Exercises to quickly remove fat from the abdomen and flanks in women. How to perform

To remove the stomach and hips (exercises are most effective will help) is required when there were surpluses in these areas. For training is a difficult part of the body.

Here, it may form two types of fat: the fat under the skin, and one that envelops the abdominal cavity - visceral. The complex was therefore necessary to choose such that had an impact on deep and difficult sections of the press that are difficult to train.

General rules of performance of exercises to remove belly and flanks

exercise for weight loss

To achieve greater effect, in addition to performing a physical activity, must adhere to the rules, including in the art of performance: in the classroom it is important to perform the exercises perfectly, not to persist in the number of repetitions; of the body, training should be constantly in tension; applying physical capabilities at the time of execution of the exercises, otherwise, the operation half-heartedly will not bring the desired results; the main indicator of the correct workouts is the appearance of burning sensation in the field of press; it is important to do without interruptions, gradually making increase the number of executions, only then be able to remove the belly and flanks, to begin with the most simple but not less effective exercises; classes begin with warm-up.

To remove the stomach and hips, exercises (most effective) need to be combined with proper nutrition.


During the day should be consumed: 1/3 of the amount of protein animal products (all meat diet) and vegetable origin, 2/3 of the amount of carbohydrates in the form of cereal cereals, grain bread, vegetables, a little vegetable fat to drink during the day 2 liters of clean raw water, the number of meals shall not be less than 5.

It is important to remember! Before starting the training process, be sure to prepare the muscles. This helps to obtain the best results without damaging the muscle tissue and joints. The warm-up process should not take more than 7 minutes.

Effective exercises for all abdominal muscles

To get rid of excess in this area, coaches are advised to focus on exercises aimed at the elaboration of all muscles. It's necessary to apply training top, bottom and side parts of the press.

Exercises for training the upper abdominals Plank.

bar for weight loss

Best of all, because his performance is training the deepest abdominal muscles.

Technique. Required to take the body position as in the bench press from the floor. To rise on tiptoe, the arms should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. To fix the body, for the first time in 20-30 seconds. While holding the posture, the abdomen is necessary to retract the gluteal muscles should not be up and the back rounded. Gaze directed at the floor.

Performing the bar, consider the following:

  • do not lift the shoulders;
  • hands be put strictly under the shoulders, not wider and not already;
  • to observe the 90-degree angle;
  • the entire body keep very straight as the line.

Bike. Starting to perform, you need to take an appropriate position - lying down, the back should fit snugly to the floor, hands to clean up behind your head, legs bent at the knees forming an angle that is equal to 45 degrees.

Technique. At a distance of 50 cm from the flooring to lift legs, pre-bent at the knees, and begin to turn imaginary pedal. To run fast, scrolling is not less than 15 times per 1 approach. Just make 3 or 4 approach.

Please note! Performing the most effective exercises to remove belly and flanks, the burning of subcutaneous fat, which has a positive influence on cardiac system, digestive system, muscles, the process of training all muscle groups.

Exercises to workout lower press

To remove the stomach and hips (exercises are most effective for the lower press is shown in the table) by using the limbs, performing exercises such as knee lifts, scissors, cool-Werth.

  1. Knee lifts. Lie on the floor, his back straightened and pressed to the floor, hands behind head, legs extended. Slow knees one or the other leg to the chest, while the bottom of the trunk comes off at a slight distance from the floor 10-15 times, 4 approach;
  2. A pair of scissors. The position is the same feet, located directly on the distance of 20 cm from the floor to raise and breed, making twine, and then cross each other like scissors cut 10-15 times, 4 approach;
  3. Cool - Werth. Lying on the floor hands behind the head near the ears, lift the upper body, the right elbow should touch the top of the left knee, which is reduced, and Vice versa, alternating legs and arms 10-15 times, 4 sets.

Exercises for training oblique abdominal muscles

exercises for training oblique abdominal muscles

This group of muscles responsible for torso twists and bending. Oblique muscle is to turn up training separately, as with other types of load they are subjected to pumping.


To achieve this benchmark, it is important to work through the exercise in the following exercises.

Bending in the standing position. Feet apart, to fix in one hand and a dumbbell, and the other set on the back of the head, the elbow should be facing up. To keep your back in a straight position itself to draw abdominal muscles up and stretch them. To lean severely to the side without bending your back, do slope dumbbell to and from her 20 tilts in 3 or 4 approach;

The slopes are lying. Between the bent knees, hold the fitball, hands to clean up behind your head and slowly, slowly raise your upper body, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor 30 cm up to 10 times, 2-3 sets.

Be careful! When you run the slopes, there is a load on the spine in the lower back, so it's important to do the exercises correctly. In case of any back problems is strictly prohibited these exercises.

The most effective exercises with apparatus to clean the abdomen and flanks to Obtain an additional burden and increase the effectiveness of training will help further shells. Trainers recommended to add in the program for the adjustment of the abdomen and back exercises on a bench and with dumbbells.

Exercises with a chair or on the bench

The Roman chair. Before running you need to find a more comfortable chair, adjust the angle of inclination. Then sit down, securing his feet with installed rollers, then take a lying position on your back and bring hands to the back of the head.

Exhaling, begin to twist the body to the feet, reaching the top position to pause for a few seconds. Inhaling, return to starting position. The exercise can be performed with a pancake, with a barbell in his hands.

Home chair. To sit on the edge of a chair, spread your shoulder joint and shoulder blades, look forward to direct. With your hands grab the edge of the chair. To run smoothly, for 5-6 seconds on 1 approach.

Technique: slowly arching hips, directing the body up, so that was an imitation of the bridge. As soon as the head touched the back of the chair awhile, and then complete the tasks, returning to the starting position.

Exercises for belly and sides with dumbbells

For exercise you will need dumbbells weighing 2 kg. If no such shell, the home can be done with 2 water-filled plastic bottles.

Starting position to take the following: take dumbbells, stand apart on the average width of the legs and back to hold in an upright position, shoulders back.

With one hand reaching to the floor, taking this position of the body for about 3 seconds, at the same time to monitor the posture, then return to the starting position. Similarly to do with the other hand.


This exercise is performed when set wide apart and slightly bent legs. Bring the arm to the side and stretch so that felt like everything was strained. Similarly to do with the other hand. On each hand to make at least 15 times in 3-4 approach.

Another effective exercise with this type of projectile: hand to hold on to the pole, located at waist level, the other to put on the shoulder, holding the dumbbell. The exercise should be separation of the legs from the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. On each side to carry 20 breaks in 3 sets.

Exercises for wasp waist

exercise with the Hoop

Exercise with the Hoop. To acquire a better shell is more heavy (2 kg and more). Under torsion, the stomach should be tense. The length of time recommended from 1 hour or more with little rest, not exceeding 3 min.

Performing the following exercises, you need to take a standing position, spread a little legs apart, hands pressed to the waist. It is important to keep the body position right, holding the foot tightly to the flooring. Technique: to make deep bends from side to side alternately.

Jumping. Should take starting position: feet close together, keep your posture straight, hands put on the belt. The essence of the exercise is to do light jumping, then left, then right, simultaneously fixing his hands up. You can gradually accelerate.

Jumping can be a little complicate: to place feet wide, arms close to the castle and keep straight ahead at chest level. You should make the jump from one side to the other by turning the lower part of the body, but the hand position does not change.

How to increase the effectiveness of exercises for the abdomen and flanks

If you follow tips below, the effect of exercise will be made much stronger:

  • do not eat for 2 hours before the training process, it concerns chocolate and juices;
  • not snacking during the training process;
  • classes should last at least 1 h;
  • to monitor the load, especially it concerns beginners;
  • conduct regular sessions; to drink clean water as during classes, and;
  • to carry out physical activity is better before dinner;
  • try to perform not only strength training, but also to devote time to cardio loads.

To remove belly and flanks, if you perform the most effective exercises, eat healthy food, regularly exercise, subject to the rules of safety: don't overload the body, to increase the load gradually.