Body wraps for weight loss at home

Body wraps for weight loss at home

Cosmetologists are constantly developing new methods for slimming and combating cellulite.

And not all of them look so good result, as the wrapping film, which have different compositions.

To perform the procedure at home or under the supervision of a specialist in a beauty salon.

In any case, you will be able to get results quickly and effortlessly.

Are you interested in? Then read our material on how to wraps for weight loss so that at the same time, reduce the volume of the stomach, sides, hips and legs.

You just need to store the movie, select composition options, the recipes that we offer, and spend a relaxing and effective weight loss.

General information

The Wrap is called a cosmetic procedure, the essence of which is to cause certain compounds to the skin, after which the body of the cover film.

Time of the procedure is 30-60 minutes. If you want to get better results at home can prolong the time of body wraps for weight loss all night.

In addition to weight loss, it helps to improve the appearance the skin, smoothing it and make it elastic.

The story wraps up going back to the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Already at that time was a well-known procedure, which took place many girls and women who want to restore the skin clean, beauty and smartness.

Because the present mixture was applied to the sludge from the bottom of the river Nile.

After application of the body mass, the girl was wrapped in a cloth and leave in the sun.

General information

After some time, the fabric of solidified sludge was removed, and the final procedure the woman returned the skin tenderness and softness. Over time, however, this procedure I forgot.

His variation was a mustard wrap, which was made in the middle ages the healing of skin diseases and colds.

The cosmetic purpose of the procedure is entered only in the mid-twentieth century. One of the beauty salons that catered to Americans decided to remember the lessons of history.

At first, allow yourself body wraps for weight loss can only wealthy people.

However, the 70-ies of XX century-the television program in a live broadcast showed how this procedure is effective.

And when the woman on TV could have 1. time reduced to 2.5 cm, wrap film became popular again. And finally available.

Today, this procedure can be done in any beauty salon or buy all the necessary ingredients to make a body wrap at home.

What is the wrap

Before the wrapping procedure, you should not just pick a mix (recipe found below), but to determine their views.

Modern cosmetology offers wraps hot or cold.

If you need the most effective means for weight loss, you should pay attention to the hot wrap.

But before the vote, read the contraindications for it. Because this procedure has a strong effect on the body, which, in the presence of a health problems can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The effect of this procedure is based on its ability to expand blood vessels and increase blood circulation. During such wraps fat tissue begins to be broken down, and through the pores toxins and poisons.

Also metabolism. This procedure is often performed, the aim of which is to get rid of stretch marks, scars and scars. You can do it should be in the morning or the afternoon.

Cold packs will produce less effect, but is safer. Here the reaction occurs on the contrary – the blood vessels constrict.

How to perform the procedure at home

Toxins and waste products through the lymph move through the body in places where they are toxins. This is the most effective tool for tightening, rejuvenating the skin.

Also, the procedure has a tonic effect.

How to perform the procedure at home?

To achieve a good effect, you need to properly prepare for and perform this cosmetic procedure.

First you should prepare the skin.

Conduct wraps for weight loss belly and sides, and also other places should be just clean and dry the skin.

You should first take a shower in the usual way. The area that you are going to apply the mixture should be treated carefully scrub.

Then you need to wipe dry with a towel, and only then proceed with the procedure. First prepare the mixture in the proportions described in the recipe.

Apply it to areas of the body that are bothering you, and the top cover the whole thing with plastic wrap or garbage bags in rolls.

Perform the procedure at home, be careful that the mixture was caused to evenly. Wrap yourself in a movie should be a lot tight.

Next, you need to be sure to wear something warm. This can be a robe, pants, pajamas or other clothes you can wear at home.

You now have 30-60 minutes, you can safely do household chores, or lie down and rest.

At the end of the shower and wash off all residues of the mixture. After that, you can use a nourishing cream.

Honey wrap for weight loss

Honey wrap

Honey and its products have long been used not only in medicine but also in cosmetology.

This product is a complex of nutrients that are beneficial to our body.

To make honey body wrap slimming you can and in the cabin.

But many women do not want to spend money and carry out the procedure at home.

Because you can do it quite easily. You will need 15 tablespoons. fresh, preferably homemade honey, polyethylene and a warm blanket (hot wrap).

If you decide to do honey wrap for weight loss, then you'd better choose the hot procedure. This product should be slightly warm (25 °C) in a water bath.

After preparing the skin, you should apply it honey. Make special attention to problem areas.

Evenly distribute the honey. Then wrap the body. The first round should drop in the waist, and then move on to the legs.

Now under the covers and the rest of the allotted time. Then you can take a shower and wash off sticky product that will leave a few pounds of weight.

There are also recipes, with honey added to the milk, mustard, pepper, and thus increases the efficiency.

Mustard wrap for weight loss

Hold the mustard wrap for weight loss, you can easily at home.

If you can do the procedure regularly, then you should be able to quickly see the result.

It happened because of the loss of the accumulated water and to speed up the metabolism.

mustard wrap for weight loss

Mustard is a wonderful warming effect, which helps expand blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation.

And if it add honey and a few other ingredients, you get a great mix for losing weight and that skin problem areas, so.

The procedure is best suited for home cooking mustard.

You need mustard powder (2 tablespoons), salt (1/2 teaspoon), vinegar, wine or Apple cider (1/2 teaspoon) and a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

All that you need to mix, dilute with warm water and put in a warm place.

Consistency of mustard should remind cream.

When the skin preparation should be applied to it and mustard on top to cover the body.

To perform the procedure should be no more than 40 minutes, because the substance can severely irritate the skin.

If you have hypersensitivity, don't use the mustard on their own, and mix it with honey and olive oil in a ratio of 2:2:1.

If you feel that the skin is rough, to endure, not worth it. Indeed, in this case, you can get severe burns.

You can make mustard wrap for weight loss best at home for a day or two to give the skin a chance to relax.

Vinegar wrap for weight loss

Another popular procedure that fond of beauty and fashion – this is a vinegar wrap for weight loss.

Thanks to him, you can accelerate the skin regeneration, improves the nutrition of the skin and collagen fibers, reduce cellulite and rid the body of excess fluid.

Perform the procedure at home only. Should take natural apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:3.

Vinegar wrap

In the resulting liquid water a wide strip of cloth or bandage at the pharmacy.

Wrap them in the body. If necessary, you can use vinegar to keep the wrap slimming legs.

The cloth and ties, in this case, it is wound from the ankle to the thigh so that the skin does not show through. Wait until the cloth (bandages) dry, and only after a shower.

Do this procedure is often not recommended. The course consists of 15 sessions, which should be carried out through the day.


Scarf movie, especially when it comes to the hot procedure has a number of contraindications. Do not want to, if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Those who have tumors, various gynecological diseases, skin problems (allergies, rashes, wounds), blood pressure disease, it is better to abandon this procedure.

Should be done during menstruation, because it may affect them and the cycle at all.

If you have a temperature, deterioration of health, dizziness, then move the wrap of the film on another day.

If, after you've applied the recipes, you will have an allergic reaction, repeat the procedure is also not recommended.