Secrets of a perfect waist: what to do exercise for stomach and sides

How to remove unsightly folds at home and do in their place, cut to the waist? To achieve the desired effect only modify diet and exercise to reduce fat and strengthen muscles. Only one diet, if you don't do to support his exercises for the abdomen and back, is an empty phrase. A flat stomach is not only the lack of fat, but also to strong abdominal muscles. Make a special program at home, you get a lot of nice bonuses:

  • body fat reduction;
  • in order to improve the elasticity of the skin;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • increase flexibility, muscle tone.

In addition, if you can do exercises for the abdomen and back to total training complex, the first effect is noticeable within a week. The first class need to participate in Pilates or aerobics, in which you can do the instructions of professional trainers.

Doing the perfect stomach at home

Before you start learning exercises to train the sides and belly, you need to clearly understand that you can achieve weight loss in any specific body parts is impossible.

To achieve the desired effect of your workout to focus on specific problem areas.

A very common misconception that belly fat can be removed, to make pumping the abdominal muscles.


It is believed that the complex lessons pondus accelerate this process, but this view is wrong. Strengthening the muscles of the body happens during training, but the amount of subcutaneous fat, which had little effect. If you are using weights during exercise, the volume of the stomach not only did not decrease, but increased due to the increase in muscle mass. So during exercise to reduce the waist, use any weights is strictly contraindicated.

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively, that is to combine a proper diet and regular exercise. The basic rules of nutrition are:

  • eat small portions 4-5 times a day;
  • drink plenty of water – 1.5-2 liters a day;
  • reduce the consumption of salt and sugar;
  • cooking low-fat.

Using these recommendations, you will not only achieve a perfect figure at home, but also get the wonderful atmosphere and powerful energy source.

How to achieve the greatest impact

It is proven that in the morning the effect of exercise at the peak, because without "feeding" the body begins to actively burn fat accumulated in problem areas. So it is possible to remove extra weight a lot faster. After this guidance, the complex should be done at home before Breakfast or after 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

When performing exercises for the muscles of the sides and belly, such as weight you should consist of your own body, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect of weight loss.

A visible result is achieved quite quickly, but only provided, the regularity of exercise. Perform complex, until you feel a slight fatigue, adjust the intensity and the duration of employment, based on their own experience. But don't give yourself concessions: feeling sorry for yourself, you're missing the opportunity to remove the fat and build the body of your dreams. In order to do more reps and achieve the best effect, you can change the range of motion during exercise.

Some, even simple exercises may cause pain in women. When the intense throbbing pain an urgent need to stop training.

In order to get the best results from training at home, we should not neglect the warm-up. Light exercise will help warm up muscles and speed up recovery.

Remove fat from the stomach, enough to train 2-3 times a week. One training session can include 4-5 exercises 2-3 sets.


Lose weight with hulahupom

Hula-hoops, or the common hula Hoop is not only effective, but also the most accessible tool for self-study at home. During the sessions is training of muscles of abdomen, thighs and buttocks of women. Rotation hulahupa not only makes you work the muscles, it improves blood circulation, which helps to remove the subcutaneous fat. In addition to playing with this shell of a home, you can improve the skin, eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

What kind of Hoop to choose?

In order to learn the training hulahupom, you should start with light weight aluminum or plastic shells. It allows you to easily master the technical movements, can burn extra calories and remove the stomach.

When you are sure, perform exercises with a light wrap, you can go to weighted variants, which result in greater muscle tension and produce a good massage. A hollow plastic Hoop can be filled with sand, and you can buy a hula-Hoop and massage relief. Using this simulator, you have to purposefully work on the problem areas, vytachivaya perfect picture every day.

Hoop exercise for weight loss

The first exercise Hoop house should take at least 5-10 minutes. Increase the duration of the training, each time 2-3 minutes, bringing the total time to 45 minutes.

How to properly twist a hula Hoop? Remove the ugly wrinkles on the abdomen and waist should twist the Hoop, rotating the lower part of the body, small amplitude. Place your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend the knees. When you do the movements of the muscles of the waist and press, keep in suspense, followed by steady breathing.

In addition to the usual rotation, there are special exercises, integrated approach, which allows multiple units to accelerate the slimming effect.

Exercise 1

Standing, feet together. Hand retractable into the castle behind head, elbows it is necessary to dissolve in different directions. Make a smooth round torso and the pelvis, slowly rotate the Wheel. When you inhale, hold your breath for 2 rounds, as you exhale, draw the belly as possible. Do 50 repetitions of one and the other direction. Every day adding 5 reps, that the number 100.

Exercise 2

Place your feet close to each other, hands in the castle the back of his head. Rotate the Circle clockwise. Making the rounds, began to change following the movement of the Hoop around its axis. Do 10 repetitions to the right and to the left.

Exercise 3

This training is very effective, but requires certain physical training of the female body. Stand on tiptoe, raise your arms above your head and try to stretch. It feels like a lead bullet. In this position, untwist the Hoop without holding your breath. Time to perform — 5 minutes.

Exercise 4

Lock hands behind head, press the feet towards each other. Rotate the Hoop so that there was only case. The area of the buttocks and the hips should remain stationary. Do 50 repetitions in each direction.

Making a study plan at home, pay attention to the health. Remember that the scarf should be put away during menstruation, during exacerbation of diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity.


Exercise for weight loss

If you decide to remove the hated folds on the abdomen without any sports equipment, you can do the following exercises at home:

  • Take the position of "feet shoulder width". Tighten your abdominal muscles and slightly bend your legs. Make sure that the shoulders were straightened. Make a smooth torso twists to the side, the extreme point to linger for a few seconds. For beginners the optimal load — 2-3 sets of 10 times in each direction.
  • Exercise "plank" you should focus on the arms and legs, fixing the body position parallel to the floor. If this lesson seems too daunting, so you can practice poluplanku, the balance is held by hands and knees. Keep your body weight for 20-30 seconds, gradually increasing the duration of the training.
  • By creating a vacuum in the abdominal cavity, which is the voltage of the abdominal muscles, is recognized as one of the most effective exercises to remove fat. You can practice it anywhere, standing or lying down. Exhale as much air as possible, pull your stomach. Try to stay in this position for as long as possible. Do 5-6 repetitions over training.

Of course, the exercises, the purpose of which is to form a beautiful waist at home, and much more. You can seek advice from professional fitness trainers to expand the training complex and the formation of individual programs. High in such as effective training, such as deadlifts with low weight, and static squats, which will help burn more calories, and speeds up the metabolism process.