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French nutritionist Pierre Dukan has been an expert in his field for more than forty years. As a result of his many years of activity, the well-known Ducan diet emerged, with a detailed menu for each day, the stages, the stages of which are not aimed at the average person, but take into account individual characteristics. from each. In principle, it is more like a proper diet than a diet that restricts the use of certain foods. The shop's diet can last a long time. It has four main stages, the first two of which are aimed at losing extra pounds, and the second two are aimed at consolidating and maintaining the results. Due to the consumption of large amounts of protein, you will rarely feel hungry, and the body will not find itself in a stressful situation, which will motivate him to save all the calories for a "rainy day".

products for the ducan diet

Basic principles of Dukan diet

As mentioned above, this diet can be divided into several stages. In the first stage, called "attack", you are allowed to eat protein foods, and there is no limit on the amount. It can be tasted with spices. In addition, you can drink about two liters of water a day (should be constant). This stage should not be followed for too long. The maximum period is ten days.

The second stage is called "cruise". Its main principle is alternative. That is, for a few days you can eat only protein foods, and then for a few days you can eat high-protein foods with vegetables.

In the third stage, you not only stabilize the weight, but also adjust the body so that the new weight does not change upwards. You can eat rice, pasta and potatoes up to 2 times a week. Once a day, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, up to 50 g of cheese, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive) and any fruit except grapes, cherries and bananas are allowed.

The fourth step helps to maintain your weight. It is recommended to empty the body once a week. It should only contain foods that are very high in protein, similar to the "attack" phase. The rest of the time there are practically no restrictions. But it is necessary to stay away from useless foods: fast food, sugary and carbonated drinks, etc.

Remember to drink 1. 5 liters to 2 liters of water a day at each stage (remember to be gas-free), warm up in the morning, exercise and walk in the fresh air for at least half an hour each time. day.

Foods allowed during the diet

Foods that can be eaten during the "attack" phase:

  • Still water. You need to drink 1. 5 liters to 2 liters a day.
  • Oat bran. You should eat about 1. 5 tablespoons of this product a day.
  • Chicken (can be replaced with turkey). Must be skinless.
  • You can eat lean parts of beef, veal and horse meat.
  • Beef liver and kidneys.
  • eggs. But you can not eat more than two yolks a day. The amount of protein is not limited.
  • Seafood of any kind.
  • Dana dili. You can also use beef.
  • Any kind of fish. It can be boiled, grilled or steamed, but not fried.
  • Fermented dairy products with a minimum percentage of fat.
  • Lean ham.
  • Various spices. These include onions and garlic.

Foods that can be eaten during the "cruise" stage:

  • All products listed in the "Attack" phase.
  • Low-fat cheese (up to 50 g).
  • Any fruit except bananas, grapes and cherries.
  • Low fat milk.
  • Cocoa (1 teaspoon).
  • Gelatin
  • spices. These include tomato sauce, garlic, onion, adjika.
  • 1 teaspoon cream
  • If you want to fry a product a little, add a few drops of vegetable oil.
  • Cornices.
  • 2 slices of bread.
  • Red and white wine (up to 50 g).

In the first stage, all products can be combined with each other. You cannot do this at this stage. You can choose two products a day, which are included in the additional list.

Foods that can be eaten during the "stabilization" phase:

  • All products in the first and second stages.
  • Be sure to eat one fruit (excluding grapes, bananas and cherries) per day.
  • 2 slices of bread.
  • Be sure to add oat bran to your meals. In total, there should be 3 tablespoons of them.
  • Any two foods that contain a lot of starch.
  • One day you should have protein.

Foods that can be eaten during the "stabilization" phase:

  • Products from all of the above steps.
  • 3 tablespoons of bran per day.
  • Any food that contains a lot of protein, vegetables, fruits, a small amount of cheese, a few slices of bread, two foods that contain a lot of starch.

How long should the diet last?

Pierre Dukan took a responsible approach to the creation of this diet, so its duration is individual to each person. There are several factors to consider to calculate how long each phase will last:

  • In the first stage, "attack", your initial weight is taken into account. If up to 20 kg, the phase should last 5 days, if overweight - up to 20-30 kg - a week, weight over 30 kg - 10 days.
  • In the second stage, the initial excess weight is also taken into account. If it was up to 10 kg, then you can alternate 3 meals a day for 3 days or 5 meals a day. If you have more than that extra pound, then it's only worth using the 5 to 5 scheme. The duration of this stage is based on the weight lost in the first stage. If you managed to lose 3 kg, the queue should last a month, if 4, 5 kg - 45 days, and from 5 kg - 52 days.
  • The duration of the third stage is calculated in kilograms lost in the second stage. 1 kg - 10 days. That is, if you lose 5 kg, the third stage will last 50 days.
  • The fourth stage is not limited in time. It is a healthy diet that should become a way of life.

Benefits and harms

Positive aspects of Pierre Duca's diet:

  • The most important advantage is that the lost weight will not return to you. Many dieters can not boast of this. The last two stages bring your diet as close to normal as possible, which allows the body to avoid stress. If you follow a few simple rules described in the fourth step, the weight will remain the same.
  • There are no strict restrictions on this diet. You can even choose the dish you need at the event. You are even allowed to drink a certain amount of alcohol, so you will not feel "out of place".
  • Many people lose up to 6 kg a week.
  • Allowed foods can be eaten in any quantity. This is one of the main benefits of the Ducan diet. You will never go hungry, which means you are less likely to get sick.
  • This diet will save even those who have tried many methods that have proven ineffective.
  • There are many substances in the diet. Accordingly, you can show your culinary imagination as you wish by eating only the dishes that suit your taste.

Disadvantages of the Ducan diet:

  • If you decide to try this diet, it is better to consult your doctor. Fat intake in this diet is severely limited. Some people should not be allowed to do so.
  • It is very difficult to reorganize it in the first stage of the diet, because all the foods consumed are very different from the usual diet. However, at this stage there is the most active loss of kilograms. Therefore, severe physical fatigue is possible during this period. So you need to get enough sleep and limit yourself from emotional stress.
  • This diet is highly effective, but protein foods do not contain all the trace elements needed for the body to function fully. This means that you need to take vitamin complexes in the early stages.
  • Pierre Dukan offers a daily oat bran meal. They are very useful and help to eliminate hunger. But you can't buy them in every store, so you have to prepare them in advance.

Sample menu for each day

Attack phase

1 day

  • Breakfast: porridge with oat bran or coffee (can be replaced with tea).
  • Lunch: beef. It can be cooked in the oven with spices or baked.
  • Dinner: seafood. Fry them or make a salad with a light dressing.

2 nd day

  • Breakfast: Make an omelette with a few eggs. However, the diet does not include very fried food, so cook it on a slow stove or steam. Drink a glass of green tea.
  • Lunch: chicken in curry sauce.
  • Dinner: fish soup.

3rd day

  • Breakfast: a few slices of low-fat cheese, green tea or hibiscus.
  • Dinner: chicken. Cook or boil it. Serve with mustard sauce.
  • Dinner: hard boiled eggs and some meat chips.

4th day

  • Breakfast: low-fat yogurt, a few slices of ham and low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner: cook chicken with spices.
  • Dinner: beef steak. Add some herbs and garlic to it.

5th day

  • Breakfast: crab sticks, green tea.
  • Dinner: boiled eggs from a few eggs. Add ham slices and sprinkle with herbs.
  • Dinner: turkey grill. Remember the minimum amount of fat.

6th day

  • Breakfast: a soft-boiled egg, a few slices of cheese with a minimum of fat.
  • Lunch: fried seafood. You can cook.
  • Dinner: chicken soup.

7th day

  • Breakfast: pancakes. You need to cook them by adding oat bran.
  • Dinner: Steam the fish with spices.
  • Dinner: Prepare chicken or turkey meatballs.

Cruise stage

1 day

  • Breakfast: green tea, pancakes made with oat bran.
  • Dinner: soup with chicken meatballs (turkey can be used). Serve with herbs
  • Dinner: Boil hard-boiled eggs and eat some meat chips.

2 nd day

  • Breakfast: a repeat of the first day with the addition of lean ham.
  • Lunch: chicken in teriyaki sauce.
  • Dinner: salmon cooked in mustard sauce.

3rd day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge, low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: chicken cooked in yogurt, greens and garlic sauce.
  • Dinner: soft-boiled eggs.

4th day

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole.
  • Dinner: chicken and vegetable casserole.
  • Dinner: light cabbage salad.

5th day

  • Breakfast: omelet with low-fat ham.
  • Dinner: baked eggplant with tomatoes and low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream.

6th day

  • Breakfast: seafood salad and green tea.
  • Dinner: chicken in sour cream and garlic sauce.
  • Dinner: salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.

"Clarification" stage

1 day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes.
  • Supper. Chicken breast with sauce and apples.
  • Dinner: baked or lightly fried cauliflower with broccoli.

2 nd day

  • Breakfast: two slices of bread with a minimum percentage of fat, a sandwich of cheese and ham, coffee.
  • Lunch: beef stew. Serve the cooked vegetables as a side dish or cook them all together, using the vegetables as a pillow for the meat.
  • Dinner: curd mass with pears.

3rd day

  • Breakfast: spicy baked chicken.
  • Lunch: salad with seafood of your choice and any fruit addition.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese and any hot drink.

4th day

  • Breakfast: Prepare a boiled egg. Eat two slices of bread as well.
  • Lunch: summer salad and chicken breast.
  • Dinner: Make pickle soup.

5th day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal and low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: spaghetti with pieces of turkey.
  • Dinner: panacota.

6th day

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with apples.
  • Dinner: salad with chicken breast and apples.
  • Dinner: boiled eggs with greens and vegetables.

7th day

  • Breakfast: curd mass with berries.
  • Dinner: Prepare soup with meatballs and potatoes.
  • Dinner: fish in batter.

Menu for the "stabilization" stage

At this stage, you can take any of the days suggested above as a basis. Don't forget about protein release day! There are no serious restrictions at this stage. You should not eat only unhealthy foods like fast food, on the contrary - complete freedom of choice.

Variety of menus

The menu described above is an indicator and is not required. You can add 2 snacks. Any product on the list of different stages can be combined, the main thing is to read the recommendations for each stage. There are many recipes for low-calorie meals, which are dominated by foods that need to be consumed at a certain stage.


Although the diet uses only products that are good for the body, it has a number of contraindications:

  • For people suffering from various pathologies, you should not follow the Ducan diet. For example, the kidneys, liver or digestive system.
  • Gout and impaired metabolism can be a cessation signal for this diet.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not follow this diet. If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, you should not do it.
  • Duja's diet can cause menstrual irregularities. Therefore, girls who fail in this matter should not follow such a diet.
  • For those with high levels of fatigue, depression and irritability, you should avoid such a diet.

Here are some things to keep in mind when following a Dukan diet:

  • In the first stage, you eat only protein foods. This is a kind of stressful situation for the body, so some side effects can occur. You may feel increased fatigue, drowsiness and irritability. Therefore, it is worth giving up intensive sports during this period. You may suddenly feel hungry. This is the body's normal response to a changing diet. This feeling will pass in a few days. Some people complain of bad breath. This is also the result of eating protein foods that will disappear in a week. Proteins help remove fluid from the body, so it needs to be replenished. Drink about two liters of water a day. If the amount of water is not enough, constipation may occur a few days after starting the diet.
  • In the second stage, the consumption of vegetables is allowed. It is a kind of holiday for the body. But there are also some features. Unlike proteins, carbohydrates should be limited at this stage. A variety of vegetables should be added to the main protein product. And you only need to eat until the feeling of hunger decreases. Vegetables can be cooked in different ways, but the healthiest ones are steamed or kept fresh, ie salads. If you want to diversify your taste, you can use different sauces. But you have to cook them yourself. Mustard, plain natural yogurt, garlic and herbs, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce (use small amounts), etc.
  • The third stage of this diet can be considered the most morally difficult. Because in the first two stages you have lost the pounds you hate, that is, you no longer want to lose weight, you want to start eating all the unnecessary food again. The main thing is to stay at this stage, because if you do not follow the diet as described in the diet, the pounds will return very quickly. During this time, stress can arise due to the desire to relax. Sudden hunger, fatigue, etc. feeling may arise. The main thing is that all this is a temporary effect and will soon pass.
  • The fourth phase of the diet can last indefinitely. It becomes a way of life. Pierre Dukan strongly recommends fasting once a week with protein foods. For as much water as possible, eat small meals, do not eat too much fruit, get enough sleep, avoid stress and manage the port. This will help you maintain your current weight.

The Dukan diet is considered one of the most effective, but also heavy. The stages and menus of such a diet are designed for an indefinite period of time. A person is afraid of the prospect of eating a menu that does not contain their favorite dishes for the rest of their lives. Therefore, arrange a day of fasting for yourself every 1-2 weeks. That is, allow yourself to eat a packet of chips, a slice of cake or something else, without which you could not imagine your life before. But there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Follow the rule of small portions! Instead, do not eat too much, even on the day of fasting.
  • Try to eat everything that is harmful in the morning, ie before 12 o'clock. In this case, the metabolism is the most active, so the likelihood of gaining weight from what you eat is minimal.

For half a liter of water 20 minutes before meals to keep the metabolism active during the day (you can also use during the diet). After that, do not drink for forty minutes, you can allow yourself to drink only a few sips to get rid of the taste in your mouth. The fluid expands the walls of the stomach, and our task is to keep it small. The serving size should fit your slightly bent palm. Such a volume should cover both food and fluids, so it is better to prefer to eat for satiety and drink more after a while.