How to count calories to lose weight

Certainly the earth is not a person who wants to lose weight never heard the word calorie. When losing weight, this word causes fear. After all, unwanted pounds come from calories, and anyone diet, a significant reduction in the caloric content of the menu will definitely lead to perfect body proportions.

Unfortunately, as counting calories is not known to all, and this is their error: that what kind of diet is the most effective compared to other, there are still many positive sides:

  • There are no limitations of food choices. Food prepared exclusively on your own preferences.
  • Counting calories, self-adjusting amount of food, i.e. the amount of servings.
  • The person who calculates the number of calories a day can easily follow the fluctuations in his weight, the usual food ration will remain at the same level of calories, or perhaps a reduction.

How to calculate calories for weight loss: table

  • The first thing to understand is that to burn 1 kg of body weight, you need to spend 7700 kcal. The same number of calories you need in order to recover 1 kg.
  • The best option is to keep a diary of weight loss. It is necessary to record all the results obtained, and plans, which is an incentive for the achievements. Throughout the day you need to sign the portion eaten, so it is easier to follow a healthy diet.
  • At the same time, you need to record all physical activity conducted during the day.
  • The third table records information about the dumped weight.

It should also be noted that the weighing is carried out daily, in the morning, immediately after waking up. To perform the comparative characteristics of the notes to the three tables. A person has the opportunity to decide for themselves, the diet and the amount of exercise, which helps get rid of extra pounds.

Table of calories for weight loss: calories 100 g of product

Fruit Kcal Vegetables Kcal
Bananas 90 Boiled potatoes 60
Grapes 70 Green onions 18
Cherry 25 Onion 43
Grapefruit 30 Carrots 33
Pear 42 Throat 15
Melon 45 Sweet peppers 19
BlackBerry 32 Parsley 23
Kiwi 50 Tomatoes 20
Apricots 47 Eggplant 28
Avocado 100 Green peas 75
Quince 30 Zucchini 18
Pineapple 44 Cabbage 23
Orange 45 Cauliflower 12
Watermelon 40 Sauerkraut 28
Strawberries 38 Red cabbage 27
Dogwood 41 Rhubarb 16
Cranberry 33 Radishes 16
Gooseberry 48 Radish 25
Lemon 30 Turnips 23
Raspberry 45 Salad 11
Mandarin 41 Beets 40
Peaches 45 Pumpkin 20
Drain 44 Dill 30
Currants 43 Hell 49
Cherry 53 Garlic 60
Blueberries 44 Spinach 16
Apples 45 Sorrel 27
Pastry Kcal Dried fruit Kcal
Buns 301 Raisins 270
Bagels 330 Figs 290
Brown bread 206 Raisins 310
Wheat bread 266 Dried apricots 290
Rye bread 213 Date 290
A cake made from rye flour 375 Plums 220
Sugar 295 Apples 210

Caloric consumption per day

Few people do not know this famous assertion, that the number of calories must be less than their consumption. A person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, one should follow a diet calories, which is 1200 cal per day, a supporter of active life tempo, which is engaged in all kinds of sports, the menu should consist of accounting 1800 cal a day.

How to calculate calories for weight loss? A middle-aged man, who keeps the position of director, consume up to 3000 calories a day. Women of the same age, same job, spend 2400 kcal.

Perform physically challenging work, men spend about 3200 kcal, female — 2700.

How to calculate calories per day? The basis of this diet is calorie counting. This is an effective way to reduce weight, when the obtained result is stable than other diets.

Consider how to count calories to lose weight. In order to calculate, you need to use a table of caloric content of products. Don't panic if the different sources, figures vary — these are averages, so the difference is low in calories not significant. The best option is to use a table which has a large list of products, and even better, print yourself for clarity and placed in easy-to-use, for example, in the kitchen.

The time reading of the calories becomes a habit, it has become easier to calculate the required dose. For example, the average cheese sandwich, pork burgers, cake and the brass part of the decoration is 370 calories. A small portion of oatmeal, drink coffee with cream and sugar, and boiled chicken egg — 130 calories.

200 ml freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit nova-sucu free milk and spring vegetable slicing — 120 kcal. Tea with sugar or coffee — 70 kcal.

We should understand that weight loss is not instantaneous. The result is clearly visible after at least 5 days since I started counting calories.

You can taboo are snacking before bedtime. Dinner should be no later than 18:00. For example, you can prepare vegetable salad, oatmeal with raisins and green tea with Jasmine. A few hours before bedtime can drink kefir or natural yoghurt (200 ml). If the feeling of hunger never leaves, you can drink a Cup of tea with mint and honey and eat ½ an Apple. You can also use a small slice of cheese (20 g).

A full Breakfast is a very important aspect in the diet of calories for weight loss. It should be 1/3 the daily requirement of calories. A suitable option would be porridge, boiled eggs, lean meat and a few salad vegetables.

In order to eat, and this means that the amount of a single serving should be poorer than before the diet should completely eliminate sugar, white bread, foods rich in fat and oil. The best type of cooking any dish — fried or steamed.

Leave your menu with a few high-calorie products, the amount of consumption of daily calories will be reduced by 10-15%. Such products include: baked goods, fatty meats, smoked meat, fats and sugar. The meal is divided into 6 times a day, the volume fraction is decreased. This method reduces the calories by another 5-7%.

You need to know! After drinking 200 ml of cold water, you can burn up to 50 calories. This method applies diet, counting calories. Rule — 2 liters of water a day. The liquid will help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

How to calculate calories for weight loss

Lose weight

The correct calculation of calories of food, you should pay attention to the label of the product. It is worth remembering that the calorie content of the dry and the finished product is different. For example, the caloric value of 100 g of dry pasta is 300 calories. When cooked, their weight increases, so 100 g of boiled pasta is nearly two times less calories.

Counting calories for weight loss — this means turning every meal into a numerical coefficient. This is not debilitating hunger, and the correct calculation of individual weight loss programs.

Calculate the number of calories per day, weight loss

At first, start the laptop with a week you need to save each meal, respectively, to calculate the caloric value of the dish. In order to calculate the calorie of food, it is necessary to sum the calories of each ingredient, taking into account its number.

Their calorie content can be calculated, knowing the mass of each product and the calorific value of 100 grams of product.

The next step is to reduce its calorie content for each section, it is necessary to start the process of daily weighing. It is necessary, in order to achieve results in 200 g of daily weight loss. When he reached the mark, need to stop and not to reduce calories — it is unique the necessary calories.

Continue to eat prescribed in the system, while losing 200 grams per day of excess weight in a month with dumbbells shows the results of 6 kg less than before the diet, counting calories.