Diet and menus for gastritis for a week: the best recipes. Healthy food for gastritis: menu

The need to follow a diet for gastritis

A person in the rhythm of modern life rarely thinks about proper nutrition. Requires a dose of food when he is able to carve food for only a minute, or if his stomach hurts and begins to rumble.

This indifference to human health causes a very common disease - gastritis. When anxiety becomes unbearable, people seek medical attention. The doctor recommends a diet. Within a week, the question arises as to what is the menu for gastritis.

Basic nutrition rules

When preparing a menu for gastritis for a week, nutritionists insist on following important nutritional rules:

  1. Food should only be eaten hot. Eating too cold or too hot food is unacceptable. Because such dishes irritate the gastric mucosa.
  2. Food intended for patients with gastritis should be rubbed. This is especially true if increased secretion of gastric juice is diagnosed.
  3. Beneficial nutrition is extremely fragile. It is recommended to eat about 6 times a day.
  4. The patient should avoid smoked, fried, canned and salty foods.
  5. You should not drink alcohol. It is recommended to refrain from spices and seasonings.
  6. Coffee should be excluded from the diet. The use of chocolate is as limited as possible.

There are many diet options. Each of them allows to improve the patient's condition with a certain type of pathology. Therefore, it is extremely important that your doctor prepares a gastritis menu for a week.

Diet # 1

nutritional guidelines for gastritis

The doctor will recommend such a menu for erosive gastritis within a week. This table is also prescribed for gastric ulcers.

Eating completely excludes foods that can exacerbate an illness or anxiety. The recipes recommended in this diet make digestion as easy as possible.

In addition, Table 1 not only promotes recovery, but also provides a reduction in the severity of the disease. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for pathology.

Prohibited Products

We will first analyze what should not be food for gastritis.

There is one exception in the weekly menu:

  • fatty poultry, meat and fish;
  • various cans;
  • raw vegetables, fruits;
  • smoked and semi-smoked products;
  • all sour vegetables and fruits (citrus fruits, spinach, sorrel, white cabbage);
  • all sauces (low-fat dairy meat is allowed);
  • spicy vegetables (onion, garlic, radish, radish);
  • salty and salty foods;
  • mushroom;
  • ice cream and chocolate;
  • coffee, strong tea;
  • carbonated water and kvass;
  • black bread;
  • rich products;
  • fried foods.

Recommended products

There is a wide list of foods (if diagnosed with erosive gastritis) diet.

The menu for the week is based on the following recommendations:

  1. Soups.Prefer creamy foods. Puree soups are useful. Be sure to grind food.
  2. Kashi.The diet only includes any grains cooked in water. However, it is allowed to add a little milk to the meal. The most useful are slimy cereals.
  3. Poultry, fish, meat.Choose only low-fat varieties. Such foods should be steamed or boiled. Remember that they should be consumed in grated form.
  4. What you can eat with gastritis
  5. Vegetables.It is recommended to eat boiled products. If you want to eat raw vegetables, crush them first.
  6. Fruit.They will bring the greatest benefit in the form of baked fruit or jelly. Also, keep in mind that only non-acidic types are acceptable in the diet.
  7. Confectionery.Those who love goodness can pamper themselves with marshmallows, jelly, marshmallows. In addition, this diet allows you to consume sugar.
  8. Drinks.Rosehip decoction is very useful. The diet contains cocoa, weak tea. Fresh juices are allowed. However, they should not be sour. In addition, it is recommended to dilute them with water.
  9. Sausages, hard cheese.Choose lean products. Prefer the following types of sausages: doctor, dairy products.
  10. Eggs.There is an omelet in this ration. You can eat soft-boiled eggs. But you should not overdo it. 1-2 eggs a day is enough.
  11. Bakery products.Prefer biscuits, crackers. You can only eat yesterday's bread.
  12. Dairy products.Low fat foods are allowed. You can safely include cheese, butter, milk, cream in your diet. But it must be remembered that they are extremely low in fat.

Sample Menu

Despite numerous limitations, the diet table is quite diverse.

To make it easier to understand what a diet is, check out a sample menu for gastritis for a week:

1 day:

  • 1 breakfast: creamy or milk puree cottage cheese; buckwheat (puree) milk porridge; tea with milk;
  • 2 breakfasts: a glass of milk or cream;
  • dinner: semolina soup with milk; zrazy steamed meat stuffed with omelet; apple jelly;
  • Meals: steamed fish balls with bechamel sauce + pasta; tea;
  • For the night
  • : a glass of cream or milk biscuits.

2 days:

Dietary rules for gastritis
  • 1 breakfast: steamed meatballs + mashed potatoes and carrots; "Hercules" flakes cooked in milk; creamy tea;
  • 2 breakfasts: milk jelly;
  • dinner: rice and milk soup puree; boiled meat, carrot puree with bechamel sauce; fruit, berry jelly;
  • dinner: meatballs are lazy; tea;
  • night: milk / cream and cookies.

3 days:

  • 1 breakfast: boiled egg - 2 pieces; vermicelli boiled with a piece of butter; creamy tea;
  • 2 breakfasts: a glass of kefir;
  • dinner: potato-carrot milk soup; bechamel + steamed meatballs + semi-viscous rice porridge; compote;
  • Meals: steamed meat cutlets + mashed corn porridge; 1 tbsp. hips decoction;
  • for the night: a glass of milk + cookies.

4 days:

  • 1 breakfast: cottage cheese cream; mucous rice porridge or pureed milk; cocoa + cream;
  • 2 breakfasts: berry jelly;
  • Dinner: milk soup with Hercules flakes; besamelli meat pudding + mashed potatoes made from green peas; apple jelly.
  • dinner: meat puree with noodles; hip juice;
  • For the night
  • : croup with 1 tbsp. milk.

5 days:

  • 1 breakfast: herring oil; mashed potatoes and carrots with cream; milk tea;
  • 2 breakfasts: 1 tbsp. milk;
  • dinner: grated green pea soup; boiled chicken + vermicelli + white sauce; berry foam with semolina;
  • dinner: buckwheat pudding with cottage cheese; hip juice;
  • For the night
  • : 1 tbsp. cream (milk) + biscuits.

6 days:

  • 1 breakfast: steamed omelet; flakes rubbed "Hercules"; milk tea;
  • 2 breakfasts: 1 tbsp. cream or milk;
  • Dinner: carrot puree soup with croutons; buckwheat (mashed) porridge + fish boiled in butter and egg sauce; berry syrup with snowballs;
  • dinner: steamed rice cakes with cottage cheese; hip juice;
  • For the night
  • : cookies + 1 tbsp. milk.
menu for a week with gastritis

7 days:

  • 1 breakfast: semolina porridge; meat cheese; creamy tea;
  • 2 breakfasts: a glass of milk;
  • dinner: milk pumpkin soup with croutons; tongue boiled with rice puree; baked apples with jam;
  • dinner: steamed meat pudding with mashed potatoes and carrots; hip juice;
  • night: biscuit cream or milk.

5 diet table number

For some pathologies, a slightly different diet is prescribed. Diet No. 5 is recommended for chronic gastritis and other diseases of the bile, liver and pancreas.

The main purpose of this diet is to create the mildest conditions for the liver and normalize the functioning of the digestive system. For Table 5, all dietary foods are boiled, cooked, or steamed. It is strictly forbidden to fry and cook sauces in broths. It is recommended to grind hard meats in a meat grinder. Fractional and frequent meals are shown for diet number 5.

But remember that the gastric menu of the stomach should be prepared for you by your doctor within a week. Only then will it bring maximum health benefits.

Prohibited Products

Think about what to avoid to get rid of diet for gastritis.

Weekly menus are prepared under the following restrictions:

  • edible oils (these are margarine, lard, spread);
  • fast food;
  • confectionery;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • chewing gum;
  • pearl barley;
  • legumes;
  • Foods high in oxalic acid, purines (eg, radishes).

Allowed meals

If such a diet is prescribed for gastritis, the weekly menu includes the following products:

nutritional properties for gastritis of the stomach
  • tea fish;
  • nonfat cottage cheese;
  • soft cheese;
  • low-fat sour cream;
  • wheat bread (soft part);
  • kefir;
  • herbal teas;
  • cream;
  • vegetable soups;
  • milk teas;
  • sweet apple;
  • pasta soup;
  • ripe fruit.

Approximate Diet

A weekly gastritis and pancreatitis menu will be recommended by a nutritionist.

It looks like this:

  1. First breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, oatmeal, tea.
  2. Second breakfast: baked apple.
  3. Dinner: vegetable soup with vegetable oil only, boiled chicken + milk sauce, boiled rice, compote made from dried fruits.
  4. Afternoon snack: 1 tbsp. hip decoction.
  5. Meals: boiled fish + white sauce, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, tea.
  6. Night: 1 tbsp. kefir.

Diet Recipes # 1

It is important to understand how to cook properly. Therefore, when talking to your dietitian, discuss the menu of the week with recipes gastritis.

Let's look at some simple cooking technologies:

  1. Potato-carrot, rice puree soup. Cook 30 grams of rice in water (1. 5 tablespoons) until soft. Grind. Cook potatoes (100 g) and carrots (75 g) separately. Delete these items as well. Mix everything. Dilute the resulting puree with boiling milk (200 g). Season with 0, 5 egg yolks and butter (20 g).
  2. Boiled beef. Pour the meat (110 g) with warm water so that the liquid covers only the beef. After boiling, remove the foam and cook on low heat for 1, 5-2 hours. About 30 minutes before the end of the meal, add the chopped carrots (10 g), parsley root and celery (5 g each) to the pot. Add salt to taste.

Recipes for diet number 5

The following dishes are on the menu for gastritis for a week:

What to eat in the diet for gastritis
  1. Meat is cheese. Pass the boiled (lean) meat through the meat grinder twice. Color cheese (15 g). Mix both ingredients. Add butter (10 g) and bechamel (flour - 10 g, milk - 100 g). Form the mass. Sprinkle with chopped herbs.
  2. Steam omelet. Beat 2 eggs. Add a little salt. Add milk (50 g) and butter (5 g) to the mixture. Steam the omelette.
  3. Curd with lingonberries and sour cream. But keep in mind that you can only eat a low-fat product. Take cottage cheese (100 g), rub it carefully. Pour the product with sour cream 10% or 15% (20 g). Add lingonberries, pre-crushed with sugar (30 g).

If you have been diagnosed with gastritis, be sure to follow your diet. This will allow you to return to the service earlier.