Charge to lose weight for beginners at home

morning exercises to wake up and lose weight

To lose weight you need not only a diet, but also exercise. If you do not have time to fully train, do daily weight loss exercises. Morning exercises to lose weight are very useful for the whole body, it will fill you with energy all day and help you lose weight. Morning exercise to lose weight is not only fun and joy, but also a great tool to wake up and speed up your metabolism. It is enough to spend 10-20 minutes to feel energetic throughout the day. Exercises to lose weight in different parts of the body are beneficial for the whole body, increase health and beauty. If you want beautiful elastic shapes, the muscles must be kept in good condition. Light weight loss exercises work well with regular evening workouts. If you do not spend time in sports, do not worry. Weight loss will occur, but more slowly. There are millions of books to lose weight. The filling is marked on almost everyone. Don't underestimate the little things in your life. The quality of food, daily routine, exercise, mood - all this affects your appearance.

Why do you need a daily payment?

To help you lose weight fast, you need to know what else is good for your health:

  • By training for only 8-12 minutes every day, you will feel a wave of energy and vitality by the end of the week.
  • Regular exercise helps to be stronger and increase endurance.
  • Morning exercises not only help you lose weight faster, but also help you to wake up easier in the morning and get rid of laziness.
  • Helps improve metabolism, makes it easier and faster for the body to store excess calories stored in the form of fat reserves.
  • Exercise can help you cope with your appetite and begin to control it.
  • Through regular morning exercises, you will learn to better understand the needs of your body, and even a light breakfast will give you a feeling of satiety.
  • Daily exercise to lose weight helps to improve brain function.
  • The person is in a good mood, stays all day.
  • Morning exercises to lose weight should be done before breakfast.
  • Before each workout, you need to drink a glass of water, which makes it easier for the body to wake up.
  • To lose weight fast, you need to exercise every day - first 8-12 minutes, gradually increase the load until the exercise reaches half an hour. You can't work on just one muscle group, otherwise you won't get the result you want. It is necessary to do alternate exercises on a regular basis, so that morning exercises will be more effective and the process of losing weight will be easier.

Lose weight with morning exercises: myth or reality, health benefits

The benefits of morning exercise have long been proven: muscles tighten during sleep, and in the morning a person may feel some discomfort. To get rid of it, you need to do certain exercises that increase blood flow and give strength, because the whole day depends on the first hours after waking up. What are the benefits of daily exercise to lose weight in the morning:

Exercise to lose weight Figure 1
  • After that there is an increase in energy;
  • Since the exercises need to be done at a specific time each time, warming up helps to keep the daily routine as a whole;
  • Because sports give energy, a person feels strong and in a good mood all day long.

In addition to doing morning exercises to lose weight fast, you can speed up the weight loss process:

  • drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach;
  • Don't skip breakfast: it's best to eat whole grains, fruits or cottage cheese;
  • Walking in the fresh air: Walking is a gentle form of warming up and affects all muscle groups.

You need to exercise in the morning to lose weight every day, otherwise it will not work to lose weight. It is recommended to do this even before breakfast, and then take a contrast shower.

Basic rules for charging at home to lose weight

So, morning exercises help to lose weight, bring maximum benefits, follow a few simple rules:

  • You can't overload your body from the first days of classes.
  • The morning exercises used to lose weight are not sports, and the increase in load is carried out only to expend more energy.
  • To lose weight you need to exercise regularly.
  • Experienced coaches recommend training at least 4 times a week. It is recommended to train at about the same time.
  • If morning exercises are used not only to tighten muscles, but also to lose weight, you need to calculate the set of exercises correctly.
  • Training time should be at least 32-35 minutes, because the consumption of fat reserves begins 20 minutes after the session.
  • The interval between exercises should not exceed one minute, stay true to the pace of intensive training.
  • If morning exercises are used to lose weight and do not increase muscle mass, you will not be able to eat for an hour or two after exercise.
  • Cheerful music will make your morning training more fun.
  • At the beginning of the morning workout, a small warm-up is performed to properly warm up the muscles and prevent injury. Finally, do some stretching exercises.
  • Do not repeat the same exercise every day. You can use hoops, balls, ropes and other sports equipment during training to get effective results.
  • Before you start training in the morning, you need to prepare a number of exercises that are suitable for you.

Warm up before exercising

We pick up our ears with our hands and begin to move them up, down, in a circle. Thus, we activate the important points and create the mood. Always smile and be aware of your actions. Mechanical training will not work;

  • Neck circular movements;
  • Hands parallel to the ground. Hold something in your hands, then throw it away;
  • Circular movements with a brush;
  • Circular movements with elbows;
  • Shoulder forward and backward circular movements;
  • The legs and hips are in place, we turn the body to the left, and gently stretch ourselves with our hands;
  • Circular movements of the pelvis;
  • Lean against the wall, lift one leg, bend at the knees and start making circular movements with your hips. Then do the same exercises on the knee joint;
  • Raise one leg. Draw a circle with the number eight, the sign of infinity, and your toes, so you can stretch your ankle.

Exercise to lose weight on the abdomen and sides

Many women want to remove the so-called "ears", and for this you need to do the following exercises:

Exercise to lose weight Figure 2
  • We stand up, spread our legs wide, take dumbbells in our hands and lower them along the body. We bend in different directions. We perform 3 sets 30 times.
  • We stand up straight, put our right foot forward, squat. We do the same thing with the left foot. We do it 10 times in a row on each side.

Exercise your legs to lose weight

Training to lose weight should be in a good rhythm that you enjoy. Prepare warm-up music and basic sports music in advance. After warming up, continue the following exercises:

  • Squat. It is important that the knees do not protrude beyond the finger line and that the back is straight. Repeat 10-20; Swing your feet back and forth 10 times on each foot;
  • Overlapping should be done 20 times;
  • Stand in a push-up position and start pulling your knees to your chest in turn - 10 repetitions;
  • From a cat position ("all four"), push your bent leg into the sky 15 times.

Exercise your thighs to lose weight

The following gymnastics is suitable for those who want to have elastic hips and slender legs:

  • We stand, straighten our backs, put our hands behind our heads and squat. We exercise 10 times;
  • We stand up straight, push one leg forward and start squatting. We do it 10 times on each side.

Exercise your hands to lose weight

Exercise to lose weight Figure 3

Here you should do the following exercises every morning:

  • We stand up straight, stretch our arms out in front of us, and turn our palms up and down alternately;
  • We raise our hands to shoulder level, spread them slightly to the sides, and clench our palms into fists. We make imaginary circles, we only move the shoulder joints and do not lift the shoulders themselves.