The most simple, fast and effective way to lose weight 10 kg: reviews

When the girl set a goal to lose weight, she turns to the help of diet, exercise and medicines. It would be desirable, that a short time to achieve the best results, and everyone is looking for the most effective way. Of course, throw off those extra pounds is not only beautiful, but also good health. One thing to consider — you need to lose weight correctly, that is good, does not cause the body harm.

effective way

Best diet for quick weight loss

No matter what the diet chooses the girl, it is necessary to remember the main rules:

  • Leave half-finished products and preservatives;
  • Do not consume fatty, fried, starchy and sweet food;
  • Be sure to consume vegetables and fruits.

Most people find themselves in a situation in which, after the diet, mitti off the weight not only returns, but also hired two times as fast. The fact is that during the diet, the body is under stress, he was used to one way of eating and training it will take time. Therefore, the diet should be gradual, should have more vegetables and fruits, white meat and fish.

There are several options to the diet, the choice of which should take into account not only the desire to get a result, but the other moments. For example, health, if you have a chronic illness, remember, before you start to consult with your doctor. Also, if you choose a diet, which for a short time, you can throw up to 10 kg, then you need to consider your starting weight. Diet diet has been observed up to 10 days, then you definitely need to take a break. People who are obese, this is not an option, it is better to choose a gradual weight loss.

Quickly and efficiently – minus 10 kg

This diet is a diet that is made so that it contains negligible amounts of carbohydrates, because they often become the cause of fatty tissue. Because the body does not receive them, it is energy processes in adipose tissue (burns), which comes to weight loss.


Diet for a week

The day of the week Breakfast/brunch Lunch/Afternoon Tea Dinner/overnight
On Monday 1-2 boiled eggs, vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, a cup of coffee or tea with milk, no sugar/salad, low-fat cheese (45g) Chicken breast (2 pieces, boiled or fried) vegetable salad with olive oil (1ch.l.) and coffee or tea with milk/Yogurt (1tbsp of), berries (a handful) Fish fillet and baked vegetables, cheese/Yogurt or milk (1tbsp of)
On Tuesday Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and greens (1-2 eggs), yogurt, coffee or tea, and Berries (a handful), yogurt (1tbsp of.) Fish fillets, vegetable stew/grilled tomatoes with herbs and cheese (45g) Beef steak, vegetable salad, tea/kefir or milk.
Environment Repeating the diet on Monday
On Thursday The Diet On Tuesday
Friday Cottage cheese with berries, tea or coffee/ a salad and chicken breast (2pcs.) Fish fillets, soup (vegetable)/Yogurt, berries Pork fillet, cabbage, steamed, coffee /yogurt
On Saturday Select menu previous days
On Sunday

You can always replace the menu one day another.

Important! This diet is contraindicated in people who have high cholesterol, liver disease or kidney disease.

Delicious bananas

This is perfect for people who love bananas and want to lose weight. In fact, bananas are not only delicious food and a treat, they contain a large amount of useful and necessary body substances. Then there are vitamins, minerals, essential proteins, carbohydrates and even fats. Such a diet, you can throw 2.5 kg in just 3 days. There are several options for banana diet and everyone can choose more suitable.

three-day diet


  • Diet every day as follows: 3 bananas and 3 tablespoons of buttermilk (you can substitute with milk). This amount is divided into several portions and consumed throughout the day. You can get rid of 2.5 kg.


  • Days: 1,5 kg of bananas, as a drink, you can drink green tea or water (coctum and warm). With this diet you can throw 1 kg per day, respectively, of the total diet – 7 kg.

Out of the diet is gradually, introducing a few familiar products.

You should know that this diet has its contraindications. People who have one of those diseases, do not use this diet. Diseases:

  • Intestines;
  • The gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Pay;
  • The kidneys;
  • The bile ducts;
  • Obesity;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Allergies product.

If you have other health problems, you need expert help.

Pharmacy tools

Free access to a wide range of products and tools for weight loss. They differ not only the price, category, composition of components, but also action. Therefore, it is best to consult with an expert. In addition to the mandatory consultation with your doctor if you have diseases, such as chronic. It is also noted that each tool has its contraindications.


For many people, visiting the gym is simply impossible, because it requires a lot of free time, and waste of financial resources. But the production is still there — it is a home occupation. If a person wants to lose weight and keep the result, then he should know that exercise is the surest way. It is not necessary to exhaust itself and fall off the load, you should always start with easy exercises and gradually increase the load. If done regularly, and it is 3 times a week, the most basic and effective exercises for the already little time you will see results.



Before exercise to warm up the body:

  1. Flapping his arms.
  2. The instructions on the spot.
  3. The twists and turns.

In riveting

In this exercise, you need to spread a Carpet on the floor, then:

  1. Lie on your back, feet flat, arms stretched up above your head.
  2. Slightly lift the arms and legs.
  3. Pull your hands to your feet, while lifting your legs. Make sure that the legs are not flecto knees.
  4. Occupy its original position.

At first, you don't need to make as far as possible do as much as it turns out, then each time increase the number.

Squat and jump

  1. Need to become straight, hands are behind your head, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. A little sit down with this situation, in order to jump as high as possible.

It is recommended to do 10 times without a break, but if the first attempt does not work, you can start with a smaller amount.


  1. Sit on ass, back is slightly tilted back, feet slightly bend the knees and lift (so they are off the floor), arms outstretched in front of him.
  2. Then the torso turns to the left, to its original position, on the right.

These exercises should be done 15, but you can start with 10.


  1. For this exercise you need a high stool (or a homemade hill).
  2. Standing at a distance of 30cm from the hills have to jump it.

For starters, the height could be a couple of inches. Such repetitions are 10 to start with you need 5.

When you move, make sure that you use water.

Dangers of rapid weight loss

dangers of rapid weight loss

What a good diet was, it does not go unnoticed by the body, and sometimes it is not only a positive effect, but negative. As already mentioned – is primarily a stress, and each organism such changes, reacted in a different way. You can't keep starving yourself, giving up a normal diet, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats, as this has a negative effect on health.

When the body does not receive the necessary substances, violations of the vital processes, which can cause the disease. That is why it is very important to the diet before you start taking drugs, exercise to consult a doctor about the safety of the chosen method.

Beautiful is, first of all, to be healthy, energetic and happy, and so it is only possible if the issue of weight loss take full responsibility. A healthy body is getting complete and proper nutrition. and it should be taken into account, in order not to harm yourself. The most correct option is to choose a specialist who will help you choose the right option to lose weight.