How to lose weight

We all know that a key principle of weight loss: eat less, burn more. But we also know that most diets and quick plans actually not as effective as promised by the creators. And if you want to know how to lose weight fast, then we have good news: the expert advice below will make the process of losing weight is simple and effective!

Lose weight

1. Write down everything you eat for a week, and can lose weight

According to the survey, those who lead, as here, "food" day books, on average, eat 15% of those who this information is not. Pay special attention to the weekends, as well as researchers from the University of North Carolina found that people consume about 115 calories per day, mainly due to the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods.

2. More calories, what, in your opinion, every day eat, 10%

If you believe that the daily caloric intake is 1600 calories, and I can't understand why not losing weight, then add another 160 calories. In all probability, the resulting figure is more accurate. Change your eating habits properly.

3. Try to find an online partner for weight loss

According to other studies, which were conducted at the University of Vermont, and as online friends for help. During the research, a group of volunteers were observed for 1.5 years. Those who used to support online programs, lose weight better than those who personally participated in the support group.

4. Repeat the mantra - and why not?

You've probably heard something independent of the prophecies. And if you focus on what you can do, say, give in to bad food every day for a walk in the fresh air - it is likely that you will continue to do so. Instead, (and no matter, if you don't believe in the efficacy of mantras) better to say such phrases: "I can't lose weight", "I'm going out tonight", "I'm sure (sure) that I can't give up the afternoon sweets." Repeat all this as often as possible, and soon it will come true!

5. Drink only water throughout the day

Drink only water throughout the day

At breakfast you can drink like apple juice, but the rest of the day to lean exclusively on the water. No juices and carbonated beverages! Every day, we get about 245 calories, along with a variety of soft drinks, which is equal to 90,000 calories or about 11.4 kg throughout the whole year! However, sweet beverages, regardless of calorie content, hardly gives a feeling of satiety.

6. Watching TV an hour less

Like for example, here is another study: observation of a group of students, consisting of 76 people, has shown that the amount of food eaten is equal to the relative time spent watching TV. Just sacrifice one program (it will probably be it, who would not want to watch). Instead, walk down the street.

7. Eat 3 bite less

Can also be one dish, a glass of juice, etc. This will allow you to consume at least 100 fewer calories per day, which is enough to "short receipt" 1 kg of weight per year.

8. Wash something every week

No matter what it is - a Window in the apartment, the bathroom or the car. A person who weighs 70 kg back 20 calories for 5 minutes of cleaning. Therefore, the hours of work you can get rid of 240 calories.

9. Eat, when the stomach begins to rumble

You won't believe how much food we eat out of boredom, nerves, bad moods or trivial ways! So many, that some do not remember the sensations of physical hunger. And if you're dreaming of a certain dish or product, it's probably a craving, not hunger. On the other hand, if you are ready to eat anything, apparently, really hungry. Try to find other ways to pass the time to manage stress!

10. If you are hungry, sniff peppermint, bananas or apples

It sounds silly, but it really works! When alan R. Hirsch, MD. Sciences of Chicago, conducted the study, which was attended by 3000 eur for volunteers, he found that people who sniffed all, suffer less hunger and, therefore, more weight (an average of 13.6 kg). According to one version the person to smell these products, as if to deceive the brain, who thinks, that eating them yourself.

11. Look at the blue

Another useful advice on how to lose weight fast at home. It is unlikely you can find a lot of restaurants, design, which was used in the blue color. The reason is that this color suppresses appetite. So eat blue bowl on a blue dress over a table covered with a blue table cloth! Also lose the yellow and red items in the kitchen. It is scientifically proven that they increase the appetite.

12. Eat in front of the mirror

It is scientifically proven that if a person eats, the mirror, eat about 1/3 less. If you look into my eyes, you can see the reflection of some internal intentions and goals. First of all, it will remind you why you decided to get rid of excess weight.

13. Spend 10 minutes a day, climbing/descent stairs

According to experts, this is enough to drop 4.5 kg in a year (of course, if you don't start eating more).

14. Walk for 5 minutes every couple of hours

Spend the whole day in a sitting position? Energetic walk once in 2 hours to give you a bonus of 20 minutes (maybe more), walk to the end of the day. Also note that such a pause will help you to choose a variety of snacks.

15. You can lose weight if you walk 45 minutes daily

Yes, we recommend that the 45 minute walk instead of the traditional 30 and are based on research conducted at Duke University (where the researchers found that daily half hour walk is enough to prevent weight gain, but light loads when this time will help to lose weight). If you burn 300 calories every 3 miles fast walk every day (about as much you can go 45 minutes), annually lose up to 30 kg even without changing diet.

16. Do not buy cooked food

- the first 4 paragraph of the list of ingredients, which is sugar, fructose. You can search for analogues, which contain less sugar, but instead of the popular fruit. To buy ketchup, sauces and spices without sugar, also avoid partially hydrogenated foods. Finally, when buying grain products, favor those which contain not more than 2 grams of fiber for every 100 calories of energy value.

Note! If the list of ingredients is small, so the product a little flavor additives and "empty calories." Keep this in mind!

17. After each round, the delay of the spoon to the side

Often, SIP of water, dilute the meals interesting stories that have happened during the day. In terms of signals fullness in the front of the abdomen brain about 20 minutes. So if we eat slowly, the brain "catches up" with us and tell you that food is no longer needed.

18. Give/throw away all my "fat" clothes

As soon as the first results, to get rid of clothes that no longer fit. The idea that you need to buy a new wardrobe in case of return of the extra pounds works extra motivation to stay in shape.

19. Near the kitchen the night

After dinner, wash the dishes, get out of that kitchen and turn off the light. Food late at night greatly increases the consumed calories, and if you have to refrain from snacking at night, you get another 300 calories per day (about 14 kg per year).

20. Go before meals for a walk to reduce appetite

One of the most interesting research, which was conducted at the University of Glasgow, attended by 10 women, who suffer from obesity. It was proved that twenty minutes of walking not only reduces the appetite and gives a feeling of satiety (such as snacks).

21. To make one "light" this week active

Instead, the film-it is better to visit the Park. And you can sit less, and the number of calories consumed to reduce (have a bucket of popcorn). Other active pursuits include:

  • tennis;
  • walk;
  • popular mobile;
  • bowling;
  • Cycling, etc.

22. Buy a pedometer and try to increase 1000 steps per day

The modern market presents a lot of similar devices (if you are an iphone owner, you can set the application Steps). The average person who leads a sedentary life, daily to do 2000-3000 steps. If you can add to this figure another, say, 2000, you can maintain your current weight, and to prevent its victory. And lose weight, you can still add more.

23. Pour less food

As you know, the less food, the less you eat. On the contrary, the longer it is, the more you can eat, regardless of the degree of hunger. Also, try having a small salad on the plate.

24. Eat 90% of meals at home

Probability to eat more than usual growth, if lunch.

25. Try to eat one plate, not multiple

It will also help you to lose weight. A similar technique works purely psychologically: the dish is empty, it means that you have already ate.

26. Try to eat large enterprises

People eat more in company with other people, maybe that's why to stay at the table longer. If you eat alone or with family, you can eat a lot less.

27. So a little bit of everything

Try to order small portions. During the research, again, it turned out, we usually continue to eat food that is in front of us, regardless of what is entered.

28. Eat foods with high water content

It will also help cut calories. The use of these products, which have a high water content, like zucchini, tomatoes or cucumbers during meals reduces overall calorie content. Other watery foods contain salads and other dishes. If you drink the same water, the same result can not be obtained. The fact that the body processes thirst and hunger through separate mechanisms, so the saturation of the liquid it is certainly not up to snuff.

29. Dish, add vegetables

For example, you can eat pasta, salad, pasta, mayonnaise, two times the same number of calories. If you eat vegetables, grains in a ratio of 1:1, then try to keep these vegetables contain a lot of fiber, so you can quickly calm the hungry instead of overeating grain products.

Note! Fiber is very useful to prevent constipation, which is another great advantage.

Dish, add vegetables

30. Refrain from white products

High contents of simple carbohydrates in foods, such as flour or sugar, it can cause weight gain. Avoid white rice, sugar and flour, instead of leaning on brown rice and whole wheat bread. Experiments conducted by Harvard 74 000 women, confirmed that those who ate more than 2 servings of whole grains daily, 49% lower risk to gain weight.

31. Go to regular coffee

Unusual drinks based on coffee contains hundreds of calories, mostly from sugar, milk, cream, various sweet syrups. Regular coffee, prepared with the addition of skimmed milk, very low-calorie. You can use skim milk - it is also low in calories, but it contains a lot of calcium. In addition, there is no water, so it doesn't dilute the coffee (which can't be said of the usual milk).

32. Give preference to low-fat dairy products with a high content of calcium

This chemical element provokes a hormonal response that inhibits the production of adipose tissue and enhancing lipolysis.

33. Eat high-calorie foods as an extra, not the main treatment

It's simple: give a spoon of ice cream, for example, has become a valuable decorative vase with fruit.

34. Start the morning with cereal (at least 5 times a week)

People, daily breakfast cereal, are less prone to obesity and diabetes. They also consume more calcium and fiber, but less fat compared to people who consume Breakfast other products. Oatmeal in the morning is a great way to lose weight!

35. Try the hot sauces

They give a lot of flavor, so to speak, but is low in calories and fat. In addition, they lead to "digestive fire", a compelling short-term body to burn more calories.

36. Don't drink fruit juice - eat the fruit

In terms of calorie carton of apple juice equivalent to Apple, an orange, and a slice of watermelon. All this takes longer to feel the saturation than Apple juice, so you will be less.

37. Dispose of your "own" milk to reduce calories by 20%

If you often drink milk, go to 2%. If you drink it can go 1% or even skim. Tellingly, each of these steps "backward" to reduce the calorie content by 20%. Until that day, when the taste buds are trained to enjoy skim milk, you can significantly reduce the amount of calories the body!

If you follow all these tips, you can quickly lose too much weight. That's all, good luck in your hard work! You may also benefit from the advice of an experienced psychologist to everyone who wants to lose weight.