Favorite diet to lose 3 to 15 kg in three weeks. What to eat to lose weight in the diet

How to lose weight on your favorite diet

It is a mystery why this is the answer, but perhaps because it is short-lived and surprisingly effective, and there is food on the menu to suit every taste.

To understand if your favorite diet is right, you need to learn the most important things about it.

Secrets of the effectiveness and real benefits of your lover's diet for weight loss

Favorite - is a type of various fasting days, which is one of the most unusual and popular methods of losing weight.

According to scientific data, the body's metabolism is more prone to work in a somewhat non-standard way when it is forced to process brightly different foods from time to time, and energy expenditures increase significantly.

The products in Favorit's diet for weight loss are different (and if we compare those that can be consumed on the same day, at the same time).

Food is also divided into two non-overlapping categories - solid food and drinking.

Lack of fats and carbohydrates (especially simple ones) and the general low-calorie content of the diet affect the accelerated breakdown of subcutaneous fat deposits.

In addition, weight loss occurs due to excessive fluid excretion from the body, which is due to the diuretic effect of certain products and depletion of glycogen stores, which are products of glucose processing.

The number of kilograms lost depends on the initial body weight.

In this individual case, the more than the norm, the more important the figures on the scales will be.

Approximately this value changes:

  • between 3 and 6 kg per week;
  • between 5 and 10 kg in two weeks;
  • 7 to 15 kg in three weeks.

However, the latter option is dangerous in terms of stress on the body, reduces normal health and is not recommended by many doctors.

Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to one or two uninterrupted diets.

You can re-apply your favorite diet no sooner than 3-4 months.

Features of Your Favorite Diet to Lose Weight

Diet favorite - not easy Often, this is accompanied by increased emotional fatigue, decreased physical endurance and periodic thirst attacks to eat something outside the planned menu (of course, can not give up).

It is recommended to avoid heavy work and other burdens and not to travel during the diet (it will be difficult to adapt to the new climate and even time zone).

It will be useful to take a vitamin-mineral complex.

It is also important to think that this weight loss method puts a heavy burden on the body and is unacceptable in case of any serious health problems.

In particular, the favorite diet to lose weight is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • postoperative rehabilitation period;
  • increase in blood cholesterol levels;
  • existing autumn-winter viral or infectious disease (eg, influenza, tonsillitis);
  • gastritis;
  • disorders of the endocrine (hormonal) system;
  • tendency to faint;
  • liver disease;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • varicose veins.

To lose weight, leaving Favorit's diet should be as smooth as the others, ie gradually:

  • increase the caloric content of the daily diet;
  • increase in consumed fats and carbohydrates (first complex, then simple);
  • withdrawal of the main products of the diet from the diet;
  • add sweets, sausages, pastries and the like to the menu;
  • By reducing the amount of fluid you drink (up to normal volumes).

Hurrying after a diet (unless you keep it in such a careful way for at least a week) always leads to one thing - weight loss and often more than before the start of a weight loss program.

Nutrition rules to lose weight in your lover's diet

The order of the "tables" in the seven-day courses of this diet may be different, but everything should end with a balanced diet, which normalizes metabolic processes.

Drinking table

Everything that can be drunk is consumed, which means we are talking about the first hot meals.

Generally, these are vegetable or meat broths, but if pureed soup is cooked, the proportion of vegetable puree should be minimal.

Both cellulose-free fruit and vegetable juices should be available.

It is forbidden to drink jelly - starch will protect the digestive system from failures.

Tea, herbal infusions, black coffee, kefir, yogurt, whey and skim milk can also be on the menu. Non-carbonated mineral water is mandatory.

Vegetable table

This category of products can be cooked as you wish - boil, bake, bake in the oven or on the grill, just shred. . . In addition you can add unrefined vegetable oil and spices - herbs. The choice of vegetables up to 1. 5 kg per day is not limited, only sweet potatoes, beets and potatoes with corn are excluded.

Fruit table

This range of products is eaten raw and cooked (cinnamon and herbs will help you forget that there is no sugar). It is recommended to prefer pomegranates, citrus fruits, dragon fruits, peaches, papaya, apples, pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, peaches and pears. You can eat up to 1, 5-2 kg of fruit per day. The main thing is not to take grapes with sweet-saturated fruits - bananas, raisins, dates and dried apricots.

Protein table

In this case, eggs, or rather proteins, are evaluated. All meat should be lean - poultry, fish, squid and shrimp, veal and rabbit. Low-fat cheeses are also required, preferably goat's milk. And low-fat fermented dairy products - cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir.

You can add soy products (milk, "meat" and tofu), mushrooms and some nuts. Before baking, they prepare everything as different as vegetables without giving up spices, oil and lemon juice for salting.

Balanced table

This last day's diet menu is a combination of the best of the previous fasting days.

And it is worth mentioning the allowed foods, which are also classified as "negative calorie" foods, which means that the body produces more or less energy than it needs to digest.

This highly desirable food on the diet table (vegetables and balanced) includes:

  • pumpkin;
  • asparagus;
  • pineapple;
  • apple;
  • cabbage (especially broccoli and cauliflower);
  • cucumber;
  • grapefruits;
  • green beans;
  • papaya;
  • mushrooms (some);
  • bell pepper;
  • radish.

Salt and sugar are prohibited for 1 week, two weeks of the diet - salt is allowed, and the sweetness of sugar is replaced by honey and maple syrup.

Soybeans can be added on any day (except for drinking).

In order to lose weight in the diet of a dear lover, you do not need to take portions seriously, but firstly, it is better not to exceed the recommended daily caloric intake, and secondly, not to eat more than necessary for relative satiety, which protects the shadow of hunger.

It is recommended to set the table for dinner 3 hours before bedtime and 30 minutes after waking up from breakfast.

There is no need to eat dry food - a few sips will not break anything, but the excess liquid dilutes the gastric juice, which impedes digestion. Therefore, drinking (excluding drinking days - 1. 5 liters per day) should be 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals.

A glass of lipid metabolism activator, tested by time and science, the habit of drinking ginger tea with lemon in the morning, can be a useful supplement for all 7 days,

Menu for weight loss in the diet of loved ones

first day (drink)

  • Breakfast - tropical juice (mango, orange, pineapple).
  • Lunch - kefir.
  • Lunch - pumpkin soup cooked with beef broth.
  • Afternoon snack - berry jelly.
  • Dinner - tea made from dried apples and rose hips.

Second day (vegetables)

  • Breakfast - tomato salad with cucumber, radish and olive oil.
  • Dinner - bell peppers with green beans.
  • Lunch - boiled vegetable salad with pumpkin cooked in olive oil and soy sauce.
  • Afternoon snack - baked white cabbage.
  • Dinner - a variety of baked tomatoes, eggplant, vegetable marrow and carrots.

Third day (drinking)

  • Breakfast - yogurt mixed with berry juice.
  • Lunch - various red juices - pomegranate, cherry, tomato.
  • Lunch - berry jelly.
  • Afternoon snack - fish juice.
  • Food - veal juice.

Fourth day (fruit)

  • Breakfast - apple, kiwi and fresh berry salad.
  • Lunch - pears baked with cinnamon.
  • Lunch - grapefruit.
  • Afternoon snack - salad of peach, cherry and soybean sprouts.
  • Meals - baked apples, pears and peaches.

Fifth day (protein)

  • Breakfast - delicious cheese cakes with herbs and yogurt.
  • Lunch - hot squid salad with tofu and soy sprouts.
  • Lunch - steamed chicken meatballs, soy milk.
  • Afternoon snack - omelet with mushrooms and goat cheese.
  • Dinner - cooked fish.

Sixth day (drinking)

  • Breakfast - carrot and apple juice.
  • Lunch - black coffee with skim milk.
  • Lunch - mushroom soup in chicken broth with chopped green peas.
  • Afternoon snack - green tea with lilac flowers.
  • Dinner - pear juice.

Seventh day (balanced)

  • Breakfast - vegetable omelet, delicious cottage cheese casserole with greens, fruit salad.
  • Lunch - okroshka in chicken kefir.
  • Lunch - green cabbage soup in chicken broth with boiled eggs, radish salad with cucumber with sour cream, baked apples.
  • Afternoon snack - stuffed in the oven with tomatoes, minced chicken with cheese, berry jelly.
  • Dinner - baked fish decorated with boiled asparagus, yogurt with berries.