Exercise for weight loss belly and sides...

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

The extra inches in the waist that harm a lot of overweight people, and the cause of complexes, a lack of confidence. The pursuit of the perfect body losing weight is ready to do many things: grueling diets, grueling exercise at the gym or even drugs — the swing of things. Today we are talking about complex exercises and weight loss belly sides. He are really effective? What results can we expect? Let us learn more in this article.

Effective and exercises for weight loss belly sides

Exercise is very good for the body, because:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improve circulatory system;
  • add voimaa, durability;
  • depression reduces and apathy, because the hour to activate the production of "alvara hormone" — serotonin;
  • difficult oxygen to the cells;stimulate the brain
  • improved concentration, performance, tendency to learning;
  • to reduce insomnia, high-quality, deep;
  • slow down the aging process and the cells of the tissue;
  • to normalize the metabolism;strengthens muscles, improves posture.

The main thing — to choose an individual set of exercises that fits and skills, health status. People with a lot of overweight, for example, many different types of exercise are against the topic, because they can cause injuries to the knees and lower back, hypertension and much more. In this case, when you teach a simple walk. Scientifically proven that walking for 30-40 minutes a day to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, improves health, increases overall body tone.

Reasons extra fat

Fat in the abdominal area to the sides and may accumulate for several reasons:

Health problems. The extra inches around the waist can inform the English of various diseases, as well as visceral fat Is like? deposits around the internal organs, preventing the normal functioning of the systems.Unhealthy lifestyle: sedentary work, high fat foods, fast food, lack of sleep — all that can become a cause of the appearance of excess fat. What is it?Psychological factors: inability to cope with life in different situations, the habit of "seizing" stress is the company or of boredom.

The extra weight appear for one or several reasons, at the same time, so effective in the fight against excess kilograms a holistic approach is needed: a psychologist develops a work eating habits the correct, proper exercise and nutrition.

Where to start training?

Training should be held regularly, at least three times a week, then I may get visible results. Each lesson is divided into two parts: cardio and strength-by song.

Cardio exercises will help to cheer up the body, to prepare for the upcoming load, in addition to:

  • to speed up the metabolism;
  • reduce cortisol — the so-called "stress hormone", an excess, which often leads to overeating disorders, lack of sleep;
  • to improve the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increasing durability;
  • actively burning calories, compared to the second, power part of the lesson.

Cardio workout should include intense workouts, replacing each other quickly, so that there is time to the body to get used to. You can alternate jumping and running with high lifting hips, and squat lunges. Ideally, this part takes at least 20 minutes, and weight loss is useful to arrange a full heart to teach 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. Although active walking at a quick pace is a good option.

A set of exercises to burn fat

Currently, in the world of fitness actively used the so-called. the interval of different systems. He is recognized as the most effective: one of the second load type replaces, so does not have time body to get used to constantly working the border actively burn calories. This training strengthens the muscles, heart and respiratory system, improves metabolism, accelerates the protein synthesis.

Such exercises are three main groups of exercises:

Aerobic: running, Cycling, fast walking, jump rope, jumping, dancing. They increase the heart rate, increases sweating, helps the body warm up, to prepare for the next part.Power: crunches, plank, bending, leg lifts. They are designed to strengthen the muscles.Gymnastics and stretching is the final stage of training, which helps to relax, breath and restore heart rate.

Women's weight loss can be approached yoga asanas (movement, exercise), which gradually replace each other, promote calm, decrease stress, but good enough to work the main muscle groups. To drive home on them, and Mat to replace an ordinary towel.

Running or walking

Running or walking — the choice of what weight loss? Most people would probably say that the first option, of course, leads to. A leisurely walk for many seems to be the usual occupation, which is not conducive to weight loss. Is it really so? Let us examine the main differences:

Walking helps to strengthen the calf muscles, running on the chest, back, shoulders, thighs and buttocks.Sports activity a person experiences a "phase of flight", which causes large enough and the shock to the spine joints. Walking at this stage.Walk safe, which is not true about running, which significantly increases the likelihood of injuries and various diseases of the vuoksi increased workload of the heart, respiratory system, spine, joints.

Running and walking is impact differently each person. Health problems If is not running and can withstand the mental physical pleasure, then better to weight loss is to choose them. If there is a problem with the cardiovascular system, spine, joints or each output for a run cause moral discomfort, walking is the best option. Go to the in this case preferably at least one hour, to keep fast enough, the daily amount is around 8000-10000 thousand steps or 5-7 km the recipe for longevity, a good remedy for many diseases.

Exercise strap

To teach "plank" fitness instructors is deservedly considered a classic, because it uses almost all major muscle groups:

  • press: included nun, the oblique abdominal muscles;
  • back: strengthen lower back, correcting posture;
  • large chest muscle, shoulder muscle;
  • gluteal;
  • quads;
  • calf;
  • hips.

When to teach "plank" is used to evenly distribute the load on all muscle groups, because of this and efficiency guaranteed. In addition, implemented a kun's right, no load on the knee when the bar is available for people with impaired musculoskeletal system, but the doctor in vain to hear, under the guidance of experienced and fitness family.


Classic zipper refers to the group of isometric exercises: if done correctly it is done, there is no extra load on the joints of the body remains statically attached. It has two versions:

The emphasis on direct hands. This option is the most simple for beginners available, because the burden fell to his feet.Emphasis on the elbows. Hold this position more difficult, because all the weight is evenly distributed points of support: arms, elbows, leg muscles. Takes a lot of effort to maintain the body level position.

Drive a man must make emphasis on straight arms or elbows, like push-UPS. The body should be stretched straight. Exercise is my middle name — "the Government", that the text accurately cause the core should not be deflections in the lower back, buttocks, legs straight, knees tightened. Hold This for 20-30 seconds, during which muscle group you feel everything, it is also possible the appearance of vibrate or heat — all this testifies to the correctness of the implementation. The bar's level to make it at home, it does not require special equipment or forms.


Side plank muscles of the waist works ny-pages. It is based on can also perform the direct and the hand to the elbow, and the order is as follows:

  • base strap;
  • expand the housing 90°, adopting a stable position, one hand resting on the floor, the carpet, the other must rise up;
  • stretch the whole body in one line, feeling the man should get the thrill of the waist, trunk lateral muscle;
  • hold this position for 20-30 seconds.

Side plank requires monitoring equilibrium and balance, improve coordination, concentration.


A woman is not a level to achieve a flat stomach, because of anatomical features: to carry the address of the current sources needs to have enough fat. But in most cases, of course, overweight is the result of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and psychological problems. The main thing — time to buckle unfortunately, and you can start very simple exercises for twisting.

There are several versions of them:

Classic.The reverse (or do leg lifts).Point — of-view "elbow-knee".

Them at home using can be done in vain Carpet in the gym or using special equipment. Consider the technology in more detail if the paragraph "Exercises on the floor."

Breathing exercises

Recently, extensive breathing exercises, which ensure that it is possible to remove a hanging stomach, ribs you a short time. It can be used as an adjunct to yoga poses, or regular fitness to improve the work of respiratory. In addition, such exercises can be used for meditation, relax, calm down, he can become a good weapon to deal with stress.

But every sane person should understand, that without any harm and safely remove the health of the hanging belly it is possible to unnecessary to continue training, calorie deficit, changes in eating habits, breathing techniques, and information to help in vain a few to speed up the process.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a good option to start and stop exercise, they help the body to Wake up, stretch to warm up before and the power section. In addition to the regular jump:

to improve coordination ;promote the cardiovascular system, strengthens the lungs and airways;the correct position.

Is sufficient for 3-5 minutes before and after training to improve performance. The only condition — jumping rope is against people with diseases of the heart the spine, women during menstruation, pregnancy and with high obesity.

Gymnastic Hoop

Another fairly common in women method to reduce the volume of the abdominal area and exercises waist using a special gymnastics Hoop hula — hooping. He is really able to help, but its impact is local — leave a few centimetres from the body, all other areas remain unchanged.

In addition, it does not strengthen muscles, but only to provide a massage that promotes lymph drainage. Hula hoops can leave bruises on the skin, all depends on the weight of the quality and rubber, from which it is made.

Class hula hooping is against the topic of women in the critical days during pregnancy, gynecological diseases, English rash, itching, or irritation.

The slopes

Tilts help to strengthen the lateral muscles of the abdomen and waist. This is simple, but quite effective exercise, known to many time in school. The technique of performing the following:

starting position standing, feet shoulder width apart;on the exhale, the man must lift the right hand up and do the tilt to the left, as if jamming the left side;inhale back to the starting position, exhale to make a spiral in the other direction.

To enhance the effect, you can pick up a hand weight 0.5-1.5 kg or a fixed wrist weights. This includes the work of the muscles of the quadriceps, biceps, chest and back.

Exercises on the floor

Not everyone can afford a subscription to a fitness center or find time to go out will be to workout at home without equipment, they need to avail the Carpet.

Rose lying on the case back

Starting position — lie on your back, legs bent at the knees on the floor. Must breathe, must be off the floor of the head, neck, shoulder blades, exhale slowly and return to starting position. It is recommended to make 2-3 repeat 15-20 times.

Up and unfortunately, the man must slowly, in order to feel more stress, the training effect is better. You can combine lifting body, which is a cardiovascular exercise, get a good interval session:

30 jumping rope;10 sit-UPS lying on the back;10 jumping jacks;20 seconds per plank;20 tilts to the side (10 each side) 30 jumping rope.

3-4 of these circle takes 10-15 minutes of time, but works almost all muscle groups — ideal for charging early in the morning. You can perform five times a week, which will significantly improve the physical. form.

Leg raises lying down

Leg lifts lie down or reverse curl is an effective teaching in the lower abdomen, which often is the women, the most troublesome place. The technique of performing the following:

starting position lying on the back, the lower back buttocks and comes to press against the hard floor. For this purpose, man must follow kun full of exercises, otherwise there may be unpleasant, painful sensations in the lumbar region;on the exhale, the man must lift the leg about 45°, and you feel a strong tension in the abdomen;inhale lower the legs.

For beginners to raise the legs alternately, so that exercise feels easier. Advanced athletes can, on the contrary, make it more difficult: you exhale kun head off the floor, neck, shoulders and legs, pull them towards each other.

Teach "scissors"

Teach the "scissors" nuns and the effect and the oblique muscles of the abdomen front surface of the thighs. It is better suited for experienced athletes, because it is a complex c from the previous exercise. Technology:

starting position lie on your back, buttocks, lower back, shoulders tightly pressed to the floor breathe it is necessary to raise the legs at an angle and approximately 45°, hold this position makes them "scissors" around 8-10 times.

Recommended to do It at least three approaches, which increase the interval training. Complications can be worn ankle weights.

Drill press "elbow-knee"

"Elbow-knee" will help to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles would be to do:

take a starting position lying on your back, knees bent, lower back pressed firmly to the floor, hands behind head, elbows divorced to the side;exhale should be off the floor of the body: head, neck, shoulders, do the twist, pull left right elbow to the opposite knee, exhale return to the starting position, exhale to switch sides.

Repeat 8-10 times on each side. Exercise can also be involved in interval training.

Teach "Bicycle"

Teach "bicycle" is known to many from school or even kindergarten. It is quite useful, effective abdominal muscles, to promote their active development. The technique of performing the following:

starting position lying on your back with lower back firmly pressed to the floor, legs bent at the knees, his hands clasped behind his head;on the exhalation, a man need to Carpet the head unscrewed, and the neck of the shoulder;the legs do "bike" for 10-20 seconds, depending on your fitness level.

"Bicycle" we need to do at least three times, should feel the heat and tension of the abdominal muscles.

Opinion of the expert

Experienced fitness instructors say directly that: a man should not believe in tempting pictures of the category "before and after", the mythical reviews, promising to pump up the ass or do a six-day to 10-pack abs. The work of the body is a long process, which does not combine with the vain regular exercise, but also proper nutrition, the work of psychology. Already explained in this order, cf. above. Restriction grueling Dinner and class will not work if a person is not able to cope with stress, and still is, to seize the difficult situations the problems of the company or all of the household.

So quality, competent without harm to health, weight loss, and as well as physical psychic, it is better to consult specialists in weight loss. He can in Vain to approach the issue comprehensively, to choose technology, which is the level to get inside the life and to ensure that its place a part of it will be.