How to remove the abdomen in a week: Exercise at home

a series of exercises to lose weight

The problem of fat in the lower back worries many, so "How to properly pump the abdomen at home to remove the stomach and sides? " worries most girls, because not every woman has the opportunity to go to the gym. That's why today we're going to look at effective low and high abs exercises you can do at home.

The abdomen is a problem area for the vast majority of girls and women around the world. Skinny girls can also develop a small belly if they stop eating properly and stop exercising at the fitness club. What about plumpness? The abdomen should be constantly monitored.

If you want to prepare your body for a walk or a walk in the sea and get rid of your annoying belly with the help of your abdominal muscles, then we will show you how to do it as quickly and effectively as possible. Consider how a press can be swung to thin the abdomen, and is it possible to extract culture by shaking the press?

How many times do you have to hit the ABS to extract the culture?

It is recommended to do press exercises every day, but if it seems too difficult for you, at least once every two days. The total number of lessons per week should be at least four. There is no need to immediately run to the pool with your head and exhaust yourself with dozens of exercises and hundreds of repetitions. Start small.

5-10 repetitions in one set and 30 repetitions in total will be enough to start. Increase the number to 50 in the future. How much you need to pump the press to extract the culture depends on many factors, including diet and individual characteristics of the body.

Pay attention to your feelings and well-being during sports. You should feel the muscles tighten. If you don't feel them, you're probably doing something wrong.

Exercise twice a day - morning and evening - for the fastest results.

Ab Exercise Rules

abdominal movements

The press can be shot both at home and in the gym. Motivation and focus on results will definitely bring tricks. And with any diet, you will definitely achieve what you want as soon as possible.

How to eat during exercise to cleanse the abdomen and fats?

Many girls wonder, "If you hit the abs, will the fat come out of the abdomen? "When combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise, the results will not wait for you, and you will soon see the abdomen and sides begin to shrink. But we must not forget that abdominal exercises are not an excuse to eat uncontrolled sweets. Agree, if you destroy the result yourself, you will get little benefit from the lessons.

To get the most out of your workouts, you need to eat a proper and balanced diet, but never go hungry and stick to a diet that includes only a few apples a day. Try to increase protein intake and reduce fat and carbohydrate intake.

Specifically, to get rid of fat, you need to put as much energy as possible on your body and therefore burn fat (running, cycling).

If the abdominal movements are the same for the stronger and weaker sex, the goals are different. Children's embossed abs look attractive, then for a girl, six cubes is an open excess, and many will agree, but the two vertical stripes look pretty good. Yes, and a completely lean body can be a threat to the beautiful half of humanity. Therefore, the body's fat balance will be disturbed, which causes problems with reproductive function. That is, you need to know when to stop.

How to properly and quickly pump the abdominal cavity at home to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

Before classes start

To make your training effective, you need to follow simple rules:

  • All lying exercises should be performed on a firm, flat surface, rough on the floor. If the floor seems too hard for you, put a fitness mat on the floor;
  • Fresh air must enter the room, fullness not only causes discomfort when breathing, but also increases the load on the heart;
  • Provide clean drinking water without gas or special drinks that increase metabolism.
  • You should take a three-hour break between the last meal and exercise;
  • Before moving directly to abdominal exercises, you should do a little general warm-up to warm up the muscles;
  • Your gut heals very quickly, so don't take long breaks between workouts;
  • Only regular exercise will work.

Effective ab exercises that will help you to quickly remove the abdomen and sides at home

How to hit the bottom of the abdomen at home?

The most commonly used body movements to hit the bottom press are to lift the body 45 degrees off the ground and to raise and lower the legs. Performing these exercises clearly will help to properly pump the lower press for girls at home.

Raise the body 45 degrees off the ground

Execution: Lie on your back with your feet on the floor, bend your knees. Lift your body, extend your arms up and forward as much as possible. Make sure your bowels are as tight as possible. Start with 20-30 repetitions, then gradually work out the maximum amount possible for you.

Lifting and lowering the legs

Execution: lie on your back, legs straight, arms along the trunk. Raise your feet to the ground at a 90-degree angle. Keep your feet as low as possible, but only until your back touches the ground. Repeat 15-25.

Universal Top Press

"How to pump the abdomen to remove fat from the abdomen, what exercises to choose? " - This question is of interest to many beginners, the following exercises will help not only to lift the upper abdomen, but also to keep the whole abdomen in shape.

Pelvis Raise

Execution: Lie on your back, lift your legs up and bend at the knees, put your hands along the trunk. Lift your pelvis off the ground and bring your knees to your chest. Return your feet to their previous position. Make sure your shoulders do not fall off the ground. Repeat 20-30 times.


This is a classic abdominal workout. Serves to pump the upper abdomen.

Sports: Lie on your back, bend your legs. Lift your body and extend your elbows to your knees. From the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa.

One of the curling options is a straight curl.

Execution: Lie perpendicular to the wall. Bend your legs at the knees and rest your feet against the wall. Lift your legs so that the shoulder blades come off the ground, and the lower back is pressed firmly to the ground.

Callanetics Twists -1/100

This exercise is different from performing a static bend in a static position.

Execution: as a regular bend, but with the only difference - when your elbow reaches your knee, you need to correct the position of the body for exactly 100 seconds. They counted to a hundred and returned to their previous state. They reached the other side, corrected their position, and counted to a hundred again. Do the exercises twice.

During any bending exercise, you should not forget that the back does not fall off the floor and the neck muscles relax.

Plank is the best workout to lose belly and side fat

A great workout that engages not only your entire abdominal muscles, but your entire body. Training is completely static. Plus, it's better to stay still. In terms of effectiveness, it does not lag behind dynamic training in any way. There are many options for doing woodworking.

Execution: You need to emphasize while stretching almost like a push. The emphasis should be on the entire forearm, not just the palm. Look straight ahead. You need to stand upright, so you can draw a straight line from head to toe. To start, lock this position for 30 seconds, then gradually increase the time to 5 minutes.

Don't be lazy and do all these exercises every day, because most of your time will not take more than 20 minutes. As you can see, this is not a great price for a beautiful flat stomach that you will get soon.

How to remove your stomach without damaging it in a week of training?

Effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen

It's easier to lose weight for regular visitors to fitness centers. However, the problem of getting rid of belly and side fat can be solved at home.

Basic exercises are to bend the hoop and use the abdominal muscles.

Rotating the hula hoop will prepare the abdominal muscles for exercise, activate blood circulation and optimize metabolism. It is easy to combine training with watching TV. For starters, it is better to take a light ring and make it heavier over time. Place your legs at a width equal to the size of your shoulders, turn clockwise. Practice with the hoop for 20 minutes. Singing with music will be more fun.

Then you have to start the complex in the press. You need to do exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides: 15-30 repetitions in three sets with a minimum duration.

Effective exercises to thin the abdomen and sides:

  1. Slopes.Put your hands on your sides, keep your feet firm. Bend your body parallel to the floor, stretch in the direction of the left foot, pull our arms in opposite directions. Then we bend back to the right (the side seems to be compressed), we return our hands to the belt. We repeat in the other direction. It turns out a kind of diagonal slopes.
  2. Body rotations.Turn your body left and right from the previous position. The body remains motionless under the waist.
  3. Side board.Sit next to you, lean on your wrist. Lift your body and straighten it like a rope. Hold as long as you can (optimally 2 minutes). Roll and repeat.
  4. Scissors.Lie on the floor, lift your legs off the ground and move at an accelerated speed.
  5. Bicycle.Keep sleeping, bend your legs and extend your knees to the opposite elbow, do the other side.
  6. Side slopes.Take a bottle of water (who has a dumbbell) and lean to the side. Repeat on the other side.
  7. folding knife.Lie on your back with your body fully extended like a rope (arms extended over your head). Lift all limbs in parallel. Try to touch your fingers with your fingers.
  8. Side curls.Starting position - same, put your hands behind your head. Legs bent at right angles are placed in opposite directions in turn.

Properly chosen exercise is a guarantee of beautiful and toned skin. In addition, the weight loss process will be noticeable, and you will get a load of positive emotions by exercising in the fresh air.

Sometimes it happens that you need to get rid of the stomach within seven days, and this problem can be eliminated. In a week, you can put yourself in order with a greater desire. In this case, we must not forget that seven days is a very short time. Based on the skin, you need to move in a comprehensive way with effective exercises to lose weight in a week.

In the process of exercising, the body warms up, more heat and oxygen enter the fat deposits that destroy them. In the process of training, you can not only get rid of the fat layer, but also rejuvenate outwardly. You can do these exercises at home to lose weight fast in a week.

You should start your lesson with a little warm-up: 10 forward bends at the treadmill (2 minutes) and left and right. jump in place (1 minute)

The main part of the training:

  • swinging abdominal muscles. To do this, lie on the floor, bend your knees, put your hands behind your head. Lift the body. It is best to start with 10 lifts and gradually add 1-2 lifts.
  • This exercise should be done while lying next to you, so lift your legs as high as possible and straighten for a few seconds. It is better to start 5 times for each leg.
  • The following exercise will help you pull the lower abdomen by placing your hands behind your back and lifting both legs at the same time. You should do this exercise about 10 times, increasing the load over time.

At the end of this home workout, take a short stretch and take a contrasting shower.

Here are some tips to make your weight loss process more productive:

  • It is best to exercise in the morning and evening, and lessons should be taken on an empty stomach, and do not eat for about an hour after classes.
  • It is impossible to get rid of fat in a short time without following a diet. Therefore, you should limit yourself to at least sweet and fatty.
  • It is recommended to fast once a week, you can use apples, kefir, buckwheat. Such a day will add more energy to the body and free it from unnecessary substances.
  • If the woman is already 35-45 years old. Then you need to take a more comprehensive approach here, it is better to use the lessons in the pool and follow a diet. However, it is important not to rely on dietary restrictions when dieting.
  • If you don't want to train at all, walks will help. You have to walk a lot to work or go to school. Thus, to abandon transport and use only the feet as a means of transport.
  • If you have already gained weight during pregnancy, it is impossible to lose it in a week and you should not suffer. In this case, you need to follow a healthy diet, exercise as much as possible, and everything will go by itself.