The whole losing weight while dieting

In today's world, there is the problem of excess weight, and it affects men, women and children. Bad environment, broken food, sedentary work, stress and many other reasons cause this problem. When the problem is visible, we begin to look for different ways and methods of solution. One of such solutions is often diet, excess weight not only spoils the appearance, but also adversely affect health.

Importance of diet

Fruits and vegetables slimming belly

The diet has become very popular in recent years. But for many, lose weight mindlessly, not thinking about the consequences. The diet is a challenge for any living organism, because during this time is restricted diet, which means that the body has not received their elements, vitamins and minerals that are consumed in a normal diet. Therefore, before resorting to the diet, consult a doctor and find a more viable option.

The basic rule of any system of weight loss - calorie restriction. Many women believe that get fat fat, but it is not. The main source is subcutaneous fat - the carbohydrates. You can use the same oil in the diet, but only vegetable.

The positive and negative aspects of the diet

By analyzing the core diet, it is obvious that they are useful or not:

Protein diet

The main component is protein (protein food): eggs, low-fat dairy products, fish, meat. Fruits and vegetables are allowed in small quantities

Advantages: easily observed, during the diet, not hungry. Dropped weight is not returned.

Disadvantages: weight loss is slow. The diet does not contain essential nutrients balanced in a long time is not recommended, the body begins to experience a lack of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, essential for health. This diet strain on the kidneys and liver, due to the high protein content. This diet is recommended no more than two weeks.

Fat diet

The most important food, livestock, poultry products, dairy products (fat), eggs. Get fiber and carbohydrates (sweets, bread, cereals and bran). Fruits and vegetables are permitted in limited proportions. You should drink plenty of pure water.

Advantages: quite effective diet, fats and animal proteins are easily digested, and the body gets good energy.

Disadvantages: a lot of cholesterol, the load on the kidneys, constipation lack of fiber. Insufficient vitamins and minerals.

Low carbohydrate diet

Carbohydrates are the main ingredient of the diet, and strictly. Are not allowed on this diet of sugar, starchy foods, vegetables and fruits, which contain sugar, pastries made with white flour. The diet consists of "slow" carbohydrates – cereals (buckwheat), pasta, wheat flour, bread (whole wheat). You can also use vegetable oil, but what oil are diet is allowed or denied, click here.

Foods carbohydrates

Advantages: if well-written a varied diet, you can quickly lose weight and feel great supporting your normal weight.

Disadvantages: If the menu balanced the negative aspects do not exist, but you have to learn to do without sweet.

To be healthy and look great diet is a way of life, with an orderly routine, a healthy and balanced diet.