Today we will talk about polyubivshemsya so many supporters of a healthy lifestyle — proper nutrition. What is the right diet for weight loss, what is its essence? This is a set of methods and rules that can help provide our body all the necessary nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and vitaminopodobnyje substances, trace elements, minerals, ballast substances, etc.) when you consume a minimal amount of food.

A mandatory condition for the correct nutrition should be the energy balance, where the amount of absorbed calories will be higher than the amount which is spent on basic metabolism.

The benefits of proper nutrition

• Dealt with digestive problems (belching, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, constipation).
• To reduce body weight.
• Strengthens the immune system.
• Increased work capacity.
• Only good health and positive emotions!

The gastrointestinal tract is a complex system, in addition to digestion, it performs several vital functions, such as:

1. Endocrine (production gormonopodobnyh and regulatory substances).
2. Immune (appendix or blind gut is an immune organ. When removing the appendix, the immune system is greatly reduced).
3. Maintenance of microflora (beneficial intestinal microflora helps digestion, stimulates the body's immune system produces several vitamins, protects the body from pathological micro-organisms).

Violation of at least one of the above functions of the gastrointestinal tract, the whole body suffers, reduced immunity, reduce the levels of iron in the blood, to show the weakness, malaise, constipation, increased gszoobrazovanie, there are a variety of chronic diseases.

What we eat today?

Modern life imposes its own limitations way of life, his daily routine, consumption products. Let's talk about what we eat. The modern food industry can not do without the preservatives, fillers, zagustitelei and flavor enhancers.

A simple example of how you can grow saffron hundreds of millions of people daily consume foods that have additives, saffron? The answer is to create a synthetic analogue of the taste of the saffron and add to the food. During storage of food is increased many times, you Can imagine, the cake can be stored for up to six months? Why did he not spoil? What happens in the stomach when you eat this cake?

Better natural the food is not anything to give health. When choosing products, pay attention to storage time and composition. Buy fresh vegetables, meat and cook them all a meal. It takes more time, but the benefits to your health will pay for everything!

Another problem of modern human nutrition, is purified products. For example, refined sunflower oil, refined sugar, etc. Do you know what cleaning to clean them of fat-soluble vitamins (A, C, D, E) and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids? It turns out, just pure useless fat. Refined sugar is devoid of many biologically active substances, which are present in the dark Sahara. It's just calories. Try to avoid the use of spread instead of butter, spread on more cheap coconut and palm oil.

About fast food said, many do not. Food on the move, huge chunks of food and polusintetichskoi have won overwhelmingly.


How to eat

There are some fairly simple rules of power, which allows you To improve digestion, health, reduce body mass without that you will become a professional nutritionist.

General rules: • It is often better, but less. It is optimal to allocate the daily amount of food a 5-hour front desk. Below are the approximate daily diet for correct nutrition for weight loss.
• Eat better at the same time. The government promotes the production of stereotypes, which help digestion, early satiety, and, consequently, reduce the total amount of food. It is not recommended to delay a meal for more than 40 minutes.
• Improves digestion, promotes calm atmosphere, without TV and books! Turn off your cell phone.
• Thoroughly chew your food. This is quite important, because saliva starts the processing of food enzymes and preparation of the food digestion in the stomach. The number of chewing movements solid foods should be less than 20. Even liquid food, it is better not to swallow and a little bit of "chew". Slower eating reduces significantly the total amount of food to help improve digestion.
• Before a meal is not recommended to consume a variety of drinks, especially alcohol.
• After a meal is better to refrain from fluid intake for at least 40-50 minutes, the digestion of the stomach was more effective.

What products should not be used

• Refined oils. It is just fat. • Red sausage. They are often stained nitritami, which in itself is a poison.
• Alcohol. The best quality alcohol is considered to be the year of brandy and dry wine. Their least sivyshnyh oils.
• Greenhouse vegetables. Often in the process of growing greenhouse vegetables use a significant amount of mineral fertilizers, which greatly affects the composition of the crop. Usually, this extra level of nitrates and nitrites.
• Dairy products with a shelf life of more than 5 days. Such products do not carry any biological value, even if you can not contain a preservative.
• Beware of exotic food. The food is not typical of a residential area can bring harm. Examples of this is coffee and alcohol.
• Avoid the consumption of bakery products made from white flour. They promote rapid weight gain and is beneficial for the body not do.

What products you prefer

• Bread wheat flour. Contains a large amount of ballast substances and vitamins of group B.
• Milk porridge. A Wonderful Breakfast!
• Dairy products, for which shelf life is less than 5 days or home cooking (recipe attached).
• Spices (ginger, cinnamon, black and red pepper, turmeric). There is even a healing herbs. Fruits, vegetables, nuts.
• Not greasy soup.
• Fatty meat varieties (beef, veal, chicken breast).
• Sea fish contain sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and many other important minerals and trace elements.
• Green tea, fruit juices.
• Homemade milk. One of the most useful products!

Proper nutrition: sample menu for the day and week

A few pieces of rye bread
Weak tea or coffee.
Second Breakfast
Apple (banana or two tangerines)
Low-fat vegetable soup
Fish or meat as a side dish
A glass of juice
Afternoon tea
A cup of yogurt or warm milk
Vegetable salad or fruit cocktail
Weak tea

Fruit you can add almost any number of any meal except dinner.