Full people maintain health for a long time: win the heart, joint pains, pressure problems and of sugar in the blood. Excess weight is an excessive increase in the adipose tissue, posing a threat to the life and health of a person. The excess weight quickly, but to get rid of that is very difficult, especially when there are already problems with health.

Obesity as a mass disease began to cause alarm in the middle of the twentieth century, and today affects 1.5 million people in the world. Drive the united states and Europe, where every third person suffers from excess weight. In Russia 25% of the people who have unhealthy fullness, but it is not considered a disease. Expert assistance in the fight against excess of weight is difficult to obtain, everyone is trying to cope with the problem alone. Scientific studies have always confirmed that the causes of obesity are the culture of "fast food" in combination with a sedentary lifestyle. It would seem that what is easier: balance nutrition, sign up to a gym - and you will have health and happiness. If we are talking about between 5 and 10 pounds, maybe this system will lead to the success. But when the body is loaded with dozens of kilos of more, without the help of specialists: psychologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, is not enough.

Diagnosis of overweight

Our bodies are inclined to rest, but from childhood accustomed to an active lifestyle, perceives peace as discomfort. These people, immediately feel the kilos and declare war. Other men and women the first signs of excess weight is not so noticeable, slimming and postponed it for later. And some fall into the other extreme, in the research of the famous "90-60-90" lead to anorexia, although it initially had a normal body type.

Then, what is the excess weight, and when it sounds the alarm about

Medicine sees excess weight as a result of metabolic disorders in which there is an excessive accumulation of fat in the tissue, and to create the conditions for the development of diseases fatal. For the diagnosis of overweight doctors use the body mass Index (BMI, BMI). Digital indicator determines how the weight of a person corresponds to his growth. To calculate the BMI you can own: your weight (in kg) must be divided by the amount of growth (in metres) squared. If your height is 1.66 m and a body weight of 85 kg: BMI = 85/1,662 = 30,8, which corresponds to the obesity of the 1st degree.

Symptoms of excess weight

The table shows that in this condition increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes. To adjust this weight, you will need medical attention.

Symptoms of excess weight

Overweight and obesity do not appear suddenly. First state of the waist and the hips just spoil the mood, but do not inspire anxiety. How to know that the problem is dangerous and not urgent?

The first signs

Please note the several warning signs of excess weight:

  • At night you receive, the snoring, the sleep becomes more restless.
  • Sport, active rest is not for you -where with these dimensions!
  • Zones appear of cellulite on the belly and the thighs.
  • Constantly wants to eat, and if that fails, there is no irritation.
  • Episodes of hypertension occur more often.
  • Pains in the back, the knees, the legs swell.
  • Waist and weight is on the increase, despite the food restrictions.

Realizing these changes in well-being, it is impossible to postpone the visit to the doctor with this must be the start of any due to the weight loss. Obesity - the field of competence of the endocrinologist, but it can account for all the causes of overweight.

Practical tip: transition to regular diet it is helpful to consult with a nutritionist and create a strong reason of the weight loss will help reduce.


To know why there was extra weight, you will probably have to do the tests. Biochemistry of blood tests for cholesterol, glucose, insulin, shown as the metabolic processes deviation from the norm, and how they affect the appearance of excess weight. A blood test for hormones to establish if the excess weight endocrine the nature. Maybe you have been subjected to a treatment with hormones.

Why is there a excess weight

The most common cause of obesity is slow metabolism during the absorption of high calorie foods. The excess calories we don't have time to use the body and turn into fat stores.

This situation creates many factors:

  • Overeating: the need to eat a lot and tasty; the incorrect food behavior (food on the move, good dinner); "sweet addiction"; the habit of taking the stress of "delicious"; the love of beer, etc.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: pace of life behind the wheel; the rest of the TV or the computer.
  • Age-related changes: after 30 years of metabolic processes in human beings are slow; there is an excess of weight in the average diet.
  • The lack of vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • Endocrine diseases: dysfunction of the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, ovarian.
  • The use of corticosteroids /anti-depressants.

If a pregnant woman is to eat carbohydrate food, proteins are not balanced, the fetus has formed a predisposition innate in obesity.

Ways to treat excess weight

A common mistake when weight loss - the desire to lose those excess pounds with one of any method, whether diet, fitness, pills, dietary Supplements or massage. To be successful in this business we need a set of effective tools.

Diet for weight loss

A diet to lose weight, you can not choose just because it helped someone they know. Each diet is health restrictions and disadvantages that we will have to endure.

Important! How to eat when losing weight, you need to decide after the exam, know your weaknesses and health problems.

General requirements for food to help with weight loss is typical of all diets:

  • Excludes high calorie foods: fatty and delicious meat, pastries, sugar and sweets.
  • Recommended: vegetables, fruits, lean meats, lean fish.
  • Allowed: dry bread, dairy products.

In the diet is important to avoid feelings of hunger, eat little and often, don't eat between meals and not to eat at night. Trips to the store and the guests take on a full stomach.

Why is there a excess weight

Motor activity

The entrance to the gym or Jogging in the morning effective ways to lose excess weight, but that years are at an end. It is easier to start to move actively today: a couple of stops at the foot of the work, daily, of the stairs instead of the Elevator, it has become a habit and a necessity. Good cardioion give Cycling, swimming, Nordic walking. But what happens if the person is ashamed of their impressive size? Dance Mat in the room - a great way to move around, to the delight not complex about the fact that someone of your dance seem comical.

Board. Learn in the home of a set of exercises of yoga that combines cardioion with the strength training. When properly selected complex that can burn 200-400 calories in a single session.


Radically get rid of the excess weight with the help of massage will not work, but is a good complement to diet and exercise. Its different types: lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite vacuum massage, shower sharko - effect in problem zones, improve blood circulation and increase muscle tone. Through massage it is possible to avoid falling and sagging of the skin in places of intense weight loss.


Biologically active additives and diet pills should not be taken without specialist advice. Are prescribed to bring the metabolism back to normal. A lack of vitamins, some other minerals, the third is necessary to clean the intestine and bring products of the metabolism. Stages of obesity become topical hormonal preparations. Even pills to reduce appetite can not be taken without consulting with your doctor. For intervention in the metabolic processes that we need for the study and the exact dosage.

What are the risks of overweight

What are the risks of overweight

The excess weight is not so much appearance, how many colossal load on all systems of the body.

  • The heart muscle has to pump blood through the body of huge size and push it through the vessels clogged with cholesterol. Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, - a natural result of obesity.
  • The liver becomes clogged with products of fat metabolism, this develops steatosis - degeneration of the liver cells.
  • Gastrointestinal tract to pass through all the abundance of food, the digestive organs work wear: gastritis, ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, heartburn, constipation, dyspepsia, is not a complete list of problems with excess weight.
  • Endocrine diseases, in the first place, the diabetes mellitus is obligatory companion of overweight.
  • The musculoskeletal system is deformed under the action of a massive body: pain in the spine, the joints of the person dooms himself to a sedentary life.

Excess weight is a step on the path to dangerous diseases. At the beginning of this way everyone can stop and choose a different direction.