5 principles of nutrition for weight loss

This article does not talk about what, how much and how many you have. This is a basic guide that you should follow if you want to lose weight, while maintaining muscle. They are not so complex.


Consume 20% fewer calories than you expend

This is the first and most important principle. Without compliance to lose weight does not work, basically. Calculate the right amount of calories a day, use the calorie calculator.

"Why not 50%? - you ask? Because the less I eat, the faster you can lose weight". This is certainly true. But if you eat too little, go to the expense of not only fat but also muscles. You don't want it? And consume only 15-20% of% (maximum 25%) less, you can lose weight about 1 kg every week. It very well. Because of the 3 months, you will need to take off 13 kg. once again: quickly lose weight – is very bad.

Eat often, but gradually

Often, this means 4 – 5 times a day. Why? The fact that the more and longer the body we feel hunger, the more it is "adjusted" for storage of fat. It works as a kind of adaptation to external conditions. So you need to eat often less hungry. Pick up a menu you can use the calculator, the calorie intake.

In addition, those who eat rarely, usually credited to the amount of food eaten at one time. They eat rarely, but a lot. In this embodiment, the stomach wall over time, stretched, and began to bulge in the stomach. As a rule, then return the stomach to its original size almost impossible.

Eat immediately after your workout

Regardless of whether you lose weight or gain weight – eating after a workout is necessary as soon as possible. By the way, always a chance the body begins to once again postpone fat. For reasons that are described in paragraph No. 2.

Although the practice ended at 10 PM still need to eat!


Eat more protein

And how to eat more protein, if the 15% reduction diet? It is quite simple. The amount of fat consumed is reduced to a minimum. Energy 1 gram of fat has about 2 times more than 1 gram of protein. By reducing fats, increasing protein intake, how to eat to lose weight and keep muscle).

This is done in order to prevent muscles burn together fat. About carbs: their number is not decreasing. By the way, you don't have time to recover. Because weight loss, you should quite often and intensively train the 4 principle of successful weight loss).

Do not drink juices and liquids, which is a lot of carbohydrates

Drink better water. Of course, you can drink juices, but it is difficult to perform item No. 2. Because because of this you can increase your overall calorie intake. That you drank during the workout a liter of juice. Like, if you don't eat, and I'm hungry. But about 250 kcal you have already received.


Cut diet 15% to 25% of the daily calorie consumption. To get rid of fat in the diet. Weight proteins. Do not force your body for long periods of time and often experience hunger. Eat at least 4 times a day. Liquids and drink mostly water. And to lose weight!