Exercises for quick weight loss at home

exercise for weight loss

Every spring we begin to fight against obesity. The Go hard diet and workout "wear." Some are even miracle pills. But even little children know that the most important task of the war with the hated kilograms of plays, of course, exercises for fast weight loss.

Great, if you can visit the club permanently. Unfortunately, many do not have the time/money/patience. Excellent results gives the exercise at home.

Optimal (recommended by doctors) training duration – 20-30 minutes.

Try the following exercise and amaze your friends with awesome results.

Workout and exercise for quick weight loss

Each workout should begin with a warm-up. Muscles and joints should be prepared. This will save you from sprains and injuries of varying severity.

Warming is recommended on the principle of "top-down". In other words, the first warm-up neck, her shoulders, hands and so on. The end of warm-up exercises for the legs.

So, we begin. First, a lot of RUB the palms until they are heated. Heat of the face, ears and neck. Then do a couple of rotational movements of each joint in both directions.

Heat up the shoulders and arms. Make circular motions shoulders forward several times, then backward. Arms straight, palms parallel to the floor and look to the opposite side (like a penguin). I now turn to the different side of the elbow, after which the Camera.

Stand up straight, straighten your back. Done alternately in opposite directions, leaving the lower body still. The head all the time looking in front of him. Complete 25 repetitions.

exercises for weight loss jump

Then make a circular movement of the body. 10 spins in each direction. The legs are still in place.

Next, loosen up the legs. Put each sock on the floor and twist in different directions. Then, move toes up and down. The heel should not touch the floor.

Exercises for quick weight loss at home

Exercise for slimming buttocks

Set your feet slightly wider than shoulders, bend their knees (most effective angle). Stay in this position for as long as I can.

Exercise "Squats"

Do 2-3 sets of 25-35 reps. During the squat the knees should be directly above the feet.

Exercise "Jump Of"

Sit on your heels. From this position jump as high as possible and return to the starting point. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise "Scissors"

Lying on your back with legs straighten up, put your hands under your lower back. Cross your legs and spread them as widely as possible. Only 10 repetitions.

Exercise for slim legs

Get on your knees, arms outstretched in front of him. Fast-paced to sit down each buttock, tilting the body to balance. Repeat 20-30 times.

Training in the "Medium-amplitude"

Stand with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulders, toes turned in opposite directions. Do semi-consumandam slowly, pausing at the bottom as soon as I can no longer. At the same rate back to its original position. Complete 20 repetitions, 2 approach.

Exercise "foot"

Lie down on the other side. Bend one leg at the bottom. The upper legs make a smooth lift, with a maximum amplitude. 20 swings. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Exercise stomach

Lie on your back, put hands behind head, legs straight. Pull your knees to your chest, shoulders and head lifted off the floor and pull your knees. Go back to the original position. Perform 20 times for 2 sets.

Exercise "Oblique twists"

Lie on your back bend your knees legs. Get your hands behind the head. Now reach up with your elbow to the opposite knee. Repeat 20 times. Now on the opposite side.

Exercise lower press

Still lying on your back, stretch the legs straight at an angle of 450 to the floor and keep as much as you can. 10 approach you.

Exercise account all the abdominal muscles

The original position – the same. The hands point to the sides and touch the floor palms down. Legs straighten straight up. Slowly lower the leg down, put up, give alternately to the left and to the right. Do 12 times in all directions.

Exercise "Dimidium-pontem"

exercise for weight loss twisting

Continue to lie on his back. Legs bent at the knees touch the floor, hands extend along the body. Lift your pelvis high as you can and lower. Follow the movement 20-30 times.

Exercise the back muscles

Lying on his back arms and legs perpendicular to the floor. Alternately interfere with the floor of the thigh and the shoulder, as if trying to get them to the ceiling. Do 20 repetitions.

Exercise "Swallow the lies"

To turn the stomach. Simultaneously raise straight legs and hands to a great height. Pull in the opposite direction. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise "Push-UPS"

Stand in the "bar". Lower your knees to the floor. Press from the floor 10 times.

The exercise "Reverse pushups"

Stand with your back to the chair. Sit on the edge and ended up with his hands on the sides of the torso. Bend your legs at a right angle and place your heels on the floor. The pelvis pushed to 5 cm over the edge of the chair, the back must remain straight. Bend your elbows 90 degrees angle0. Climb up. Elbows is strictly forbidden to race in different directions. Repeat 15 times.

Hand exercise

Stand up straight, hands in front of him. Hold this position as you can no longer.

Exercise "Hitch"

Perform the necessary training to stretching. Sit on the floor, legs apart to the maximum width; gently drive the body forward, left, right. Lying on the floor and reaching up to the hands and feet cross to the opposite side (that is, pull the left arm and right leg and vice versa).

Exercises for weight loss at home supports muscle tone and improves the quality of the work of the organism as a whole. You can achieve fast results, if you can implement all on a regular basis.

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