfect exercise. How to spend a half an hour?

Correction of problem areas or overall weight loss and muscle strengthening.

Flat stomach: the "curl".

Lying on the floor, bend the knees, feet pressed to the floor, hands behind his head. On the exhale lift the head and shoulders (chin to look), breathe - in UI. 30-50 times.

Slim waist: wrap.

The duration of torsion and the regularity of the training will depend on the outcome. A half-hour daily teaching, the visible effect will come in 2 weeks!

Curvy buttocks and working up to the front of the thighs: lunges.

On each leg no less than 10 times. Side lunges to remove the "breeches".

Tighten the inner thigh muscles: squat-plie.

Become, generally speaking, placed at the foot, the socks look to the side. Squat until thighs become parallel to floor, return to the SP. At least 20 squats.

Good posture, strengthen the muscles of the chest and arms: pushups.

You can use the support (bench), in good physical condition squeezing off of the floor. Body foot to make a straight line. At least 10 times.

Beautiful chest: lying on the floor, hands taking the weight (0.5-1 kg). Raise the straight arms before yourself, connect them, spreading them apart. Repeat 20 times.

Remove fat from the entire body: jumping rope.

Start with 100 jumps, is growing every day 50. Activity - leader in the field of weight loss. Mobility - not only life, but also increased calorie consumption. Be active - it is free and very effective for weight loss.

Soda bath: mix 150 g of baking soda, sea salt, dissolve in warm water. Take a bath for 30-40 minutes. One treatment can get rid of 1 kg of overweight. Unfortunately, there does not seem fat, and the excess fluid.

Vinegar wrap: rejuvenates the skin, removes intercellular fluid, confirmed activate the breakdown of fats. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water 1:3 water solution sheets (strips of fabric, wide ties), wrap it up, it is wrapped in cling film.

Duration - at least one hour. After shower, remember to use a moisturizer. During the 10-15 scarf, you can lose up to 4-5 cm in the pelvis.

Honey massage: removes cellulite, cleanses the pores, refreshes the skin. Session 4-5 tablespoons of liquid honey. To improve results, use essential oils (orange, grapefruit, juniper).

The technique involves applying a palm to the sticky skin and the subsequent sharp tearing off. Duration of massage - at least 20 minutes.


Effective systems for weight loss can enjoy the salon and spend, of course, half the salary. At home, you can arrange effective conditions, the extra weight disappeared in the spectrum of the problem.

The most important rule - the fight against fat should be comprehensive and regular. And you will become the winner, without spending any extra rubles.