How to lose weight in legs: tips and exercises

Localization of fat depends on the reasons, its accumulation and the type of character. In women, excessive obesity often appears at the bottom of the frame and worsen the formation of a pronounced "orange peel" – cellulite. But the most unpleasant, that in such cases, although tight restrictions on the diet usually lose weight last legs. Therefore, if the shape corresponds to the type of "pear", then to lose weight is better the special diet of the foot. Like other methods of weight loss, it does not provide a local breakdown of fat deposits and generally works to reduce its amount in the body. However, the main focus of the food and other functions is done primarily with problem areas on my feet.

It helps to lose weight in the legs – tasks and their implementation

slimming legs

Oddly enough, but the question of how to lose weight in the legs most often asked, for those who just need to burn a lot of fat. Usually. first of all, cellulite, muscle tone and little fat. These problems can be solved in a relatively short period of time. What the "global" weight loss – then you can use any healthy action, and the foot becomes lighter. Well, a popular fitness horror stories about stubborn fat that will not go the legs what ever, are more competitive on the aesthetics, which requires the general form and beauty, and muscle definition and low body fat. In any case, even simple measures will help to improve the appearance, and even the most stubborn of fat looks like, just need to make a little effort.

What should I do with thinner legs

You start to forget all kinds of folk wisdom, such as "dancing to lose weight, but the bike – no, no, no." The American College of sports medicine published the results of the study show convincingly that 50 minutes of any activity, medium intensity 5 times a week is enough to normalize body fat. - We can add – not necessarily downright sweat in the health club, you can walk the walk and do ballet exercises at home.

Thin legs, you need to do only 4 things:

  • normalize your diet – reduce the number of total energy cost per day 300 to 500 kcal and eat as not one calorie more. Don't do sweets and fruit diet, eat them as a delicacy, and leave the idea to sit for a week yogurt will not help. The "problem" areas are suitable only for long-term diet with a small caloric deficit and not stress attacks diet;
  • find a acceptable heart, where you can perform 200 minutes a week – running, swimming, walking, dancing, even playing the disc, so long as it increases the heart rate and lasted longer than 20 minutes at a time. Heart made mainly in the morning, preferably 5-6 times a week;
  • to strengthen the muscles, what to do at home exercises for body-ballet or gymnastics. If you are a beginner, fitness, the fastest classical strength training with weights;
  • be patient, do not expect, that your legs become thin in a couple of weeks, look for the positive class, and not be distracted by "to lose weight as soon as possible" and to live life to the fullest.

Do I need to buy fitness equipment weight loss leg

To be honest, the homemade devices are not more effective than exercise for weight loss legs Pilates or ballet. All of these exercises is designed for those who:

  • due to health reasons can not run, do squats and lunges;
  • too lazy to learn the exercises on their own and want to move in a predetermined path under the series.

Which case, the exerciser slimming leg type Leg Magic or other similar to give progress about 1-2 months, so it's not the most frugal purchase in the world. Want "eternal treadmill" – buy a mini-stepper or even a full-fledged stepper heart, and fitball, plus a set of dumbbells to perform strength movements.

The right exercise program for losing weight legs and thighs

In fact, the principles of such programs is simple – the first few months, we have to learn to run, jump, walk, or pedal, with enough fat-burning intensity, as well as doing light toning exercises to strengthen the muscles. In the next few months – running a more complex power movement and the "speed" of the heart. Traditionally obtained 2 levels.

Level 1

Cardio exercises for weight loss legs

Jump rope for weight loss on foot or slow running 5-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes. If you jump, choose a light jumping from foot to foot, not double or anything like that. The right running weight loss legs – only on the field or on the track in the stadium, and not on the sidewalk. Need to run quite a long time, take care of your knees. The work of the heart in the morning, when a small dose of protein food or on an empty stomach.

Strength exercises for leg slimming

Read in the following order:

  • Squats losing weight in legs without weights, how many repetitions for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat the whole cycle of 7 times is interval training, TABATA.
  • Lunges with change legs – the same.

Level 2

Gonna lie to achieve a proper intensity of the non-beginner, you can only do weights and interval running. The first, better yet, go to the gym and take some lessons on technique with a professional trainer. Secondly, in order to enlist the support of monitor and think about how long you can run and how fast.

How to lose weight the calf of the leg

Again, if the calves are large and muscular in nature – all that you can read their shrinkage is a lie. The burning of muscle can be dangerous to your endocrine system, and will not be able to keep a healthy style of training. Remove the tone consistent stretching the hamstrings and calf muscles, and "remove it completely" fail. Well, if this zone is fat – you just have to follow your own weight loss program and don't rush the proofreading online the mythical weight loss results in the calf for 2 weeks.

In any case, if you are going to lose weight in the legs, remember the most important rule of fitness to lose weight, that is, losing body fat, the organism as a whole, and any tricks we can't force him to "just lose weight legs and thighs", so have mentally prepared for the General reduce the amount.