How to start a fight with the extra weight

Why had not worked and now should work

How to start a fight with the extra weight

Once you've decided to fight against obesity, which already has a motivation psychological: are you satisfied with your appearance, and you would like to improve your health. These desires are laudable and can always help you to achieve your goal, but only a little. You probably already tried to lose weight, but that has not worked. We are going to analyze the major errors in the fight against obesity. Unfortunately, in general this fight is, with the consequences, and we must begin with reason.

In order to effectively lose weight and continue to always keep your weight normal, it is necessary to restructure their thinking.

This is a very difficult task, but it is possible to decide for yourself once and for all.

The fact that food is a drug to the body. Go to a normal diet after a prolonged rich food as difficult as the inveterate smoker to stop Smoking.

In the first place, you must answer a simple question: to eat to live or live to eat?

As long as you live to eat, eat and eat, you can't have success with the settlement of the excess weight. Because I'm hungry because it is hungry, or because you want to pamper yourself with something delicious, or due to the fact that the soul is bad, or need to calm down and not to worry or concentrate...

Thoughts create the world. You be who you are. Socrates said that you must think about how we live, and to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Improve your thoughts and your life will improve.

The fight against excessive food requires not only changes your way of thinking, but active commitment to the spiritual path of life. You may have noticed that spiritual people, are very little fat.

Once you have the more spiritual interests, that they have lost the desire to eat very much and enjoy from the first page. By the way, Orthodox believers can tolerate even the long and rigorous fast, precisely because in the period post their thoughts, they devote themselves to God and prayer without being distracted by worldly temptations.

To eat less, study their behavior, and responding to the BREAD of the question, and when you are drawn once more to eat. Find the reason and the time at which there is a violation of the diet. Realize your mistakes, you can more easily change their behaviour.

Often violations occur in the organization of the festivities at home or at work, at the time of visit, restaurants, cafes, fast-food restaurants such as "Mcdonald's".

So try to organize your life to avoid frequent, regular parties, especially accompanied by alcohol, and if it is not in these conditions, choose the most suitable and useful for you meals and just "snacking". We always have to be prepared mentally for this kind of situations, you can cross out all the good beginnings.

Most people relax in the evening watching TV, eating your afternoon snack-dinner and after winning all that came to hand, under the rapid evolution in the TV screen.

Do not eat at night, out of boredom. Your house should not be a food TV: cookies, cookies, potatoes and beer.

Do not make inventory of high-calorie foods. These products should only be purchased one time and minimum quantities.

The house should be only low-calorie foods.

The house should be low-calorie food only

You should not keep at home, beer and alcoholic beverages. The beer gives a weight gain of body mass grows to giant steps, that are contained in the same. Alcohol contains empty calories and destroys your health. In a prominent place there should be no food, neither in the rooms nor in the kitchen. In the view you can only drink water.

I guess that, when it comes to the refrigerator, you will be greeted by a large sign:

Don't touch me, you've eaten already.

Pet lovers of the "jokes" can be served to open the door of the refrigerator, a sound alarming a siren or abusive phrase that will be spoken of talk electronics.

Don't be afraid that with the transition to another food that they will run out of power.

In reality, a man needs per day is very little food, only has to be of high quality and healthy that gives the body everything needed for life and work. Forget all the peculiarities of the gastronomic.

The transition from the pullup to the smaller portions should be gradual, otherwise it will be very difficult to adjust to the new form.

Restructuring of power must begin with a psychological position:

"I'm not going to eat more, I want to be healthy, I eat little and only three times in the day."

And then, only eat three times a day, and not "snack" breaks.

To build your diet should be to stop eating between meals. Some people may first four meals, the total volume of the food must comply with the three-time variant.

To eat less, should be accustomed to small portions. This can be achieved by following simple ways.

Have a place large dining room, plates are small and not very deep dish.

Spoons should be the dessert, forks should be low. If you have wooden chopsticks, the second dishes it is better to do it with chopsticks. Sticks provide an opportunity to capture a very small part is more than a spoon or fork. The person eats less and more, and becomes saturated faster.

It is best that the Cutlery was beautiful and caused its drawings joy. Going on simple and healthy foods, you should pay attention to the beauty of the restoration. The beauty of the food and Cutlery will help to compensate for the fact that he had previously given a gourmet look and taste of human food.

Suppresses the appetite so don't eat fattening foods, but eat food that is low in calories, contain a lot of fiber.

There are very slowly, then saturation will come faster and digestion will be more complete that will help you to eat less.

Drink while the food is not worth. Best to drink it much later after eating. If you like to drink before eating, twenty minutes before meals, you can drink half a Cup or less sour or sourish freshly squeezed juice or drink juice watered down.

If you can't be in the breaks between meals, you can eat any fruit. Only! Or drink slowly a glass of water at room temperature. The feeling of hunger disappears. This is not enough, take one or two pills microcellulose (MCC), which swell in the stomach, and you get the feeling that you ate something. These pills will also help to purge the body of toxins that are harmful.

Often the modern man does not have something extra to eat, sitting to watch TV or on the computer, and sometimes even Breakfast and dinner with them. In any case, it is impossible to keep the TV in the kitchen.

Now only eating at the table, in the kitchen! In a pleasant silence or a quiet soft music, watching the scenery outside the window and enjoy the appearance of the fruits and other healthy foods.

If you spend a while to the TV a lot of time and that are attracted to eat while watching TELEVISION, the use of distraction exercise. If, during the commercial break you decided to go to the kitchen to eat, you'll need to disable the TV sound, and to lie on your back on a mat with your legs bent at the knees. First perform a lift pelvis, focusing on the two legs. At the top of the position should persist, and then return to its original position. When the lifting of the pelvis should make a breath, when you return to the starting position - exhale. Repeat this several times, and then go to the lift of the pelvis with emphasis on the one leg, the other leg is kept straight, while in an angle so that it seems a continuation of the support to the leg. Breathing koordiniruyutsya in the same way. After completing the series of this type of exercises for a commercial break, you will feel that you have the patient.

The food should be healthy and nutritious in composition. We must strive to follow the natural way of life. The closer to your lifestyle, including your eating and your physical activity, in accordance with the natural order of man, more than healthy.

In no case should not "feed themselves". The constant malnutrition (in general in the absence of vitaminized food) only harms the body and deprives it of the force. This is the path to exhaustion. Some fanatically of malnutrition individuals bring to the degeneration.

For the correct lose weight you should eat a full and healthy.

In the process of active principles from natural weight loss should have only positive thoughts about the to gradually lose weight, become attractive and that will be? feel better. We treat ourselves with love. n

Those people who think of themselves with the hate, the despise my body and berating myself for the accumulation of fat not achieve positive results in the natural weight loss.

It is useful to convince yourself:

"My weight is a little more than the norm, but everything is the same And always use a five-kilogram dumbbell, I don't want to carry extra weight".

"My weight is much more than the norm, and everything is the same And always carry a puddy (dauphud or more) of weight. I carry unnecessary weight a day, 365 days of the year, from year to year. This can't go on".

"My body is tired of unnecessary overhead and get sick. I love it, I repent of my heart, I don't want to hurt you, and I want to lose weight".

It should be noted that to carry a live load is much worse than the weight. Live load requires additional power, is a part of your body that requires its.

All of your thoughts and actions must be positive. Started to lose weight only with joy that you say goodbye to the past of the state and go to a new one, better appearance and improved health.

When you have to decide for yourself that you eat to live, not live to eat, you can do the development attitude indifferent to the sight of the food. These are some examples of psychological training for people who have a certain strength of will. If you manage to learn such an attitude to the food, you will be much more easy to live. So, do the following.

Before, you probably tried to lose weight using different diets, but it did not help. In addition, after some time, your weight is even greater. Now this will not happen. The natural way to lose weight of the body live a healthy life, all physiological processes in the body gradually get better, and feel better, the weight is gradually reduced.

Most of the weight loss diets are based on low consumption of a unique group of products for a long time, which only leads to a deterioration of the health. Weight is lost as a result of the loss of water from the body and muscle proteins, and fats in the diet consumes relatively little. Lose well structures of proteins of the muscle and very dehydrate the body is very harmful for the health. The loss of muscle mass brings weakness and fatigue, so I don't want any extra physical activity. After all, they just do their job and the tasks of the home. This type of diet contributes to the preservation and even the accumulation of excess weight. The loss of the protein structures leads to the loss of important substances - enzymes involved in the digestion. As a result, the digestive processes are violated even more. But enzymes can actively burn body fat.

As your weight has gone down slightly, but at what price, I don't know. How really in the body to burn the fat of a scale will not tell you. But you should know that weak monotonous diet for weight loss harmful to health, and your weight is reduced by the discharge of the essential body substances, such as in their food a long the required components are missing. With this diet in the body there is a strong feeling of hunger that torments. As a result, it throws this food and start eating more, it goes to the sewer. And psychological result of this diet is terrible - you lose the faith in your strength and ability to rectify the situation with the extra weight for the better. This leads to the fact that the bad mood again, they begin to eat much and as a result, their weight increases even more.

Now you are allowed to eat all of the foods that are good for you in a reasonable amount, throughout the day. Intense feelings of hunger that there is, moves a lot, and its weight is reduced gradually to the limits established. Adjustment of diet and exercise, you reach a normal weight, while the maintenance and strengthening of the health n in harmony with their physiology.

To suppress appetite can

Any diet and nutritional supplements, which involves rapid weight loss and even rapid weight loss dangerous for health. In this mode the body produces a large amount of harmful substances - free radicals that cause tissue damage and aging. If body fat is lost very quickly s, then comes the reaction of conversion of proteins into fat. In the body breaks down the protein metabolism and comes to a painful condition with very poor health. After these methods of loss of weight are very difficult to restore your health.

Resorting to natural methods of loss of weight, you lose your weight slowly harmful substances are destroyed and eliminated from the body due to high physical activity. Your nutrition, full of force only increases and your health improves on a background of weight loss. So this time, with the loss of weight that will be successful. The most important thing - to be confident, to achieve their objective and not throw the case halfway.