Training program for women to lose weight

Women seeking to lose weight, we need a clear programme of action, which includes exercises in the gym and nutrition. Only with this approach, the fat began to disappear and the body will get a nice looking form. Lesson plan for girls is tailored to the characteristics of the organism and diet.

How much you want to lose weight? Select the appropriate option:

  • 1-2 pounds
  • 2-5 pounds
  • 5-10 pounds
  • 10-20 pounds
  • 20 pounds more

A healthy diet is always based on two components – proper nutrition and regular exercise. There are no other options.

It is impossible to make a beautiful picture, just when sitting on a diet – because when the time dropped pounds come back, which worsen the quality of the body. See also fast drying the weight loss girls. It is important to wisely choose a program for weight loss for women.

In this article, you will learn how to eat, what exercises should emphasize and how to properly do.


A little bit about nutrition

Proper nutrition is the main factor on the way to a beautiful figure. Even if you don't study hard in the gym, but eat junk food and soda, the beautiful flexible body.

The right food must be fractional, that is, you need to eat 5-6 times (3 in the main reception area, 2-3 snacks) in small portions and a small amount of time between meals. Smaller meals improve the metabolism.

To lose weight, he should eat a deficit of calories consumed in food, less energy than you expend in the process of life.

It is important to share throughout the day proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Breakfast should include complex carbohydrates and proteins, lunch of complex carbohydrates, protein and little fat, dinner, fiber and protein. It is best to eat fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, or dairy products.

Foods should be steamed, boiled or fried. Try to completely avoid frying, especially in butter. You need to drink enough pure water to speed up metabolism and energizes you. Amount of water is 30 ml per kg of body weight. Once a week, you can arrange a fasting day, which is to drink green tea and yogurt or eat an apple.

Sample diet for one day for girls

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit/nuts (or cereal) + a glass of yogurt + a piece of cheese (or Adyghe health) + tea (coffee);
  • snack: 1 all fruit or Cup of yogurt;
  • lunch: porridge (buckwheat, barley, unpolished rice) + meat or fish, baked in the oven or steamed + salad;
  • snack: a glass of kefir or yogurt + a handful of nuts/dried fruit;
  • dinner: vegetables (grilled or steamed) + boiled chicken/fish + cheese;
  • the second supper: a glass of nonfat yogurt or green tea.

Basic rules when practicing in the gym

To achieve the desired results, it is important to workout wear on a regular basis. It is recommended to visit a day (3-4 times a week). If you can go to the gym 1 time a week, not simply not or it is minimal. Train every day in pursuit of a beautiful body should be too – so the muscles do not have time to recover.

Each lesson should start with warm up to warm up muscles and avoid injury during the class. Suitable warm-up and cardio equipment like exercise bike, crosstrainer, treadmill. At the end of each workout need to do exercise to the end, which is suitable for these machines.

The total duration of the workout (warm-up and end) should be 1.5-2 hours. Exercises may include aerobic exercise and strength training.

Exercise plan for weight loss based on the use of supercells. Under this name hides a complex two exercises. You need to run them in a row without rest – this is one approach to supercells. Then you need to rest for a few minutes and re-do two exercises in a row – that's another approach, etc.

To lose weight need to do a lot of repetitions (4-5) a large number of repetitions (20-25). Find out what sport is best for weight loss girls. First, you need to use is small, but the maximum lifting weight, then gradually increase the load.

Remember, you can lose weight locally, for example, just legs or just the belly. So you need to train all body parts of a complex, and not loading in any area.

To get the maximum effect of exercise, do not forget to drink water. Drying out during class can lead to fatigue and impaired performance.

Options for women training program for weight loss

Below are a couple of interesting programs that you can use the girls to remove excess weight and make muscles more flexible.

Program # 1 – arms, back, chest, press the

  1. The Warm-up. You can use an exercise bike or orbitrek. But it is especially effective for weight loss interval training on a treadmill, i.e. alternating running and walking. First you need to go, for example, 4 minutes, then 2 minutes of running fast, then again with 4 minutes to go, etc. In this lesson, fat is burned faster than usual running. Duration – 20-30 minutes.
  2. Hyperextension – the emphasis is on the muscles of the back in the lumbar region, also work the back of the thighs and buttocks. The exercise is performed with a straight back. Initially, it is enough to execute its own weight, then you need to gradually increase the load to pick up shit, weight of 2.5 kg, 5 kg, etc.
  3. The main force of the chest muscles, and back: hands simulator "butterfly", which work well for the chest muscles + pull the upper block to the chest, which burn fat and strengthen the muscles of the arms and upper back.
  4. Superset chest: dumbbell bench press chest incline bench + wiring hand weights is an incline bench. This is a very useful exercise, involving several muscles – pectoralis major, deltoid, biceps and triceps.
  5. Superset biceps and triceps: standing raises with dumbbells (biceps) + French press lying directly on the bench (triceps) use the bodibar or heavy neck.
  6. Press: this options exercise set. For example: upper stomach – twisting incline bench (initially only their own weight, then a pancake in hand) to the bottom of the press – lifting the legs above the floor the right angle and lowering the back (in this case the floor is not given, and all the time to keep the weight). Remember that beautiful belly just swing the press is not enough, it is important to eat right.
  7. Hitch – any of the heart for 10-20 minutes.

Program # 2 – legs and buttocks

  1. Warm up – any cardio for 10-20 minutes.
  2. Superset: squats + lunges. Variations of these exercises a lot – squats with the usual design with legs, wide leg, plie on one leg; lunges in place, walk around the room, Brazil. For starters, you need to hone your technique to perform these exercises with your own weight, then gradually increase the load to take the dumbbells, bodibar, neck and the rod.
  3. Superset: bench press plate legs + hyperextension, with emphasis on the hamstring. If you've performed the bench press with placing your feet shoulder-width, you can develop the quadriceps and hamstrings. If you want to work the inner thighs, use a broad statement with your legs extended toes. hyperextension with the focus on the back of the thighs is performed with a rounded back, it is necessary to relax the back and stretch the legs and buttocks.
  4. Superset: mixing and lifting of the legs in the simulator. Legs to work the inner thigh, and when processing external.
  5. Superset: flexion and extension of the foot. When the legs curl to train the hamstrings, and extension – the quadriceps.
  6. Hitch – any of the heart for 10-20 minutes.

If you are a beginner, and go to the gym for the first time, it is desirable to perform one or two sessions with a trainer. It tells you what each of the simulators, how to use them and show you the correct technique of each exercise.

Weight loss is hard work itself. Remember that the approach to this question, you need a comprehensive – how to eat right and exercise. If you don't follow the suggested weight loss program for women, and all of the above recommendations, the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Training program for women to lose weight at home

Let's talk about you – Yes you, the cute bbw. About sweet lovers, o those who do not have the will power to sit for long diets, and for whom physical work is akin to the work of the miner, the mining of coal.

"I can't lose weight! – honestly admit. – Sports-hard and painful to sit on a salad – tasteless and hunger!" And you're right, because not looking for excuses, but honestly.

Let us work together to develop it, a gentle exercise program for weight loss at home, if you are embarrassed to show their body in the gym, and generally do not like large concentrations of people. And, of course, somehow, but to stretch himself, and to abandon certain harmful products.

Weight loss program for women at home – how to choose a diet

Of course, absurd, but say that the method is effective. Even though harmful. It is what you like the most? Dumplings? Cake sweet tea? Then we use the method of "contradiction". The key word is "contrary" — literally. One day your favorite dish is to push you.

How much you eat dumplings in one sitting? 20 Tons? Cook for 30, and they literally eat too much, even if you don't want to, and I'm tired of them. And now it's all washed down with a huge Cup of tea with a large slice of cake. Climbs to do.

Give you least once is a bad favorite food.

And the next day to let the stomach rest before a tough diet. What? Choose for yourself on the Internet is their very different. It must be included in your program for losing weight at home. The most important thing, that you're somehow not stress it adheres. What are the diet?

  1. "The Kremlin": eat all you want meat and fish, but carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes, pasta) – no, no, no!
  2. Juicy: fresh vegetable juice on an empty stomach before Breakfast ( a mixture of cabbage, carrot and sugar beet);
  3. Mono-diet: during the day there is only one product, not mixing them with others;
  4. Russia: eat only cereal with water for Breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  5. Smart: this food combining diet where you can't mix carbohydrates and proteins;
  6. Italian (miracle) diet: meat model fish and cook only with olive oil. The salt content and the meat is disposed of;
  7. Potato: to eat one of the potatoes for 3-5 days cooked in their skins or baked in the skin, drinking green tea;
  8. Japan: one of the more stringent diet for two weeks, require serious psychological;

And, of course, this time, don't forget to do fasting days – sitting on the day of juices, fruits and vegetables. Drink more plain water – liquids-at least for a time to kill the feeling of hunger. And if any force in the diet, simply eat often but very small portions, let your stomach get used to it.

Weight loss program for women at home – exercise

If with food we kind of figured out, then move on to the next step – how to push yourself physically. Of course, it's ridiculous to even advise a very perfect for a woman to do the exercises, if it is the size of the house and family, and when he still had two jobs. What is the charging – up of the bed to crawl.

But some women – a big dreamer. He has something hurts, dizzy, but for some reason. And on the couch, the remote control and the TV.

He can advise? The first to be examined – all of a sudden he's not lying. If the pulse is rare, and the pressure is high, the gymnastics she really only. Not only that – an ambulance should be called. But shortness of breath or profuse sweating is not an indication of poor health, this obesity must be combated.

On the second day you can do a couple laps around the room with a deep breath. If there is a at home exercise bike is the perfect assistant to get rid of excess weight. Watch TV and pedal sweating. And again easy to walk down the street.

And that pace, gradually increasing the load, we need daily exercise for effective weight loss programs at home.

In the future the full range of exercises simple tasks: walking on the spot, lifting your knees, rotate your head or body (hands on waist). For walks, start Jogging, at least lungs. Otherwise it is a good motivation. Let's say you take a tour around the stadium. So why not go for a run – most likely going to stay at home.

Bring to form your loaded spine becomes tight, back against the wall, and pull your stomach in, scattering their arms and also push them to the wall. So wait a minute and repeat this exercise several times a day. This way you can slightly pull out the spine.

If you don't have dumbbells, fill a plastic bottle with water and practice with them, so the hand of "scissors", bending forward and raising his hands up. By using a long strap that hooks under the leg of the sofa, do light squats, hold onto a strap, like the reins.

Push-ups, it is unlikely that you will approach, so exercise away from the wall. And the floor is that what you use. Lying belly down, lift the head, hands and feet. Imitate the movement of the swimmer, to talk about their feet in the proverbial water.

Sitting on the floor, pull your stomach, vignette, back, hold your breath. Sit so, until then, until you want to breathe. Repeat this several times. This is a great exercise for pumping the press.