The first and most important reason for the accumulation of extra pounds in problem areas is the man himself, his laziness and the desire to understand the elementary laws.

Eating weight loss belly and sides

No diet and conspiracies are not able to give the waist and hips slim and attractive. You can achieve the desired result, but not for long. As soon as you can go on a normal diet, all the weight again come back to you. Conclusion one of the most important parts of the diet for stomach and sides - the right nutrition.

Note that very often the food we consume can cause bloating and flatulence. Fermentation in the gut may cause constipation, and this is a sure sign that you are not fed properly and any weight loss you can forget once and for all. What should I do? What and how to eat properly beautiful waist and sides?

Let's start with what not to eat if you are trying by all means to lose weight. Although these rules should be a foregone conclusion, slender people, such as the following food is never done anyone any good.

Slimming abdomen and sides should eliminate from your diet:

  1. bakery products (biscuits, pasta, bread, etc.);
  2. all the sugar contained in sweets (cake, candy, cookies, etc.);
  3. alcohol (it activates the fermentation the intestines);
  4. potatoes and rice;
  5. butter and margarine;
  6. sodas and juices.

What to include in the diet?


Products weight loss belly and sides

To normalize the gastrointestinal tract, you need to eat low-fat dairy products: kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Instead of sweet I prefer dried apricots or apples. These products are a source of fiber, which helps to quickly push food. And this is very important, because slimming abdomen and sides mostly based on a protein basis. Such products, which contain as much protein and virtually no carbohydrates, helps you quickly eliminate fat in problem areas. But as you know, protein foods very difficult to digest and is excreted by the body. What is needed, and fiber. Eat one Apple at 11 and 16 hours. It is best to give preference to solid green varieties. Bananas completely eliminate, because one fruit contains the daily norm of calories.

Like dried apricots, it can be eaten after lunch, the number is 5-6 berries. Dried apricots are very sweet, so replace dessert.

We understood with the proper functioning of the intestines, now think about how to start the process of fat burning. This will help us protein foods. For anybody not a secret that the energy in the body occurs first fast carbohydrates, which come to us from the following products, pasta, fat sausage, biscuits, cake and much more. When you eat protein foods, they offer you long carbohydrates, that is, those who have absorbed a lot longer than quick carbs. Therefore, even if after a meal, our body can not get enough energy to work and began to "use" the already accumulated resources of their own excess weight. So it began working to burn excess weight. Balanced diet of (mostly) protein-based to help you a short time to lose a few pounds. All is to say that this food should not be a guidance, and a way of life.

Weight loss belly and hips is not related to hunger, instead, should eat often, but small portions. At the beginning, for some it can feel painful, but studies show that people get used to a new diet over 5-7 days.

The approximate menu of the day can be structured as follows:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs (1-2 eggs) slices of chicken or Turkey, two slices of cheese and natural yogurt (without any additives), coffee or tea without sugar.

Snack - green Apple and yogurt.

Lunch - Cup of soup, a piece of boiled meat, salad of cucumber, tomato and pepper in the oil (mayonnaise should be abandoned), tea without sugar and dried apricots.

Snack - an Apple or a bell pepper.

Dinner - boiled fish or meat with sauerkraut. If that's not enough, you can eat a light salad with boiled octopus and mussels. Tea without sugar.

Late dinner - if you feel hungry, no need to suffer from it. Always at night, drink a glass of yogurt (it helps tighten the stomach and to remove bloat), or eat a piece of meat.

In the morning, you can also eat boiled beans or buckwheat. Part should be no more than 200 grams, which is glass. In the late afternoon calorie products must be reduced.

This food is guaranteed to help you remove excess pounds in problem areas, in addition to, this diet does not force you to starve, so very quickly you get used to such way of life.


Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Do not forget about physical exercises. When all the energy we get from food, must find their way out. If not, he settles the stomach, sides, hips in the form of fat. That is why it is very important to do regular exercise, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, we can advise and exercise with a Hoop. If you are trained, you can buy a model with plastic spikes below, if you are just beginning to fight, then a simple metal Hoop is just right for you. The lighter the Hoop, the harder it is to twist, and the more you can spend on the effort. You should do this exercise. The best option is to hula-Hoop through a day no more than 30 minutes.

Body wraps for weight loss belly and sides

Quickly burn fat to help homemade scarf with mustard.

It is recommended to do this procedure before the sport and do not rinse mustard whole class. Physical activity triggers sweating and widen the pores so the nutrients quickly penetrate into skin. There is the so-called. sauna effect, which helps to achieve the desired result.

The proposed way to lose weight is many experts consider the most effective and right. Don't torture yourself with senseless diets and excessive physical exertion. Proper nutrition and regular exercise - the key to success. I wish you all the best!