reasons for excess weight

Of course, one of the biggest problems, interested in every woman in a certain period is the excess weight. This problem there are many ways and solutions. But the most effective is the principle - to prevent excess weight, is to find and remove the cause that lead to undesirable body weight.

Remove the cause of excess weight

And is there any extra weight?

First you need to know, whether you have extra pounds. Today has been almost perfect for each variable. This value is called the body mass Index (English name Body Mass Index (BMT) or BMI. This index reports that a person, depending on his height, what his body weight is insufficient, normal or excessive.

Here is an example: we assume that the weight is 80 kg, and 80 cm 1m growth Index: 80 kg/ 1,85*1,85 = 23,3 - which reflects the optimum ratio of length/weight. Certainly you Are also interested in all kinds of indexes:

  • 16 and less - the man has a big deficit in the mass;
  • 16-18,5 - a relatively small deficit of body weight;
  • 18.5 to 25 - you have the optimal ratio of height and weight;
  • 25-30 - overweight;
  • 30-35 obesity first degree;
  • 35-40 - obesity the second degree;
  • 40 or more is obesity of the third degree.

By the way, it is worth noting that this index was developed in 1869 by the Belgian sociologist and statistician, Adolphe Quetelet, and is still the most important and the most popular way to determine the presence or absence of overweight.

If you want to calculate personal indices without a calculator, telephone, mental, or pencil and paper, you Can use this schedule:

If, after the calculations, you will notice that your weight is normal, then we congratulate you, if not, then let's understand, what are the reasons for this.

Physiological causes for excess weight

The first place among the physiological causes is the irregular metabolism. Scientists have shown that people who are generally overweight, the body slowly metabolizes the nutrients that enter the body with food and later converted into energy.

From this we can conclude that the excess will be deposited in the human body in the form of fat reserves. In order to restore normal metabolism, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes, provoking him.

In second place is human Genetics. You've probably heard stories that if your family has a tendency to be overweight, You will sooner or later replenish their ranks. All this is true, if not for one thing - genes are not responsible for the extra fat formed in the body, however, of heredity, that you only have to determine your body type, and nothing else.

The third cause of excess weight is a disease. If all efforts to lose weight will not be crowned with success, You need to look for a qualified expert. Research You need to start treatment.

Disease, provocative overweight, are endocrine diseases: hypothyroidism and diabetes and many others. Also, don't forget that the excess weight leads to the development of many diseases. Firstly, it affects the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, etc. Many people do not take serious enough cause weight gain psychotropic drugs. A very good reason. Because the mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs on body weight is still poorly understood.Perhaps this is due to the taste of all the sweet during the use of these drugs.

Another physiological reason for the recruitment of extra pounds are imbalances in the development of female hormones. Malfunction of the hormonal system in many cases will prevent your ideal weight. Hormones regulate all the functions of the cells and glands. Therefore, you need to make sure that the body work them the right amount, but not too much.

Last on our list, but not least, we put pregnancy. During pregnancy the body of every woman undergoing profound change: the incidence of cumulative and construction processes. This metabolism is quite normal for a pregnant woman because she is programmed by nature to give nutrients to the birth of a new life in the womb, and then during lactation.

It is often observed that this type of metabolism remains and after pregnancy, which leads to the accumulation of fat. To get rid of them by checking your lifestyle and diet.

Psychological causes for excess weight

Psychological causes for excess weight

Psychological causes, in contrast to physiological are indirect reasons for the appearance of extra pounds.

Firstly, we decided to put the "Binding" problem. This is obvious, when you're bored or you got angry or upset, the whole reason is the psychological discomfort (i.e., the head). At such moments, to pounce on anything to eat. However, in such situations, it is necessary to restrain their impulses, because You don't want to deal with the problem, by the consumption of Goodies. At such moments, the brain moves to the meals and temporarily numbs the senses through taste reflex. It should be remembered always and try to avoid such situations.

The second reason is often marriage. No, we do not in any case do not call not to marry, on the contrary. However, when he married, after the slender girl turns into disorderly bunny. Many psychologists attribute this to the fact that a woman ceases to be a predator. His goal has been achieved, and there is no more reason to conquer the strong half of mankind, that his image.

The third reason, in our opinion, the most important thing, is the aversion to women themselves.Overeating is most likely the people who don't really love myself, underestimate their own importance.

According to the statistics: about 80% of people, losing weight through diet, two years, to return to the original weight or gain even more pounds. This means that the work to change the shape of the body should be performed the head - this is not a figurative expression. Between our physical body and our psyche, there is a close mutual connection. And until they are resolved psychological causes the number of weight other methods - at the gym, diet, different detox treatments, etc. - all of them are only short-term effect. To secure lasting results, it is necessary to act in two directions at once. Necessary to carry out psychotherapeutic work and also connect a variety of external methods to do fitness ,go on a proper diet, etc.

For example, women have low self-esteem, he does not feel that her opinion matters to someone. Of course, I must strive to begin to feel heavier and more substantial. With no other ways to achieve the desired, it is at the level of the subconscious can choose the easiest way: "enlarge" the boundaries in the physical world. That is, to add volume or to add a fat layer. Our subconscious mind does not understand figurative expressions and literal, and full of people looks like a "bigger" weight.

Therefore, overweight people often suffer from timid and shy women and girls, those who find it difficult to defend their own opinion, who are accustomed to "floating". But something that we observe in the animal world. Animals, when threatened, too, want to grow: to uplift the hair, pusat feathers, arch his back. In addition, excessive fat mass is a kind of protective armor, the man hides his insecure Ego. And sometimes, if the person was injured. For example, a girl became a rape victim. Then he might think: "If I could be less attractive if it never happened" (but this opinion is wrong: attract girls, respectively, become victims of sexual violence, and beauty). When extra pounds to play the role of protection, even to reduce weight, wear baggy clothes, so as not to attract to his person, too much men's attention. It is Fear, that is a woman.

At that stage weight

Places greater severity of overdubs fat can also clearly indicate psychological problems. For example, the saturation of the waist and abdomen is often associated with the failure of the women. When the girls waist is unclear (so-called "figure of the male-type"), this suggests that he does not accept her femininity, dare to be weak and depend on circumstances or the people around him, without feeling their support.

Massive lower body (legs, hips, and buttocks) are often found in people who are prone to Hyper to care for their loved ones. This woman is likely a model, a mother, a wife and a mistress (or he wants to be her). But the economy only "suffocating its steel hands," do not give room for any free person, nor to take independent decisions.

What it means to "love yourself"? Many psychologists now argue that the extra weight comes from lack of love itself. But few can explain how to learn to accept yourself and what measures can be taken, self-love. It follows that misconception is typical of many, that "love yourself" means to buy expensive things, you can drive yourself to luxurious Spa treatments. This is not so. I love and appreciate your own personality and body, means in contact with him and ability to hear his real needs. Need to start learning to build relationships and trust with yourself - then the body disappears the need to protect or compensate for low self-esteem with the help of body fat.

Standards of beauty

Standards of beauty

The age of Rubens beauties was considered good in the body today - thin, more like not a woman, but a Teenager. When you go deep into the story, it becomes clear that the ideal has always been considered something that was difficult to achieve.

For example, in the Middle ages (after Rubens) more people worked in heavy physical work, simple malnutrition or eating rough food. Be filled with this diet and way of life was very difficult. Therefore, to achieve mouthwatering rubens forms managed a few - only a limited layer of rich, which can be without any opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of food.

Today the situation has changed: the majority of people work in offices (that is, moves a little), fill the gorge almost all (but it is not useful, and a very high-calorie foods). It turns out that obesity is the scourge of our time. In our conditions, not every girl manages to stay slim walking stick.

Finally, I want to give advice: train yourself to eat with awareness. In practice it may look something like this: if there is a sudden desire to eat something, do not rush and listen to yourself: driven by whether hungry or have another reason to ask You to sit down at the table. Lead a more active lifestyle, and you can forever remove all cause of you being overweight.