Effective weight loss belly and sides: advice women

To remove the extra pounds in the abdomen and sides is a real problem to cope with, which can be just a few of the methods together.

weight loss for women

Slimming stomach for women: the basics of proper nutrition

The most effective way to make the waist slim and toned specific diet. Through proper diet, body wrap, drinking regime and exercise, unnecessary amounts of quickly go away. The stomach and the "pillows" on the sides is gone, it is recommended to give up certain products. These are:

  • Image;
  • potatoes;
  • margarine;
  • alcohol, which causes fermentation in the digestive tract;
  • juices;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • bread;
  • pasta;
  • all fried.

To remove the extra pounds in the area of the sides and abdomen is recommended to follow a special diet. Proper nutrition can help to normalize the metabolism. It is recommended to introduce a simple milk products. Good effect is given apples and apricots, which is a perfect replacement for cookies and candy. These fruits are an excellent source of fiber. Such food transport food effectively.

Weekly diet for weight loss abdomen: recommendations and sample menu

Weight loss the sides and belly are recommended to stick to a diet. The menu, which is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates allows you to get quick results. Fat deposits in problem areas to burn. What is weekly diet for optimum results? Make a flat stomach and fit, first of all, you need to give up fatty foods and fast food.

Sample menu could be:

  • Breakfast – a combination of fruits and servings of cereal, which is cooked without oil and water;
  • second Breakfast – a slice of low-fat cheese, black bread and a Cup of unsweetened green tea or herbal;
  • lunch – salad greens and vegetables along with a plate of vegetable soup;
  • afternoon tea – fruit and a glass of nonfat yogurt, which is recommended to increase the fiber;
  • dinner – small piece of chicken or fish cooked in a steamer, and a little boiled rice (preferably without salt).

Belly slimming for men

If women's weight loss waist is perfect for a special diet, to maintain that pretty easily, that men are recommended to resort to special physical exercises. Good speed results download:

  • lower back;
  • press;
  • obliques.

Be in good condition, it is recommended to do the exercises at home and gym. Effectively help men's side keep, dumbbell bench press, crunches performed on a fitness ball, ran through the fence lying on top. Also it is recommended to carry out complex leg lifts on the bars and the bar of the vis, twisting the press and raise the upper body in the supine position.

To achieve effective weight loss in the waist area, it is necessary to repeat all exercises at least 10 times. Each of them you must do 3 sets. Pre-workout every time I do the workout.

Note! Men achieve excellent press can be, if you can combine regular exercise Cycling, swimming and Jogging.

If the husband is the owner of a big belly, that confirmed the sports activities need to start soon after changing the usual diet. Weight loss is recommended to start with long walks. Every day you need to take at least a few kilometers.

Eating for weight loss the belly and on the sides for beginners

Become owners of a wasp waist for women and a great press of men can be difficult, especially in the early stages of weight loss. A fairly quick result can be obtained after the rejection of fast carbohydrates include:

  • cakes;
  • fat sausages;
  • soft drinks;
  • canned products;
  • chocolate;
  • mayonnaise.

Not the easiest, but the most effective way for beginners to fix problem areas is to move to a balanced diet. Slimming the waist does not mean starving. Enough to feed 5 times a day, but small portions. It takes only a week, and the result is noticeable.

Also for beginners, it is recommended to establish the correct drinking regime. What to drink to help burn fat in the waist area? Great, fast, making the tea with ginger. Also the effect of weight loss can help you mint. Lateral left fat, beginners should drink plenty of pure water, which improves your metabolism.

Break down fat using wraps, which are recommended to use in conjunction with exercise and diet.