How to lose 7 kg in a week, 10 days, 1-3 months

How to lose seven pounds a week

Many girls work for a great figure and want to look attractive and get the shape they want. Especially if it is not so difficult to obtain and only a few kilograms need to be thrown into the required shape. This time we will show you how to lose 7 kg with diet and exercise. At the same time, do not exhaust yourself with meaningless, dangerous hunger strikes and overloads. In fact, it is not so difficult, just reconsider your diet a little and pay more attention to physical activity. However, the complexity and sometimes unusual nature of the procedure depends on the duration of weight loss.

General principles

In addition to programs designed for different periods, there are a few general nuances that are always relevant:

  • It is important to take into account the characteristics of your body, to know about diseases, especially chronic diseases.
  • Before proceeding, it is advisable to visit a general practitioner for general recommendations and a nutritionist for individual recipes.
  • Make a strict diary and try to follow it, which means getting up at the same time, eating on schedule.
  • Eliminate soda, chips, fast food and other harmful foods from your diet.
  • Limit your consumption of sweet and savory cakes, pies, cakes, sweets, salty foods. Reduce your daily sugar and salt intake, but do not cut it completely. This can hurt you. You can make it easier with good things. If you really want to, eat a small piece to prevent craving.
  • Even if you have a lot of time, immediately take what you can't do without training. If you lose weight without effort, you lose useful muscle mass, not fat.
  • Remember to drink more than 3 liters of fluid a day and add juice, juice, etc. Includes water that comes with food in the form of, causing disruption in the functioning of some organs. And this can lead to many serious consequences. Therefore, not all water diets are designed for a long time.

Lose 7 kg in 5 days

How fast to lose 7 pounds

This is a very short time and therefore very dangerous. If for some reason you need to lose weight during this period, then it is better to prepare in advance, because the pounds will return quickly and easily.

It will be difficult to retain the new mass, and such express methods are fraught with more serious consequences. The optimal time to lose weight is still 2-3 weeks or a month.

7 kg weight loss diets

Proper nutrition alone will not be enough here, that is, you will have to sit on something useful, not very pleasant. The same option is sometimes suitable for immediate cleansing of the body of toxins.

Among the most popular are:

  • Grapefruit We ate fruit and washed down with low-fat kefir cups. It's hard to catch, but the result is noticeable.
  • Water and bread.Drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid a day. Snack on sandwiches with a layer of low-fat tomatoes, carrots, salad, unsweetened fruit, made from black or whole grain bread.
  • Green tea.They eat fruits and vegetables - preferably fresh, unprocessed. For drinks up to 5 cups a day, no more. Flavored with lemon, honey & ginger

Weight Loss

Carbohydrate deficiency will always put you to sleep, but you need to be physically active without being too active and without hurting yourself. If you feel that everything is unbearably painful, or if stretch marks, bruises, and bruises occur, stop immediately and start eating normally to restore muscle activity.


  • Fill for at least 15 minutes every morning.
  • Stand on the stick - as many as you can, but 5 sets in the best way, 20 seconds each.
  • Tap the press. The more you do, the better.
  • Throw the circle, or if they did before, hula hoop. You should not start immediately, as bruising may occur.
  • Throw out during the day, stretch your back, bend over.
  • Before going to bed, they walk on the street for an hour, a few kilometers.

Did the body ask for mercy? Stop and reduce loads.

How to lose 7 kg a week?

How to lose seven pounds a week

Some girls think that it is good to lose a kilogram a day. But this is not the case.

Only a healthy person can solve this. Do you have chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, digestive system? We boldly increase the time and forget all the needs or goals. None of them are worth your health.

Effective Diets

There are several programs to lose seven pounds a week. These include:

  • buckwheat.Not suitable for everyone, not every girl can live a few days sparingly with kefir, green tea and boiled chicken breast on this grain alone. In this case, buckwheat should only be steamed, but not boiled, cut into small pieces and eaten at the same time. All this without salt.
  • Babushkina.We reduce our daily carbohydrate intake by thousands of kilocalories. The diet is based on vegetables, fruits and proteins (dairy products, lean meat and fish).
  • 5 tablespoons.You can eat almost anything, but your share should not exceed one hundred and fifty grams. Only alcohol is prohibited, the amount of salt and sugar is reduced.

Activities and sports exercises

You will not be able to lose seven kilograms in a week without exercise, either sign up for a gym or train at home.

Possible options:

  • Daily - sports, at least fifteen minutes, walking - five kilometers, running and hula hoop bending.
  • 1, 3, 5 days - cardiostimulation - cardiovascular equipment, dance, fitness.
  • 2, 4, 6 days - cycling or swimming. Drive a few miles.
  • Day 7 is the day of discharge.

In addition, you can wear corrective underwear, make a cleansing enema, curl, massage, take soda and salt baths.

Lose 7 kg in 10-14 days

lose seven pounds in two weeks

If it is possible to extend the period of losing extra pounds for ten days or two weeks, we reduce the likelihood of undesirable results.

You will no longer be so hungry here, you will not limit yourself to anything, especially high loads.

Meals to lose 7 kg in 2 weeks

Some of the most common options are:

  • Vegetables.Here we prefer low-fat, non-starchy vegetable products. You can dilute them with unsweetened fruits, kefir and cottage cheese.
  • Brazil.The diet is almost the same as above, the total amount of calories does not exceed 1200 kcal. Sports are required.
  • Kefir.The basis of the daily diet is 1 liter of drink with a fat content of 1. 5%. It is added with other dairy products, fish, meat and vegetables.
  • unsalted.We eliminate salt from the whole diet only when we eat healthy food. It is very difficult to shoot, so do not be zealous. And it is advisable to drink more without waiting for you to become thirsty.

Exercises to lose 7 kg

You can't do without sports, but you shouldn't put up with pain and anxiety. You have a perfect time frame, so you can relax a bit. Exercise can be the same as losing weight in a week - exercise, walking, dancing, skipping rope, etc.

Choose one of the following additional options for cleaning and ways to get rid of unnecessary kg:

  • Enemas.
  • sarar.
  • Fasting days.
  • Salt and soda baths.
  • Massage anti-cellulite creams.
  • Massages.
  • Use of dietary supplements - consult a specialist before starting the course.

Lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks

How to lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks

This is the best time to lose weight. You no longer need a strict diet, just eat right, exercise moderately and at the same time you will not feel bad or anxious.

Possible Diets

  • Japanese unsalted.Accepts rice, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits. Drink everything with green tea.
  • English.Vegetable and protein days are interchangeable, the daily caloric intake does not exceed 1200 kcal. 7, 14 and 21 days - discharge, only allowed to drink.
  • Roller coaster.In 1 and 3 weeks, eat a low-calorie meal - up to 800 kcal. In the second, it increases to 1, 200.

Weight Loss Classes

There is no need to run if you are not used to it from the beginning. And it is recommended to give the body a small amount of water. Optimal:

  • Exercise in the morning.
  • Any training to work on problem areas.
  • Mandatory 3-5 km walk in the evenings.

Everything is at your disposal and in your wallet, including additional cosmetic procedures. Do you have the opportunity to visit the salon? Go, listen to the experts and sign up for any of the programs.

How to lose 7 kg in a month?

You can lose more during this time, but if you don't have such a goal, it will be much easier to fight unwanted pounds.

Optimal Diets

  • Vegetarian.It is better to eat not only vegetables and fruits, but also to supplement them with dairy products. So you will not lose protein, which is valuable for the body, and the menu will be richer and more varied.
  • Protein.It is one of the most common. Then they eat lean meat, fish, cottage cheese, kefir, vegetables and fruits. The total daily caloric intake is 1200 kcal.
  • The rest of the above.Similar to the previous version, but first the days alternate with milk and vegetables, then carbohydrates are gradually introduced. All this with intense training.

Exercises to lose 7 kg

And here you can diversify the traditional options a bit, present more complex experiences and loads.

In addition to morning exercises and walks, pay attention to the following:

  • Pull through the abdomen using a special technique.
  • Some basic yoga exercises.
  • Respiratory gymnastics.
  • Popular towel classes in Japan.

This way you can easily lose annoying pounds and feel good.

Lose 7 kg in 2-3 months

how to get rid of seven extra pounds

This is the lightest, safest option we have listed. Ideal for those who want to get rid of excess weight for a long time and at the same time not too tense.

Effective Diets

  • Pulse energy supply.Reduce fat intake. It is divided into two types - support for weight stabilization and weight loss with a decrease in carbohydrate intake. Meals are made from many ingredients and are eaten slowly.
  • doctor's diet.The main thing is to eat a deficit at a certain time. The daily caloric intake is 1200 kcal.
  • 90-day separate meal.Each of them covers 22 cycles of four days, followed by a sequence - protein - starch - carbohydrate - vitamin day. After the 7th circuit - a drain.

Appropriate Exercises

To lose 7 kg in 2-3 months, you need to increase your daily load. If you want, you can do sports.


  • Walk two stops every day.
  • Don't use the elevator, just go up the stairs.
  • Keep warm every hour, even while sitting at work.
  • Perform any of the light load types - bend a bar, a hoop, or a hula hoop.

But you can easily expand the additional options to lose weight:

  • Consult a specialist, choose the best option with a specialist.
  • Take a multivitamin.
  • Alternative auxiliary cosmetic procedures - coatings - salt baths, etc.
  • Investigate the author's technique. Many of them are designed for a long time.

So, if you specify the time frame and weight loss target, losing 7 kg is not so difficult. You just need to eat right, reduce your daily calorie intake, increase physical activity and you will get the desired effect quickly.