Japanese diet: 14-day menu and list of allowed foods

Vegetables for weight loss in the Japanese diet

Every girl has dreams of losing weight, and many have tried different options. The recently introduced 14-day Japanese diet, the menu of which is very suitable for most people, confidently takes the lead among women.

The menu of a girl losing weight on a Japanese diet

Why the Japanese diet is 14 days

Why is this diet better than others? First of all, let's remember Japan. The elegant, agile women of the Land of the Rising Sun attract the attention of men on any continent. There are no chicks that are not so fat, not even full. Because you can praise models with sizes + as much as you want, but every sane person already understands that weight is a problem.

Despite being a country of advanced technology and amazing cars, Japan never eats too much and prefers natural products. Fast food, according to Europeans, did not take root there at all. Moreover, the Japanese saw the familiar butter only a few decades ago and are still unsure of what to eat. Snacks in this country are thin fish cakes or rice balls. It is not surprising that slender people walk around the cities.

There is rice on the menu of the Japanese diet

But go back to the diet.Experience shows that the Japanese diet allows you to lose about 6-9 kg in two weeks. . . The result is excellent, especially considering that you do not have to spend money on expensive products. In fact, this diet does not include expensive fruits or anything that is not found on fire during the day. You can buy everything at the nearest store to step on the path to weight loss.

Meals every day for the Japanese diet

To be as slim and flexible as a Japanese woman, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • rice. Everyone knows that this is a favorite dish in the East, and it is not surprising that rice is an auxiliary part of the diet.
  • Seasonal fruits. Bananas are an exception, but to be honest, we do not live in Africa and bananas are not our national dish. In addition, they contain a lot of starch and are high in calories.
  • Fish. You can't do it anyway, because for those places where this diet comes to us, the biggest part of the diet is fish. The main condition is that the fish should be low in fat, so you should not think that you will have to eat only sturgeon for two weeks.
  • Beef. The product is expensive, but given that the portions will be small, the costs will not go beyond the budget.
  • Chicken. Breast. The meat is tender and dietary. It is often used in diets and has proven to be excellent.
  • Milk. Ideally low fat, but a small percentage is acceptable.
  • Vegetables. Another exception is potatoes filled with starch.
  • Legumes. The Japanese are fans of legumes. They make everything from noodles to desserts.
  • Eggs. It is a source of animal protein, so don't think that you will have to lose weight only on green grass.
A plate of fish, rice and legumes for the Japanese diet

And most importantly. Not only coffee is allowed in the diet, it is the basis of almost every breakfast. For those who can't start this day without alcohol, such a diet is simply salvation. After all, all coffee lovers know that giving it up is like death.

Japanese diet rules

But after reading the list of products, do not rush for those who decide that losing weight this way is easier than ever. Although the menu may seem simple at first glance, the 14-day Japanese diet, which consists of all the products necessary for life, is not.

Consider the rules to cool down a bit the passion of beauties who are mentally ready to buy clothes of several sizes. Let's not forget that not only delicate girls, but also strict samurai came from Japan, so do not be surprised that the rules of the diet are strict.

  • There is a clear diet, it is not recommended to avoid it. If, of course, you are interested in the result and simply do not want to post a piece of fried fish on the social network with the label "sijunadiete". It would be better to be a little patient and then fill in the results of the Japanese diet with a photo that will be amazing.
  • Meals at this stage will be low in calories.
  • Only three meals are allowed. This will be very difficult for those who have previously tried to lose weight on diets based on fractional nutrition.
  • Avoid snacks during the day. Rejection of the word "absolute". If you need a result, then anything that could lead you astray is worth expelling from both home and work. Give gifts to your colleagues - they will be happy.
  • Lack of salt, sugar and spices in the diet.
  • It is allowed to drink still water or green tea. Don't just buy teas with supplements. Once you're off the diet, you can pamper yourself with it, and now you need a simple green tea.
  • Of course, all baked goods, sweets, sodas and anything that is recommended to be excluded from any diet should be excluded. But no one said it would be easy, because if you could lose weight with sweets and bread, then there would not be a single fat girl on the street.
  • Alcohol in any form is also prohibited. But to be honest, standing for 14 days without a glass of wine, getting into the clothes you want, is a sacrifice worth giving.
Green tea is a legitimate drink in the Japanese diet.

To understand how this method is suitable for you to lose weight, it is worth reading real people's online reviews about the Japanese diet.

Pros and cons of the Japanese diet

Again, any diet is two sides of the same coin. We will analyze the pros and cons for those who are ready to take off their pink glasses and move, not just dreaming of a slim body.

pros Cons
Fast and measurable weight loss Conditions are severe and the body will not be easy in the first days
Extraction of toxins and slag Cannot be used more than 2 times a year
Removal of excess fluid from the body Strict adherence to diet and inability to replace one day with another
Cheap There are a number of contraindications in terms of health
Long-term results according to the conditions Dietary withdrawal requirements

Try to analyze all this in more detail.

Undoubtedly, losing about 7-8 kg of excess weight in just half a month is an excellent result. And it is worth acting, but do not forget the willpower. Not everyone is ready to quench their hunger with water or green tea, especially if they have something tastier.

For a person accustomed to more frequent and abundant meals, it happens only three times a day, which is psychologically very difficult. Therefore, you should not adjust to such a diet after a long vacation, hoping to get rid of everything you ate in the previous two weeks. In this case, the risk of splitting is very high, so it is better to prepare in advance for the Japanese diet.

It should not be used often as it is a low calorie diet. The body must be tuned to proper nutrition, and in this case, diet is only the first step to harmony. Those who hope that the weight lost will not return after eating a jar of beer and salted peanuts on the fifteenth day will be seriously disappointed.


Under no circumstances should this method be used during pregnancy, infant feeding or any serious illness. Even if a person has recently developed banal ARVI, you should not start losing weight immediately. Give your body time to heal.

You should consult your doctor for any stomach problems. In fairness, anyone with a chronic illness should consult a doctor before starting a diet. Changing the usual diet, which occurs so drastically, can lead to negative consequences.

Consult a doctor before starting to lose weight on the Japanese diet

Psychosomatic manifestations of headache or nausea may appear in the first days of the diet. In most cases, this is a normal reaction of the body to changes in diet. But if your health does not improve, you should not take risks and it is better to cut the diet. However, if you finish your diet prematurely, you do not need to immediately return to your normal diet. You will have to eat in small portions by adding a few extra snacks.

Japanese diet: begins to lose weight

But considering the pros and cons, let's look at how the Japanese diet will change your diet in 14 days.

So, products have been purchased to start the diet, all the temptations in the form of sweets or alcohol have been eliminated, and your loved ones are prepared not to offer snacks.

Ideally, eliminate smoked meats, pastries, sweets and other products that are considered completely harmful for a few days. This will help you to adjust properly.

Before you start, you need to understand exactly what you can eat, so it is better to prepare a menu for the Japanese diet on the table and add it to the refrigerator. In this case, errors are almost excluded. Get sweet stickers and ribbons on your food for easy control and mood. In this case, the passage of the diet will be more visual.

Day Breakfast Supper Supper
1 A cup of black coffee 2 eggs, a little cabbage, tomato juice 200 g of fish
2 A cup of coffee + a piece of rye bread the size of a palm 200 g of fish with cabbage 100 g of meat + kefir
3 Coffee + rye crutton Baked pumpkin 200 g of beef, sauerkraut salad + 2 eggs
4 Fresh carrots Fish + tomato juice Fruits
5 root Fish + tomato juice Fruits
6 Coffee 200 grams of chicken + carrot and cabbage salad 2 eggs + 2 grilled carrots
7 To drink a tea Beef + fruit Any of your favorites this week
If you manage to stay for a week, you should reward yourself with something incredibly pleasant. Again, halfway through, the body is already broken into smaller pieces and ready to work even harder.
eight Green tea Chicken + carrot and cabbage salad Carrots + 2 eggs
nine Raw root Fish + tomato juice Fruits
on Coffee Delight yourself with eggs, carrot salad and a small slice of low-fat cheese Fruits
eleven Coffee + rye crutton Pumpkin and eggplant Beef + 2 eggs + cabbage salad
12 Coffee + croutons Fish with salad Beef + kefir
13 Coffee Eggs + cabbage salad + tomato juice Fish
fourteen Coffee Fish + cabbage Beef
Chicken breast with fresh vegetable salad is a delicious choice on the menu of the Japanese diet

The Japanese diet looks like this every day. Meals should be small. About 200 grams. Although it may not seem difficult for a child, it will not be easy for those who prefer to eat a lot.

Small secrets of the Japanese diet

The use of vegetable oil in the diet is allowed. Ideally, it should be olive, but not always available, so you can use ordinary sunflower. The main thing is not to use too much quantity. Sprinkle the salad with olive oil, do not pour to the mouth.

If there are no instructions on how to consume vegetables, then you should use diets with minimal loss of vitamins and nutrients. It can be cooking, casserole or grill. The latter option is the most attractive, because cooked vegetables are tastier than cooked vegetables.

Cabbage can also be boiled or cooked. The main thing is not to use salt and spices when preparing. Lightly sprinkle salads with lemon juice. It is an excellent substitute for salt and gives a fresh note to the taste.

Freshly squeezed tomato juice in the daily menu of the Japanese diet to lose weight

Tomato juice is included in the daily menu. Of course, you can't use what is sold in stores and can be stored for several months. To do this, just read the composition on the package. The ideal choice is freshly squeezed tomato juice.

If you feel hungry after a meal, try to distract yourself. Get to work, go for a walk, and most importantly, stay away from the refrigerator, because it is not so easy to suppress the urge to eat.

Remember that satiety does not come immediately after a meal, so give your body a chance to manage it on its own. If all else fails, get some water or green tea. You can drink and drink during the day.

Exit the Japanese diet

On the fifteenth day, you can add a cup of rice to your diet. This will allow your regular meal to pass smoothly and not break down.For many, the Japanese diet, with immediate results, has become a real salvation.. . . But it is important not to change your diet too drastically. Only proper nutrition and physical activity will be able to maintain a slim figure in the future.

On the fifteenth day, a cup of rice will provide a gentle exit from the Japanese diet.

For many women, the Japanese version of the original version, shown in the table above, has become a serious test that allows them to understand themselves. You should not be under any illusions and you should not imagine that you can lose weight without doing anything for it.

And keep in mind that being overweight is not just an external downside. With age, every pound will cause discomfort and problems will grow like a snowball. It is easier to lose weight without allowing the scales to be at the far end of the axis.