Weight loss motivation

Everyone who is at least a little overweight, in one way or another, once tried to lose weight. This truth applies to both men and their halves. But for some reason not everyone succeeded. Go to the gym for a few workouts, lose weight and be lazy. . . Or the next time you promise yourself, go, be sure to go and subscribe. . . Start eating right, but first meet your friends, eat an eclair to regain excess weight. . .

Such cases are familiar to many. And only a strong motivation to lose weight can force a person to take the second and third steps after the first step dictated by inspiration, and finally run towards the goal. Where can you find your passion? Which will definitely work before this second step and will not be in vain? In fact, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You need to research this problem to determine the best motivation to lose weight that is appropriate for a particular man or a particular woman.

A waste of time

To find the answer to the question of how to force yourself to lose weight, a modern person goes to the world that is most understandable to him - the virtual world. And there he finds the so-called motivations that light up a kind of light to lose weight, but very quickly this protector goes off. Wrong motivation to lose weight is worse than not having it.

The Internet can be ranked by "service":

  • Motivational photos of men and women placed in a completely opposite context. You can often come across advertisements for another fake drug that will remove a gazelle from a hippopotamus in just a few months (without physical activity and diet! ). Anyone who reads the tape with such advertisements may not believe what is written. But the idea that it is possible to lose weight without effort is firmly entrenched in his subconscious.
  • Sports community. Men and women who are really involved in sports should spend time there. But often this is not the case: those who want to join such a group and join the sport gradually begin to feel part of this special society. And you really don't need to go to the gym again - you already feel like a real athlete with an ideal weight.
  • Websites of people who lose 50+ kg. Paradoxically, they also have a negative effect. A person who sees enough of these results can and will begin to take care of himself, but there is a risk of disappointment quickly enough. Intermediate results need to be demonstrated so that those looking for motivation can see: the ideal does not come immediately, but success is guaranteed at the end of the road!

If a man or a woman really needs strong and, most importantly, the right motivation, you can look for it on the Internet only in narrow specialized resources. Sports psychologists have compiled a list of both general and specific recommendations.

Effective motivation to lose weight

Those who are not motivated can apply to this list again and again. It always works.

To plan

First of all, you need to put everything in order in your life. The body is the basic unit of life, without which it is impossible to feel normal. And excess weight is important.

Attention!No need to imagine that after 5 years you will be thin, clear and transparent. More weight loss results will lead to the goal of losing an extra 2 pounds by the end of the week.

If you update this goal every week, you will not recognize yourself in the mirror after a year - it was so hard to imagine such a weight.

Convince yourself

You need to convince yourself that losing weight and reaching a normal weight is a necessary step not only for women but also for men. This decision will help in general development, career advancement and improvement in personal life. Only in constant self-improvement is a person born who will be respected by others and himself, and the awareness of this thought is the best motivation to lose weight every day.

One way

Start losing weight in the summer to look attractive on the beach. Lose weight for prom / wedding / birthday to be the queen of the holiday. These temporary weight loss goals are useless. You must lose weight forever! Think about it. . . Throwing your favorite breads until the summer so you can lean on them again after the holiday season is a great way to do more damage to your body and gain more weight! You should always look good, not in special cases. And it's not just about numbers.

plump women and slender girls as motivation to lose weight

Achievement Agenda

The recommendation to keep a progress diary has been described by many users as very strong. At the beginning of weight loss, you need to make a plan, determine your diet, which will gradually change. Set a time when you need to exercise to lose weight.

It is important!Develop an initial real weight loss plan that will not be disrupted under the first intervention of life events. Yes, the location of the force majeure must also be indicated.

Do not hide the measurement and record your results every morning and evening. So you can completely manage your weight and be aware of every gram you lose or gain.

Preventive measures

Of course, we are not robots. This means that a rigorous program with the highest results can one day cause a nervous breakdown. To prevent this from happening, you should set aside one day a week for the rules to relax. But that doesn't mean you can eat six days early today!

Motives heard to lose weight

How to find 100% working weight loss motivation for men and women? Take someone who has already worked on more than one job. Here are some examples of people who have lost weight forever.

Motivation to lose weight fast

Do you want to quickly remove unnecessary weight from the parties that spoil everything? Then try this motivation:

  • Take a difficult journey in the bosom of nature. Climbing a mountain, traveling along a river, or taking a long walk to a place you have never heard of the benefits of civilization will quickly make you a slim or even exaggerated handsome man.
  • Choose an active sport with the maximum level of dynamics for yourself. At least a skateboard or a bicycle - it's better than traveling in cyberspace.
  • Fall in love. Yes, losing weight is very easy, not for yourself, but for your loved one. If the chosen one has already been found or, moreover, the marriage has been confirmed for a long time. . . this kind of motivation only gets worse - in the end, both in sorrow and in joy, it's great to make someone happy. !

Hard motivation to lose weight

Yes, they are often the toughest people to succeed in, no matter what they do. Be as critical and selective as possible about yourself - you won't soon recognize yourself. An example of such motivation to lose weight:

  • Setting a serious goal and setting a real reward for it is something you will buy without hesitation before. Not covered? Well, you will have to do without a plan.
  • Eat in your underwear (or without clothes) in front of a mirror. Thinking about your unattractive figure is not the most pleasant move. However, it works flawlessly: the extra fabric will not fall down the throat.
  • Buy oversized jeans for sale and tuck them in the fridge door. Fear of exaggerating on such a scale will sometimes force you to walk past that door.
  • Go to the pool or the beach with skinny girlfriends. The innate woman's desire to look better will work - and the process will begin.

Hard motivation to lose weight

You need to approach everything wisely. If there is a way to deceive your mind and body for good, why not do it? There are several ways:

  • Get beautiful dresses that you like a lot, but are small in size. This is a great incentive to lose weight, separated from the dear desire.
  • Replace "nervous snacks" with an intensification of exciting recreational activities. For example, you can read a good book or go for a walk.
  • Learn from the examples of those who have already lost weight. But only places where everything is planned in stages!
  • After all, imagine yourself as a video game hero who reaches new and new levels. Reaching the ideal weight will be your victory!

After receiving a good motivational load, it is important for a person to be able to realize it and start moving towards the cherished goal. You need to understand that nothing happens in a few days, even a week. Yes, you can lose 2 pounds in two days, but can this be called a serious approach to business? Love yourself and don't be afraid to listen to your body.

Divide the long road into stages and reward yourself for completing each one. It is much easier for a person to agree to fly after a flight than to climb to the 25th floor!

Don't be afraid to get better, imagine yourself a winner today. It is easier to forget the complexes and believe in victory, to act. And remember: the one who walks the path will master it.


  • Woman, 40: "I had no motivation to lose weight. I just waited until the summer, when I was" hungry "I often drank a lot of fluids. Even you, well, I really don't want to, just walk around the house in a circle. You will see that over time it will attract you and it will become your way of life. This is what happened to me. "
  • Woman, 39 years old: "Believe it or not, I am motivated to lose weight, believe me, it was an ordinary, or rather, unusual, very beautiful beach dress. Summer is almost here. Also at my age. It is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight 2. First my heartI lost, but then I gathered all my will in one fist and turned to a professional trainer. The exercises specially prepared for me and the result is obvious in two months: a toned body, five kilograms in red! You can go for a swimsuit.
  • The 30-year-old woman said: "After feeling that my husband has recently started to turn to slender girls, I decided to lose unnecessary weight. I have never lost the attention of men. But this. . . It discouraged me. Ruth. I couldn't think. How come I, always a slender and attractive girl, started to get more and more out of focus! That's why my motivation is my husband, thanks to whom I lost five kilograms. "