Results weight loss: monks coaches

"My mother makes really good food, she is a professional pastry chef and would always make me homemade goodies", the tell the girl cause of overweight. My dear and only child in the family, he bathed in the admiration and saw no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to eat my mother's pies.

Kate Pylypets

The decision to change themselves and their way of life the time came, Kate looked at the slender classmates and to understand that is ready to refuse from high-calorie foods is why ive. But how to tell my mom not to offend?

The debate to solve all the problems – Oksana, Katya's mother, heard arguments, his daughter and promised to support him in this difficult project.

Together – the dream

Mom not only agreed to do the usual high-calorie meals, not to seduce Katja scent, but he signed up for the gym. "I didn't dare to go there, but mom was calm," – said the girl, the old systems.

Repeated exercise slim trainers, Katja gasping, sweating, out of pace, but secretly dreamed that one day I'm going to see results in weight loss. and he can perform in training.

Then this dream seemed unattainable girl. Physical activity causes pain. Eating habits even thought lost, attack the girl at the most inopportune moment. Let cherish the harmony lasted for many months, Katya and her mother has started, then turned again to lose weight.

We helped to get the first results of weight loss?

"But I have always felt that sooner or later my dream has come true," smiles Kate. In search of "his" fitness mother and daughter tried everything, gym, Pilates, running and even yoga. "And only when I came to class, step aerobics, I realized – it's mine!" – smiling girl.

Aerobic exercise combined with the power elements of the day have honed the shape of Katie. The extra weight started to walk away, and the figure gradually became sporty chic. This time Katya and her mother experimentally independently came to healthy eating. "After intensive exercise-it was a shame, negate all the efforts, eat something harmful, – said Katya. But because he was hungry, we started looking for a snack product, which will satisfy hunger, constant power, but it does not turn into fat at the waist".

Completely intuitive, Kate has refused to fried, starchy foods and sweets, which previously accounted for nearly half of its daily diet. He knew that all the effort is the Foundation on which to build his dream.

"In the process of losing weight I have not weighed at home, just never had the scale," said Kate. Weight-loss results he saw the clothes – the usual dress with flared steel her shamelessly high. Kate looked at her clothes, and could not believe that he was full to its seams.

Now he doesn't know his new "slim" weight – outdoor unit and has not appeared in their home. But he realized that the harmony is not often to scale and the feeling of flight and the pleasure of your physical form.

"I've grown so fond of step-aerobics, that I realized what I want to do in the future. My dream is to become a trainer, each time closer – in my heart I wanted to help people struggling with excess weight and low self-esteem. And the gun battle was a step aerobics".

Slimming results: Ms. fitness

Leaving Kate made a splash – a slim, self-assured, she attracted the admiring glances of my classmates. But the main thing was, that unlike his peers, he knew exactly who he wants to be. And this choice surprised many yesterday's crumpet wants to be a coach?! Katya only smiled mysteriously – he has already written the application training to a fitness center or school.

Since then five years have passed and Kate proved that she had been wrong in his choice. Today he has five exercises a day, amazing stretch and an impressive list of those he helped to change the figure, the better. "I know what it's like to be overweight, the girl said. And know how to motivate people to change their lives, to overcome complexes and doubts. It is very difficult to lose weight, if there is no support. I had a very supportive mom, and now I want to support people in their efforts."

Funny, provocative and positive, Katya finds approach to each client and his 22 years, is rightly proud of helped to find harmony in the many wards.

Diet coach

"My Breakfast is healthy carbohydrates. Eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. Sweets try to avoid, but if you really want to, give yourself a piece of the first half of the day. At lunch, eat fried meat, steamed vegetables or vegetable soup broth. Dinner prefer fish and salad vegetables of the season. But if I want something dangerous for the figure, I reminded myself that now I'm for example, customers is the best incentive to keep in shape".

And finally, Kate recognizes that you appreciate the extra weight, because she was his life. "Thanks to him, I have learned to set goals and achieve them, and I believe that any dream is possible to implement, if you want to."