The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss menu nutritionist recommendations and reviews

Only recover, but to bring back the desired weight is much harder. Happy holidays to plenty of partying, alcohol and carbonated beverages, endless snacks on the run and eat cold food, reluctance to eat Breakfast, because it "was not clearly visible in the picture," and many other similar situations are the reason that the scales appear 5-10 and 20-30 pounds more than you need.

eating for weight loss

Today, certainly, even if the child answers that weight loss you just need to follow a proper diet to exclude certain foods - and then life will literally become easier. But what means this sentence? And what are the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss? It is time to learn many of the answers women and men questions!

The right nutrition?

In short, Based on a healthy lifestyle, which depends on not only weight, but also physical and even emotional state. Food is a physiological need, which is located in the first row, and he is "odious" and all the other people want (this explains the kind of "pyramid of needs", American psychologist Abraham Maslow). Food is a medicine. But lately, unfortunately, it has become a cult.

A healthy diet includes intake and assimilation of substances needed to replenish spent energy, regulation of all systems of the human body, repair and build tissues.

The most important principles of proper nutrition

Before you start a new, healthy life, it is necessary to examine this question in detail. If you don't catch all the nuances, is not difficult to understand, how to deal with food in everyday life. So, the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss:

  1. Versatile, balanced, a fraction of the menu. Firstly, such a diet is not tired, and secondly, it is a guarantee that the body receives daily all the necessary material to him. You need to eat small portions, maintaining the meals and adding 2-3 files (snacks).
  2. Fresh food. During long-term storage, almost all of them lose their useful properties, so it is better to buy food on a daily basis.
  3. List the basic rules of proper nutrition for weight loss cannot exist without fresh vegetables and fruits. Because of the fiber content, they improve metabolism and positively affects the digestive system. And vitamins and elements necessary for assimilation of food and strengthen the protective forces of the organism.
  4. Monitor the compatibility of the products. Some of them can not be used together, as this leads to the formation of large amounts of toxins in the body.
  5. Change diet with the seasons. In the summer a large part of the diet should consist of foods of plant origin, and in winter must have products Giro - interdum-continens.
  6. Learn how to calculate the required daily calorie. The imbalance on this issue most often becomes a reason for the extra inches on the hips.

Place the liquid in a proper diet

Water plays the most important role in the human diet. The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss includes the consumption of adequate amounts of fluid, i.e. 1.5 liters a day. It is desirable to consider only plain water.

In general, opinions about whether tea and coffee have the same fluid, which is essential to man, far away from each other. Some people say that this marketing idea was conceived in the 1990s, when there was bottled water, and it was advertising. On the other hand, drinks such as coffee and tea (and the first of them does not need to become a "healthy" diet) to accelerate the withdrawal of fluid from the body, therefore, none of the systems is not getting necessary to the proper functioning of the water. However, it is best to adhere to the position, that there is one more drink and simple liquid – core.

Drink water anytime you want. The first glass should be drunk immediately after waking up on an empty stomach.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss systems

the principles of weight loss

To date, developed a lot of systems, there is a huge number of recommendations from experts, a person only need to choose the option that best suits his lifestyle. We consider several systems, the right nutrition, so that it is easier to understand how to proceed.

Scheme № 1.




  1. Oatmeal.
  2. A mug of green tea.
  3. Apple.


  1. Drinking a mug of fat-free yogurt.
  2. Peach (2 Pcs.)


  1. Boiled rice and fried fish.
  2. Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with the addition of flax seeds and one tablespoon of olive oil.


Fresh mashed carrots with honey.


  1. Boiled chicken baked in a marinade of oranges and honey.
  2. Boiled broccoli.
  3. A glass of green tea.

Scheme № 2.

The day of the week




On Monday

Cottage cheese casserole with raisins.

Rice soup with peas and squid.

A vegetable stew.

On Tuesday

Millet porridge with cottage cheese.

Oven baked vegetables with meat.

Chicken chinese style with boiled rice.


An omelet with vegetables.

Casserole buckwheat and fish.

The fish cakes.

On Thursday

Oatmeal, nuts and fruits.

Vegetable soup with chicken.

Stuffed courgettes.



Fish pudding.

Steak pink salmon.

In table 2 is described in the snacks, the menu does not contain even tea. This does not mean that they should be. Snacking perfect light foods: fruits, vegetables and salads from them, milk drinks, diet cookies. About tea and plain water also important not to forget.

The third chart is not on the menu, but the only system that closes the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss.





The first



It is recommended to consume carbohydrate foods in the amount of 150 g. It may be buckwheat, rice, semolina, corn or barley porridge. You can add to your Breakfast boiled egg and any vegetable/fruit.



You need to drink tea, coffee or juice the amount is not more than 500 ml.


The third



Boiled egg and oatmeal (150 g)



Water, coffee, juice or tea (500 ml).




Water or tea (500 ml).

Mushrooms, vegetables or salad (200 g), lean meat or fish/seafood (100 g).



Tea or juice (0.5 l).

In the same way as 2 hours a day: carbohydrate (200 g) and protein (100 grams) of food.



200 ml of yogurt, milk or sour milk.

100 g of cottage cheese or other protein food.

Calorie diet is about 1300 calories.


What is recommended by nutritionists for weight loss proper nutrition?

Many people refuse to Breakfast for the reason that he, in their opinion, it is possible to grow stout. This theory must be rejected, because it is the most important meal during the day, and without it it is impossible to take into account the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss. Nutritionist recommends:

  1. Be sure to eat Breakfast carbohydrate foods.
  2. Not to limit strictly the consumption of foods, even the sweet forever do not give up.
  3. Diversify the menu so that it is balanced, nutritious and not get bored.
  4. Don't starve is a stress to the body.
  5. Menus include more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Eat citrus fruits and pineapples, because they have the ability to burn fat.
  7. Give up fried, salty, fatty and smoked food.
  8. Do not forget to drink plain water.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss menu

This table shows what can be meals during the day.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5


Filled with yogurt, cereal, fruit and coffee /tea makers.

Rice porridge with dried fruit and green tea.

Buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad and tea.

Oatmeal baked Apple and tea/coffee.

Cheese cake and toast with butter, juice or green tea.


Yogurt and walnuts.

Banana and yogurt.

Broth hips and cottage cheese.

Apple and yogurt.

Banana and yogurt.


Fish soup, steamed vegetables, boiled chicken breast, compote of.

Vegetable soup, goulash, mashed potatoes, juice, vegetable salad.

Dark rice, soup grossi, fried fish, salad.

Borsch, buckwheat porridge with chicken cutlet, and compote.

Cabbage soup, fish cakes, mashed potatoes, juice.

Afternoon tea

Yogurt or cottage cheese.

Toast, cocoa, cheese.

Yogurt with figs or dried apricots.

Fruit salad, crackers.

Dried fruit nuts and yogurt.


Vegetable salad with fish, grilled yogurt.

Vegetable stew with fish and bran crisp bread, tea.

Chicken fillet, lettuce, green tea.

Vegetable stew and ham and tea.

Steak, vegetable salad and green tea.

The method of cooking and its role in nutrition

The most important rules of nutrition for weight loss menu, which is described above, also and special methods of cooking. So, it is better to abandon the use of the pans at all, because overcooked food is bad for the stomach and liver. Perfect helpers in the preparation is a slow cooker, electric kettle, Aero grill and cooking pot. You can bake foods in the oven.


slimming products

Remember the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss for women is easy, but the result, after the transition to a healthy diet are felt very soon, and see it is not only the figure, but health in General.

The gastrointestinal tract has a crucial role throughout the body, although many people do not know this. Mainly depends on the strength of the immune system, because of the protective cells are derived from this organ. To eat right means to be healthy inside and out!