Tea for weight loss

Slimming tea - drinking, which can help you lose weight comfortably. The plant has a pleasant taste and is the most effective addition to the diet. Tea consists of herbs which normalize metabolism. Infusion can buy or make your own. Infusion weight loss can help you lose weight without strenuous exercise. Companies that manufacture tea, I promise, that the use of medium to bring the effect even without changes in diet. Reviews on drama method of losing weight differ.

Some girls are satisfied with the result, others say, that the duration of effect do not bring. However, all women agree that excessive drinking is dangerous. The drug affects the walls of the stomach and digestive tract, affects the mucous membranes. Thoughtless consumption, speeding, deviation from the course and lack of breaks can lead to gastritis or even cause more serious diseases. Is this really what the benefit and harm to drink, you can lose weight with it will be discussed later.

Properties tea for weight loss

The main positive feature of the coffee infusion to give a visible effect. The tool allows you to effectively get rid of excess weight, to correct figure flaws. Green tea to remove toxins, remove excess water and harmful substances.

Despite the rapid positive effect of drinking tea for weight loss should be used with caution. Course duration should not exceed 10 days. Then you need to take a break. Its duration is at least 5 days. Weight loss is not due to the breakdown of fatty tissue. Tea has a laxative effect and removes excess water to eliminate edema. The abuse of the drink can lead to dehydration.

Choose tea weight loss

green tea for weight loss

Select your herbal tea, you want to study in detail its composition. If the product contains only herbs as a laxative and diuretic effect, tea should be abandoned. Infusion cause diarrhea and lead to dehydration. The product should contain herbs: drugs that have a laxative effect.

Option most expensive drink is green tea for weight loss at home. Preparation tool for weight loss independently, he should be sure that the drink does not contain harmful additives, and does not lead to negative consequences. High quality collection, helps to eliminate toxins, eliminate hunger, improve metabolism and promote weight loss.

Green tea has a positive effect on the body. Women need to remember that tea is not a panacea for excess weight. Herbal drink Supplements diet or exercise. Drinking tea for weight loss is necessary before each meal. Tea do not add sugar. If you can drink slimming tea without the sweet, you can add a small spoon of honey to taste. So the effect was visible every day need to consume 3 - 4 cups of tea.

Note! Cookies and candy can work in addition to tea for weight loss. If she uses herbal with something delicious, positive effect on the body and weight loss occurs. This kind of tea can lead to the recruitment of extra pounds. There is a spectrum of different drinks for weight loss herbal. Tea vary in composition and effect on the body.

Means deserved popularity, are: s

  • green tea
  • ginger tea
  • herbal
  • tea with milk,
  • hibiscus.

Green tea contains antioxidants. They stimulate the metabolism and help to burn the accumulated fat. Drink improves health, has a positive effect on the skin and the body as a whole.

Note! Not every type of green tea helps to reduce weight. Buy a collection of bags, though, and has a good taste, but the positive effect is not.

The composition of ginger tea contains essential oil, which improves metabolism. Drink allows you to control hunger, making it an indispensable tool on a strict diet. Product shades. Tea with ginger can replace the usual Breakfast. Herbal teas can be purchased in stores or get your own. Depending on the ingredients, the product has a different effect. Buy green tea at the store, you want to study in detail its composition.

If manufacturers promise quick weight loss, and the product added dyes and flavor enhancers, to buy a drink should be abandoned.

Note! Choose tea for weight loss, it is better to give preference to the product you want to brew without additives.

ginger tea for weight loss

Tea with milk is not harmful to human body. Drink help you lose weight, remove harmful substances from the body and speeds up metabolism. Way to lose weight allows to eliminate hunger and control appetite. Hibiscus remove the accumulated toxins from the body, speeds up metabolism and helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Infusion has diuretic properties.

Preparing tea for weight loss at home

Think about what kind of tea is better for weight loss, he should remember that a home-made infusion is not inferior to the products of famous brands. The product contains only natural ingredients. The lack of artificial additives reduce the harm caused by the drink, at least.

Recipes tea for weight loss at home is shown below:

Tarragon and psyllium: psyllium 10 g, 8 g tarragon. Sprinkle the ingredients in a jar, pour boiling water and cook over low heat for 5 min.

Mint and thyme 10 thyme, 10 g of mint to sprinkle the ingredients into the jar, pour the boiling water and cook on a slow fire for 5 min.

Fragrant 10 g mint, 10 g of oregano, 5 g of lemon zest, the Mixture is placed in a container, pour boiling water and set on the stove. Cook on low heat for 3 min.

Forest 12 g of dried berries of bird cherry, 12 g. dried berries cranberries Wash the mixture, place in a container, pour boiling water, put on stove and cook for 5 min.

Thyme and Jasmine 15 Jasmine petals, 7 g thyme put into a container, pour boiling water, put on stove and cook for 4-5 min.

Contraindications and side effects

The composition of the drinks for weight loss, buy in stores, and it contains a number of substances, accelerate weight loss, which can have a negative effect on the human body. Before buying, you want to carefully read their list.

Buy slimming tea is not to drink if: you have heart disease or blood vessels, is an individual intolerance substances included in the composition of the tea, the girl is pregnant or is feeding the baby's chest, there are sleep disorders. The effect of using tea for weight loss in the presence of contraindications can be unpredictable. The infusion can be a serious negative effect on the human body.

milk tea for weight loss

Note! Herbal teas, prepared independently, do not have such a wide range of topics. However, before their use is necessary to consult a specialist. The doctor to accurately determine the frequency of the course and help you choose the right drink.

The use of the product purchased at the store can lead to various negative consequences. To speed up the metabolism and removes toxins from the body, it is better to drink regular green tea.

Harmful effects of tea for weight loss doctors are:

  • the emergence of nausea,
  • palpitations,
  • sleep disorders,
  • the appearance of the rash on the skin
  • indigestion,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • irritability and nervousness.

To avoid negative consequences, before use, the drink will need to visit a specialist. Doctors recommend to avoid drinking beverages containing artificial additives and go on their own charges. The negative effect of infusions, home-cooked, minimally.

It is best to drink green tea. Nutritionists agree that drinking tea weight loss without changing diet and exercise effect that. The drink should be taken to Supplement your diet or methods of cleansing the body to prepare for it. The use of infusions should be under the supervision of a specialist. The doctor will choose the right drink and carefully follow the condition.