Slimming folk remedies

Application an effective way to lose weight is to lose weight and reduce folk remedies proven over and over that many people. The only downside to this method, the long-term infusion of herbs, this visible result will come soon. You should know the application, medicinal herbs, weight loss has powerful effects and contraindications of a drug that can provide. Therefore before you apply remedies, folk medicine need to resolve to lose weight, you should consult an expert.

Lawn each drug there is have certain properties, therefore herbs for weight loss use, applied in a comprehensive way in the body and promotes weight loss.

Herbs suppress appetite, fill the stomach, contribute to a (stretched) film, or mucous forming on his walls. Can be connected here in some marine algae (Spirulina), flax seed, althea root, Angelica officinalis.


Herbs, convenient, eliminating toxins and excess fluid from the body. Attributed to them leaves cowberry, burdock, horsetail, bear ears, birch leaves, etc. it should be noted that, while weeds, which have diuretic properties, you need to drink more liquids, to prevent dehydration.

Grasses and digestive system that affects a stimulant effect. Such herbal teas have a laxative effect and cleanliness, promote intestinal toxins and other substances harmful to the body, obstacles, constipation, a persistent friend sitting diet. These herbs, including cascara, anise, caraway, fennel.

Herbs, favourable labour bile. These plants have a normal job, why, gall bladder and the liver, stimulates the digestive process (dandelions, weeds, bupleur, helichrysum, corn sticks).

Lawn spending increase calories by the body (ginger, turmeric, rosemary). However, in this case, herbs this type of application causes increased appetite. Minus applications, increased appetite.

Dandelion root and burdock root in the body and uplifting the process of change.

Folk recipes for slimming herbal infusion.

Cranberry and pineapple juice, two tablespoons of vegetable mixture in 10 years received St. John's wort and yarrow, 500 ml boiling water. Close the lid, wrap with a towel for thirty minutes and to insist on it. To get such an infusion is divided in three or four doses.

Mix three parts cilantro and cascara, licorice and leaf four pieces of seine, highlander pepper, grass, violet, tri-color and bearberry leaf. Night brew a tablespoon of vegetable mixture and boiling water to get. In the morning strain and drink the infusion. You need to do this procedure every day for a month. Such an infusion helps to reduce appetite and cleanse the body. coriander

Pick and mix 25 g of birch buds, chichewa, chamomile, St. John's wort and the grass dies, and then grind in a mortar. Half a litre of boiling water brew a tablespoon in a bowl of porcelain powder is then obtained, fifteen minutes. You need to drink an infusion of this kind with the addition of 200 ml in the morning and in the evening a teaspoon of honey. After drinking the evening such a tincture, it is forbidden to eat and drink something.

The mixture of 20 g chicory root, cascara 15 gr, fruit, parsley, dandelion, yarrow, peppermint and corn 10 oz. Grind the mixture obtained, pull, raw materials and pour a tablespoon of boiling water to half a litre the night. In the morning strain the infusion. This infusion of extreme obesity you need to drink half a cup 3 times a day half an hour before you eat. Directors the duration of one and a half two months.

Get in equal proportions flowers, black elderberry, chamomile, lime blossom, fennel fruit, peppermint leaves, put some enamel pots, then pour boiling water on the raw material 20 a fraction of 1 percent water. To put on a water bath after 15 minutes, drain the water and cool. Agree, such a monitors with 200 ml of water 2-3 times a day. Directors the duration of eight to ten weeks.

40 g 20 g algae Cystoseira Sword of grass to bind two tablespoons of the mixture brew and after that we will be old, put 500 ml boiling water for the water bath. Then remove the zerk and leave to simmer for 15 minutes to hours after drain the water and get it to 200 ml 3-4 times a day.

50 gr to bind weed, yarrow, Juniper cascara and 5 g 25 g 20 g fruit and cystoseira we will be old. Pint brew tea blend of herbs and two tablespoons boiling water to get obtained. Put water bath for 15 minutes. Then after the infusion has cooled, drain and 200 ml of glass 3-4 times a day to get. With the use of such an infusion of import combine eggplant, eggplant caviar, cucumber, cabbage, zucchini, apples.

To buy one cup of corn ralec 10 grams pour boiling water, insist, drainage and drinking in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before you eat. Infusion of corn ralec contribute to bile secretion, diuretic effect, eliminates swelling. Cholesterol-lowering, blood it is recommended to drink 1 tablespoon corn oil 3 times a day, for three weeks.

Bathroom slimming to increase the impact.

Buy herbal baths in addition to losing weight a much more effective result. bathroom

Tub, dig besparmakot slimming.

You need 10 litres of water 50 — 100 grams of goose besparmakot dry. Put in a bucket to the fire, after fifteen minutes of boiling remove from the heat.

Bath, herbal slimming to collect.

Violet three color mix package and three cascara, licorice two, highlander pepper, grass and wheat grass on the lots. Pour a quart of boiling water and four tablespoons of vegetable mixture obtained to get, put it in the fire. After 15 minutes simmering, remove from the heat and drain. It would add the infusion cooked every day there is a bathroom. Lecturing, such as vannes 10-15 procedures.

Birch slimming tub.

Such a tub has the ability to dissolve fat deposits. Additionally, the skin's water-salt metabolism and increases capillary blood flow. The leaves and young stems and fruit juice so that you can use for your bathroom. Birch leaves can be taken as ready pharmacy. The decision to prepare raw material the best thing to do for yourself this spring. The bathroom required for birch raw pour 600 gr, three liter with boiling water, put bring to a boil, then drain and bathroom added.

Slimming bath with thyme.

Thyme improves blood circulation bathtub with promoting the sweating process, so using it in effective weight loss. You need a bath to prepare 400 grams of dried thyme, pour five liters of water and bring to a boil put with. Then remove from heat and drain. To add getting a daily Bath. Ten to fifteen the number of effective Vannes.

Slimming lime Bath.

Such a great tub has a diaphoretic action, displays, promotes the burning of fat and salt. To prepare the lime-lemon juice 300 gr must in any part of (bark, buds, seeds, dried flowers, leaves), pour five liters of water. Then boiling water, remove the fire, add drainage, and a bathroom. Such best to take a bath at bedtime and at the most fifteen minutes. Lesson 14 procedures.

Salt.-soda Bath slimming.

A mixture of 100 grams of baking powder, and salt sufficient food for such a bath of 300 grams and add water. Better to make such a bath before going to bed. By taking a bath at the most fifteen minutes after body wash with warm water and a warm blanket to sleep under. If you do a bathroom like this, not before going to bed, should be in bed, then a bath and at least an hour. By observing such a tub for effective slimming and diet helps toxins from the body.

slimming tub exam.

Liters 100 grams of dry mustard dissolved in such a bath for food, temperature, 36-38 degrees, add water bath. A bath should be taken ten minutes at the most and preferably before bedtime. Body then rinse thoroughly in warm water and sleep under a blanket. An hour later, wipe it dry and the body need to sweat during one strongly and sleep. To do so effectively and in a bathroom like this diseases of the upper respiratory tract and common cold.

Folk slimming recipes.

You must get a potion that will help you lose weight to cut a pineapple pineapple which pleasant prepare its tip. Then the meat and the shell with the ground beef, mix 500 ml of vodka. Place the pots in and cover with this mix in the refrigerator for two weeks. Such an infusion can be consumed three times a day during meals. Most importantly, this weight loss extra weight came after.

For effective weight loss to drink every day a glass of water with the addition of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Should be accepted before you eat.

Every morning, before lunch and in the evening before going to bed drink half a cup of hot boiled water for a month with the addition of tablespoons of honey. After two hours this morning accepted that there is nothing. After the meeting and again have to learn to give a two-week course Dec.

A common folk remedy for weight loss that is based on apples and celery. To do this, mix one part add the grated celery root with apples in the following three piece, finely grated radish, and pour yogurt. A little salt may be. There must be a dish like this every day for a week, for dinner.

Rowan is also an effective fight with overweight. Rowan fresh juice or powder for her to eat the fruit, they are capable of communication complex carbs.

Corn Silk , also known as folk medicine to reduce appetite and to get rid of excess weight. Prepare decoction: pour 300 ml boiling water 10-15 grams of corn ralec fragmented in the case, put in a water bath for half an hour. Then drain the water with three tablespoons of chilled food intake and drink every three hours ago.

Seaweed also helps to reduce appetite because filling the stomach, intestine, he quickly formulated the body. However, its high content of iodine in its composition, this Jade is contraindicated people, some endocrine diseases, hemorrhagic diatez, high sensitivity to iodine.

Pumpkin is a very tasty vegetable is also useful. That help to normalize the metabolism and cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances. Drugs to eat three pounds zucchini pumpkin a miracle to get him clean, peel and seeds and cut into pieces. Add one or two after that. along with chopped orange and lemon zest. Add sugar according to your taste and two doses of a low heat source. Whether a delicious slimming meal.

Disclaimer salt, and daily showers (ranging from five to fifteen minutes each with 30 hot and cold water) also can help weight loss.

Bath can also be useful weight. But first, you should not eat heavy meals to go there. The air temperature should not exceed 90°C drops to a little moisture. It's not steam, then immediately pour cold water because transpiration the process of ceasefire. In the bath, drinks and fruit teas and fruit drinks, herbal teas, herbs, Yesil, tea, soft drinks or beer it is better to give. The first sunset to be applied with sprigs of fresh dry head. Another face to make a steam bath for pre-salt body smear with honey ratio of 6:10 and wrapped up the sheets, and sit there for five minutes. After removing the sheets sit for twenty minutes, and then wash the honey-salt mixture. Such a Tue must every time I visit a steam room.

The given recipes and tips on the application of getting rid of extra weight in a healthy way with your life as a result, improve the health and appearance.