Weight loss program at home for girls

Every girl wants to look good and be in shape. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit the gym and walk for fitness. If you have financial difficulties or next to the house, no gym, no reason to give up the sport. All you need for practicing at home is a pair of dumbbells (you can substitute water bottles), good mood and confidence. If you want to lose weight and form a beautiful relief of the body, You need to combine cardio exercises, strength training, and eat right.

How to create a workout program at home?

Exercises to practice at home should be selected based on their objectives. However, only a few people care about form just as the majority start doing them only when it's time to drop weight or adjust the image.

  1. Exercise program for weight loss at home must be at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (Jogging in place, jumping rope, active dance) and at least 30 minutes of strength training (exercises with dumbbells at home, or options, such as push-ups, squats, lunges, twist wrap, etc.). This balance allows the programme of exercises for weight loss at home not only burn fat, but also promotes the formation of lean muscle mass, which in the end makes the figure slender and taut. The complex is useful to include cardio exercises, but at home they can perform the desired pace only in the presence of exercise equipment – a treadmill or a stationary bike, because they contain high-intensity physical activity.
  2. Program the tone of the body includes exercises for the girls who want to make your body more attractive: stronger hands, ass tight and rounded, the chest lifted, belly flat, toned thighs. Such exercises are all well-known push-UPS, squats with dumbbells, sumo squats, simple twisting, abduction legs back to a standing position (buttocks) and other options. It is important to not only research the problem area, but also give the load on the whole body: in this case, the muscles grow stronger. This may also include exercises with a barbell at home, which will help you in the shortest possible time to form the desired muscle mass, which gives the body a neat and attractive appearance.

Training program the house is designed in such a way that every 2 weeks have passed either increase the load or the number of approaches. When you feel that all the norms you have a very easy, your body is tense, and develop, and so there is no progress.

The frequency and duration of training

  • Depending on the time and tasks. If your goal is weight loss, often without training can do. Better 3 times a week, but two visits. If the classes are held in building muscle, different approach. After an intense power load, the muscles need to recover, otherwise there is a risk, you can achieve the opposite result. Depending on the original shape, you can train 2 (beginner) - 5 (very well prepared) once a week.
  • Should alternate workouts at home and outdoors. At least once a week would be good to get out on the street the athletic field. The horizontal bar, parallel bars, bench is very suitable for everyone, regardless of training goal.
  • The training duration is 30-60 minutes. Less useless, more dangerous. Because the first twenty minutes of exercise will consume the nutrients, only then the turn comes to "reserves", such as fat tissue.
  • In any case, the best personal trainer is to the body. Listen to it, and in any case, do not work by force. If you feel that strongly get tired, reduce the intensity and frequency of sessions.

Set of exercises for weight loss: home to make

physical activity

Not everyone wants to cope with their weight run to the nearest gym. Many people prefer to use a set of exercises for weight loss at home. The reasons for this is not difficult to find.

  • Done at home at any time, when convenient, and does not need to reserve the order of the day time on the road in the gym or in the gym.
  • Home is peace of mind, confidence and a positive attitude, which is so necessary for the modeling process of forms.
  • By performing a set of exercises for weight loss at home, you have lost any unwanted attention, so don't hesitate, if something does not work at first — just keep working on yourself.
  • Set of exercises for weight loss at home does not cost anything. Can save money to buy a new dress, say, two sizes smaller than your current clothing as an incentive.

The basic rules of the classroom

  • Training should begin with a warm-up. It improves blood circulation and prepare the muscles for the upcoming workload. The warm up can be Jogging in place, squats, in a circular motion with his hands. Follow aerobic of aerobic exercise. In the third part of training is, in turn, the strength of the exercises.
  • It is possible to include in the program of each lesson of the integrated load for each group of muscles. This option is more suitable for those who want to lose weight and for beginners to maximize to gradually accustom the body to the load.
  • A separate load distribution: one class – working one group of muscles. This approach is applied, if the goal is improvement in the relief of muscle.

Program for beginners at home

If you are just beginning to use at home, workout routines for girls basic education and training to help go over the basic level. At this point, enough for three workouts a week and natural weight weight. Implemented a program should be considered only in the case when all of the recommended exercises and repetitions you can do without effort.

Below is the program of exercises for girls at home 3 days a week.

Training the first day:

1. Classic squats – 4 at 10-20 times.

2. Lunges – 3 at 10-20 times.

3. Lifted sock – 3 at 10-20 times.

4. Bridge – 3 at 10-20 times.

5. Wide grip push-UPS on knees – 3 10-15 times.

6. Twisting of the press 3 the maximum number of retries.

The training for the second day:

1. Bridge – 3 at 10-20 times.

2. Bulgarian lunges – 4 at 10-20 times.

3. Push-UPS on chair – 3 10-15 times.

4. It splaying the legs with emphasis on hands – 3 20 times.

5. Curl, press – 3, which is as many as possible times.

Training third day:

1. Long lunges reverse type – 3 10-20 times.

2. Squat the "plie" – 4 10-20 times.

3. Lifted sock – 3 at 10-20 times.

4. Twisting of the press 3, with as many as possible times.

5. Push-UPS on chair – 3 10-15 times.


The "basic" program for girls

At this stage the exercises at home you can do with dumbbells weighing 8-12 kg. Start with small weights, then, as training, to increase its maximum level. As a rule, adapt to the exercises of this program, you will need not more than 6 months, then you can move to the level of advanced and training 4 times.

Day one:

1. Squats with dumbbells – 3, 12 times.

2. Lunges with dumbbells — 4 to 12 times.

3. Rising on his toes with dumbbells – 3 15-20 times.

4. Dumbbell bench press standing – 3 to 10 times.

5. Breeding dumbbells on the pages is 3 to 10 times.

6. Twisting of the press 3, with as many as possible times.

Day two:

1. Push-ups (wide grip) – 3, which is as many as possible times.

2. Breeding site the dumbbells on your back – 4 12 times.

3. Push-UPS on chair 3 to 10 times.

4. Flexion and extension of the hands while standing – 3 to 12 times.

5. Twisting of the press 3, with as many as possible times.

Day three:

1. Squats with dumbbells – 3, 12 times.

2. Bulgarian lunges with dumbbells – 4 to 12 times.

3. Bridge with dumbbells – 3, 12 times.

4. Rising on his toes with dumbbells – 3 15-20 times.

5. Twisting of the press 3 the maximum number of retries.

As soon as you feel ready to move on to the next level, you can add multiple classes 4 days a week program on "Advanced".

"Advanced" training program for girls

Every day training at home for girls is designed for study of specific muscles. This separation helps to achieve tangible results! Working with weights this stage is selected so that the girl was able to carry out exercises according to the plans. At this point, connect new exercises alternating training weeks.

The exercises you need to add slowly squat, which increase muscle mass on the buttocks. In the process of training is not necessary until the end, straighten and bend your legs. One approach takes 30 seconds, so we are talking about a maximum of 5 repetitions. As soon as you feel a burning sensation, buttocks and legs — to do this exercise.


All the exercise, also to lose weight there is extra stress on the joints, respiratory and circulatory systems of the body. If you are suffering from diseases in these areas, reasonable to get the advice of a physician.

You should refrain from exercise if you feel any kind of discomfort. So, weakness will trigger a contagious viral disease that excessive physical exertion is contraindicated.